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Treatment of allergy with folk remedies

20septmedicul-1379691952 Allergic reaction of the body to any external or internal stimulus can appear at any age.This condition can be accompanied by dry, repeatedly repeated cough, profuse tearing, stuffy nose and sneezing, slight itching of the skin and even minor rashes.

But the allergy is a very insidious disease - the development of severe conditions can happen at any time and then a person begins to suffocate, his mucous nasopharynx swells to such an extent that the work of the heart is disrupted, and shortness of breath appears.

Table of contents: Folk remedies for allergies Bay leaf Eggshell Medicinal herbs

Folk remedies for allergies

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Allergy is a pathology that needs to be treated.First of all, you need to contact the doctors to find out the true allergen - it is quite possible that this will be animal hair or some indoor flower.In this case, from an inadequate reaction of the body, it will be easy to get rid of - it is enough to remove the "stimulus from the field of view".But if the allergy is protracted and the cause of this condition is not known for a long time( or it is spread all over the place), it will be necessary to take specific medications that stabilize the condition.

For the treatment of allergies in the home

In folk medicine, there are many recipes that will help cope with unpleasant symptoms and return the usefulness of life.Moreover, almost all of them are approved by official medicine and do not pose a threat to the health or life of the patient.All components for the preparation of funds that help get rid of the manifestations of allergies can be found "in your kitchen," which makes them generally available.

Bay leaf

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Bay leaf-from-allergy_1 Suitable for the treatment of allergies by folk methods in children.Broth from the bay leaf perfectly helps to cope with skin itch and characteristic for allergic reaction rashes.It is enough only to wipe the affected skin from time to time - this procedure can be carried out even for young children.Adults can take bay bay and inside - it will help stabilize the work of all body systems, but especially strong impact on the gastrointestinal tract.

You can treat affected areas of skin and oil from bay leaves, but keep in mind that it should be applied in a thin layer and wait until it is completely absorbed, and remove excess with a napkin.

If an allergic reaction disturbs an adult, then you can take in and tincture from the same plant - it not only normalizes the digestive system, but also will have a calming effect, and will also strengthen immunity.

How to prepare medicine from bay leaves:

  1. For decoction, take 5 bay leaves and pour 300 ml of water, put on a small fire and boil for 10 minutes.Then the broth is infused 2 hours, filtered and used for the intended purpose.
  2. It takes more time to prepare the oil, but the result of using this product will please - rashes quickly pass, the itching decreases.It is necessary to fill a half-liter bottle( can) with a bay leaf and pour with vegetable oil. Please note : olive oil can not be used for this preparation, the best option is sunflower refined.Insist means should be within 3 weeks - the first week in a cool and dark place, the next days - at room temperature.
  3. To prepare the tincture from the bay leaf, you need to prepare 100 ml of alcohol and 5 pieces of sheets.The remedy is insisted for a week, then filtered and taken 10 drops three times daily before meals. Please note : 10 drops of tincture must be diluted in a small amount of water before use.


-civil-with-lemon-juice-e1432056682723 Excellent effect gives use against the allergy of ordinary egg shell.We need to collect the shell from white eggs, dry and clean it, grind it to a powdery state( this can be done in a coffee grinder).

To accept an egg shell it is necessary with a lemon juice - on a teaspoon it is enough 2-4 drops of juice that the calcium faster and more completely was acquired by an organism.Adults need to take 1 teaspoon per day, drinking a lot of water.It is possible to divide this quantity into 2 and 3 receptions - here it is decided individually. Excellent results are given by eggshells when consumed by children with allergic reactions, but you will need to accurately observe daily dosages:

  • at the age of 1 year is enough of the amount of eggshell that fits on the tip of the table knife;
  • from 12 to 24 months - the amount of funds should be increased exactly twice;
  • from 5 to 14 years - half a teaspoon;
  • children over the age of 14 are treated as adults.

Important : Duration of egg shell reception should not be less than 30 days, but the greatest effect is obtained after taking the drug in question for 3-5 consecutive months.

Medicinal herbs

There are several medicinal herbs that will have the expected effect even with severe allergy manifestations.Of course, the most effective medicinal herbs for skin manifestations of allergies - rash, itching, redness, but for the general condition of the body they will be useful.


11111144 It can be used for baths and oral administration.Prepare the decoction from the sequence quite easily: take 1 tablespoon of dry source and fill it with 300 ml of water.Cook the broth in a water bath for 10 minutes after boiling, then cool and strain the product.

It is necessary to use the broth for baths - it is simply poured into water and immersed in it all the body - rashes, itching, redness and irritation disappear in just 2-3 such procedures.Adults can eat decoction from the turn and inside - 30 ml three times a day after meals.

Chamomile Pharmacy

Allergies are helped exactly by the flowers of chamomile pharmacy - they need to be poured with boiling water so that when infused, a thick enough mass from the swollen petals is obtained.This mass must be applied to the affected areas of the skin, especially effective for dermatitis with a clear localization.


It is necessary to take twigs of this shrub( ideally - young shoots) and brew like regular tea, but note - this infusion should be strong enough.The received medical drink inside in any quantities is accepted - results will be appreciable very soon: the itch of integuments will disappear, the breath becomes free, and the lachrymation will considerably decrease.

Collection of herbs

Carefully mix the rose hips( they can be crushed slightly), herbs, centipedes, dandelion roots, field horsetail and corn stigmas - of all components in equal amounts.The resulting mixture is poured with steep boiling water and insist on a decoction of at least 7 hours in sealed containers - the thermos will be the optimal choice.Then decoction filter and cool.You should take it or him internally on 100 ml two-three times a day.

Please note : intake / use of medicinal herbs for allergies should be long - at least a month.It is better to start using broths as a preventive agent - in this case the body will be prepared to "receive" the allergen.These remedies are excellent for reducing allergy to pollen or cold weather - these phenomena can always be foreseen.

An overview of medicinal plants and herbs that will help cope with allergy manifestations is presented below:

Aromatherapy oil

2HgvHbjXiAY Even doctors approve the use of certain oils for the treatment of allergies - they can lubricate the most inflamed areas of the skin, but no less effectiveOils will also be in aromatherapy.Such procedures not only relax as much as possible and provide a full rest, but also have a therapeutic effect in case of inadequate reaction of the organism to any stimulus.

Treatment of oil allergy with black cumin

This product perfectly helps with seasonal allergies, significantly increases the protective functions of the body.You can use black cumin oil for aromatherapy sessions, but inhalation will be more effective.To do this, take a little oil, add water( half of the oil), heat the mixture and inhale its vapors.

Olive oil

Aromatherapy with this product will help quickly remove toxins from the body, which ultimately leads to cleansing of the skin from allergic manifestations and getting rid of nasal congestion and debilitating cough.

Note : you need to make sure that the patient responds adequately to olive oil - many patients have a strong food allergy to this remedy.

Tea tree oil

This is the most popular product among oils, which helps with allergic rhinitis( cold), and with cutaneous manifestations.If you need to get rid of rashes / peeling, the tea tree oil is used as a lubricant - by the way, it can be added to the hand cream: and saving the medicine, and immediately it has a moisturizing effect on the dry and cracked skin for allergies.

It is possible to add a little of the substance under consideration to the hot milk - for example, 3-5 drops of tea tree oil are enough for 100 ml of milk.Milk needs to drink 100 ml per day in small sips - this stabilizes the work of many organs and body systems.

Nasal flushing procedure

Nasal-shower If the allergy is manifested by nasal congestion, then an ayverdic procedure for rinsing the nasal sinuses will be an excellent way to get rid of this symptom.It is carried out with the help of a special teapot neti-pot: it is made of metal( copper) or ceramics, has an elongated "nose".Salt solution - ΒΌ teaspoon of ordinary rock salt for a glass of warm water.The technique of washing is also available to everyone - tilt your head and insert the "nose" neti-sweat into the nostril, which is located on top.Pour a thin trickle of water into the nasal passage - it will flow from the other nostril, so it's better to sit over the sink.Then repeat the procedure with the other nasal passage.

What gives rinsing with the help of neti-sweat:

  • removes the swelling of the mucosa;
  • relieves nasal passages from formed crusts;
  • improves blood circulation in the head.

It is strictly forbidden to perform this procedure in the following cases:

  • the nasal passages are laid completely and the patient breathes through the oral cavity;
  • has a predisposition to nosebleeds;
  • diagnosed an infectious disease that occurs in an acute form.

More details on the use of net-pot are described in the video review:

Allergy is considered to be a rather complex pathological condition of the body.Folk remedies will help get rid of most unpleasant symptoms and ease the condition of the patient.But this does not mean that a full-fledged treatment is carried out, therefore, it is necessary to apply to specialists.

For more information on the causes and treatment of food allergies by folk remedies, as well as on the treatment of allergy to ragweed, specialists:

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category.

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