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Puberty early and later in boys


An obligatory period of development for any boy is the age of puberty.If the adolescent himself may not realize the importance of changes in his own body, then the parents should clearly understand the responsibility of this period and be ready for it.

Table of contents:

Development stages of boys

Many parents believe that the period of puberty in boys and their sexual development are equivalent concepts.In fact, this is a misunderstanding of two terms, because for the development of secondary sexual characteristics the boy's body must be prepared, and this process is not so fast.


Doctors believe that puberty is the end of the general sexual development of the boy. There are the following stages of development, which have their own characteristics:

  1. Intrauterine.The beginning of this stage occurs on the 12-16th week of fetal intrauterine stay, when the future sex is finally laid, that is it is already clear who will be born - a boy or a girl.In the male fetus it is in this period of intrauterine life that the scrotum and penis are formed.Until the birth of a testicle, the fetus is located in the abdominal cavity, and descend into the scrotum after birth.
  2. Childhood( age 9-11 years).External signs of puberty are just beginning their formation, but in this period the pituitary gland is already actively functioning, which regulates many physiological processes.Parents aged 9-11 years are considered insignificant, but it is during this period that the boy needs to be told what pregnancy is, how the children are getting and what sex signs distinguish the girl from the boy.
  3. Age of 13-14 years.This is a very important period of sexual development, since it is just now that sexual gonads become more active, the growth of the boy is dramatically accelerated, which means that hormones androgens are actively produced in the body.It is these hormones that lead to the development of secondary sexual characteristics - the growth of the penis, the increase in the testicles.
  4. Age of 17-18 years.In most adolescents, it is during this period that all stages of puberty are completed, but some boys can continue to grow up to 20-22 years - this is considered the norm.This age implies special attention to the teenager from the parents - it is necessary to explain to him the elementary rules of social behavior of a man, to teach him to watch his appearance, smoothly instill a sense of responsibility for his future, and for the future of the family as a whole.


Note: all stages of sexual development are very important and boys in no case should be left alone with their thoughts.Parents should take an active part in the formation of a man, instill some important rules and social norms, explain the physiological changes taking place with him .

Characteristic signs of puberty in boys

Active maturation in boys begins at 12-13 years, but this is not dogma!Some doctors believe that if there is an early sexual maturation in boys, then in the future they will have a stronger sexual constitution. Naturally, we are talking about natural manifestations, and not pathological, when the considered physiological process occurring at an early age is due to some disease.


What will be indicative of puberty in boys:

  1. At 11 years old( the age is indicated approximately, everything depends on the individual characteristics of the body), the penis begins to increase in the boy - this is not evident, the penis growth is smooth.The average length of the penis in a boy is 4 centimeters, but by the age of 14 he will be 7 cm in length, and by 18 years - 10 cm. Parents should understand that these figures are not standard and can vary significantly, so focus onThey are not worth it.
  2. Development of testes.They become somewhat larger, look absolutely in proportion to the growing penis.Parents should remember that in men, one testicle is always slightly less than another, so do not be surprised at the disproportion.
  3. Hair growth in the pubic area.In boys, by the age of 15-16 years, the hairiness of this area is distinguished by a clear rhombus shape, and by the age of 17-18 the development of the hair cover on the lower limbs is coming to an end.In the axillary region, hair begins to grow at the age of fourteen, this process ends, usually at 17 years.Described in this paragraph, the sign of puberty is also very individual - millions of men live with "bare" legs and are absolutely healthy and happy.
  4. Corrects the voice timbre.This is the so-called "breaking of the voice", which begins at 13-14 years, and the process of forming a permanent timbre at 17 years is coming to an end.
  5. Growth of beard and mustache.The first cannon whiskers appear in boys at the age of 15-16, but the beard begins its active growth only from the age of eighteen.But again, these figures are very conditional, because much depends on genetics, heredity.For example, it is well known that representatives of Caucasian nationalities and a mustache, and a beard can begin to manifest themselves as early as 14 years.
  6. Nipple for nipples.If the girls express this sign intensively, then this change in boys often passes unnoticed in boys.To designate the specific age of the boy, when nipple engorgement begins, doctors can not.
  7. Maturation of germ cells.Spermatozoa in the boy are formed already in 14-15 years, but their development occurs gradually and lasts almost all life.At least, during the reproductive activity of men they continue to form.
  8. Pollution.This is the process of spontaneous ejaculation, which most often occurs at night.Parents should prepare the boy for the pollutions, talk about them and explain why this happens and what it means.

Puberty Separately it is worth noting that as the puberty of the boy changes its appearance - the shoulders become wide, and the pelvis remains narrow, there is an intensive growth of muscle mass and bones. Parents often notice that the growth of the boy increased rapidly, just a few centimeters.

During the period of active puberty, a lot of sexual hormones are released, so the skin structure and functioning of the sebaceous glands change.Sebaceous glands too actively produce sebum, and this leads to the formation of acne and acne.This sign of puberty often provokes the development of complexes in boys, so parents should carefully treat their own child, give him psychological support - it is on this depends success in the life of men, the ability to believe in themselves.

Possible deviations in the process of puberty

The considered period of development of boys can proceed and with some deviations.

Late puberty

In general, the opinions of doctors about the age of boys when they have puberty are very different. But if the pubic hair of the boy is absent in 15 years, and the testicles do not increase to the age of 13, then experts say about the deviations in puberty.

The most common violation of puberty in boys is provoked by:

  • congenital chromosome abnormalities;
  • endocrine diseases that can be congenital or acquired;
  • disruption of the gastrointestinal tract caused by severe pathology;
  • diseases of the vascular system and heart;
  • diabetes mellitus with complications.

Questions about the late puberty of boys should be asked by an endocrinologist - he can find out the reason for this condition and take the necessary measures if they are needed - for example, hormonotherapy .But according to statistics, boys still catch up and, after all, their puberty comes.However, parents should be tactful in the situation of late puberty, talk with the child, arguing their attitudes( for example, "this happens" - provide the boy with articles on late puberty, some competent materials) and give him maximum attention.

If we are talking about some pathological causes of late puberty of the boy, then he will have a full examination, prescribed medications.In the case of the presence of genetic deviations, the situation is unlikely to be corrected, but the hormones prescribed by a specialist can speed up the process of puberty.

Early puberty of boys

This diagnosis is made by doctors if secondary sexual characteristics began to appear in a boy at the age of 10 years.Moreover, early puberty of boys most often has quite natural causes - for example, if his father had the same deviation, then it is inherited and his child.

If we consider the pathological etiology of early puberty boys, then we will talk about endocrine disorders.If the boy has a truly masculine appearance, then the genitals remain unchanged( that is, there is no increase in the testicles and penis), then this condition will be called false early puberty.This can lead to a neoplasm of benign nature, located in the testicle or adrenal gland, and it is in these organs is the production of male hormones androgens.In this case, the sex glands of the boy will remain at the same level of development, but his appearance will change greatly.

maturation If the doctor suspects the abnormal etiology of early puberty of the boy, then a full examination will be performed - the pelvis and adrenal glands will be examined using an ultrasound machine, a CT scan of the brain, and collection of blood tests to determine the level of hormones. The treatment of early puberty of boys implies the appointment of medications that can stop the production of sex hormones, in many cases it is enough just to neutralize their effect on the body.In case of diagnosing a tumor of the adrenal gland or testicle, it is advisable to perform surgical treatment, after which the physiological processes of puberty normalize .

Sexual maturation of boys is a natural process, which must be prepared, first of all, for parents.Only they can provide psychological support to the child in this difficult period.Of course, do not "load" the teenager with information and constantly bring him to a frank conversation - it will irritate the boy.But we'll have to talk to him, at least - to provide him with the already selected material, which in an accessible language explains the boy all the changes that occur with his body during puberty.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category

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