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Andropause( male menopause): causes, signs, adjustment

Andropause For some reason, many members of the stronger sex believe that menopause is the lot of women only.They are greatly mistaken - in the male body, as with age, certain hormonal changes also occur, leading to a deterioration in reproductive function. These changes are usually called the andropause or male climax.

Sexual desire, potency, muscle strength of a man are directly dependent on the concentration of androgens - male sex hormones, which are synthesized by the testicles and in a small number of adrenals."Above" the level of sex hormones is typical for adolescents, after 20 years the hormonal background stabilizes, and closer to 40-45 years, the development of androgens begins to decline.However, it is still too early to talk about menopause at this age.Doctors can diagnose an andropause in a man only if the concentration of testosterone( the main male hormone) reaches a critically low level and the clinical signs of an androgen deficiency appear.

Table of contents: Main differences between male and female menopause. Causes of andropause. Symptoms of male climax. Diagnosis of andropause. Methods for correcting male climax. Medication for male climax. Non-medicamentous treatment of male climax. Diet for increasing testosterone.

The main differences between male and female menopause.

The first distinctive feature is wide timing of the onset of .In contrast to the female menopause, which develops on average in 45-55 years, male menopause does not have any narrow age limits.In men, andropause may occur in both 45 and 70 years.Everything depends on the sexual constitution( sexual temperament), the state of health of a man and a number of other factors.


The second distinctive feature is the saving the fertility of the .Women in menopause can not get pregnant naturally( they do not produce eggs), and men can give offspring, because they do not have a sharp end of reproductive function.Yes, it decreases, but does not interrupt completely.

The third distinctive feature is the ability to adjust the state.If a man with the appearance of the first signs of testosterone deficiency consult a doctor and will take care of his health, the probability is that he will simply "run away" from andropause.Women can not do this, no matter what the most modern medicines and methods of treatment are used.

Causes andropause

As mentioned above a decrease in the concentration of testosterone in the blood of a man is a physiological process. Since the age of 40, the annual drop in the sex hormone level is on average 1%.However, the timing of the onset of the decrease in androgen concentration, and the rate of this decrease may change in the male-better side of the under the influence of some factors:

  • Somatic diseases.In this regard, the most prognostically unfavorable are the following: diabetes, arterial hypertension, impaired fat metabolism, liver disease.
  • Obesity.
  • Bad habits.

Andropause Thus, men who lead unhealthy lifestyles, who are obese and quite often accompanied by hypertension, are very likely to know all the charms of men's menopause before the age of 50 years.Conversely, representatives of the stronger sex who are physically active, follow the weight, eat right, do not smoke, do not abuse alcohol, do not suffer from heart disease and initially have a strong sexual constitution, even after 70 years can feel sexual attraction, regularly live an intimate lifeAnd even conceive a child.

Symptoms of male menopause

All the symptoms of the age-related deficiency of sex hormones in men are grouped into four large groups:

  • Sexual - decreased libido( sexual desire), problems with potency, impaired fertility, difficulty in achieving orgasm( appear due to decreased sensitivity of the glans penis).
  • Psycho-emotional - irritability, aggressiveness, constant bad mood, decreased performance, increased fatigue, forgetfulness, decreased attention, disturbed sleep at night( prolonged sleep, awakening),
  • Somatic - muscle replacement with fat,, Problems with urination, pain in the joints and back( due to a decrease in bone density), blood pressure jumps, hot flashes, deterioration of the skin( it becomes flabby).

First, only some of these symptoms appear, with the progression of hormonal disorders, the clinical picture is exacerbated, which leads to a significant deterioration in the quality of life of a man.

Diagnosis of andropause

With the complaints described above, it is necessary to apply to the andrologist - a specialist engaged in male intimate health.The doctor will appoint a series of examinations to distinguish the age-related testosterone deficiency from more serious pathologies.

In order to diagnose "age-related andropause", the patient should not only have clinical signs of the male menopause that has started, but also lower testosterone levels in the blood according to laboratory tests( below 8 nmol / l ).In addition, a man needs to undergo an extensive examination to exclude other causes of hormonal disorders( for example, thyroid diseases, prolactin hyperproduction, etc.).

Methods for correction of male menopause

Men are luckier than women, because with modern methods of drug and non-pharmacologic correction they can stop the hormonal decline, prolong youth and the ability to have children, and this does not always require the intake of hormonal drugs.The main thing is to consult the competent doctor in a timely manner.Experienced specialist, assessing the age of the patient, the results of his tests and overall health, will be able to choose the optimal treatment regimen.

In general, , there are two methods for correcting male menopause:

  • Medication.
  • Non-drug treatment.

In addition, to solve the problems associated with testosterone deficiency, correction of the disease is needed, which can interfere with the normalization of the hormonal background of .If there is obesity, you need to lose weight.If there are liver diseases - treat the liver.If there are signs of diabetes mellitus - be surveyed and pick up drugs that will keep the sugar in the norm.If there is an arterial hypertension - to lower and stabilize arterial pressure.

It is also very important for a patient to conduct certain health activities in his life. Without this, no even ultra-modern therapy will yield long-term results.A man should become an adherent:

  • Proper nutrition.
  • Physical activity.
  • Regular intimate life.
  • Complete sleep.
  • Healthy habits( for example, walks or jogs in the park) to replace harmful - smoking and drinking alcohol.
  • Tranquility and balance( psycho-emotional background very much affects the intimate sphere).

Medical treatment of male menopause

Two groups of medicines are used to treat male menopause:

  • Testosterone preparations.
  • Antiestrogens.

Andropause Both these and other medications have a lot of side effects, therefore, they must be applied strictly according to the recommendations of the andrologist( not exceeding the doses and the frequency of administration or administration, if an injectable version of the drug is prescribed).Uncontrolled substitution therapy with testosterone leads to the fact that the testicles almost completely cease to synthesize endogenous testosterone and without the new doses of the hormone simply can not do - dependency is developed.An increase in the doses of testosterone administered can provoke prostatic hyperplasia and even malignant degeneration of its cells.Therefore, before the appointment of hormone therapy, all men should undergo a prostate exam and pass tests for oncomarkers.

In addition to these tools, as a supplementary therapy to improve sexual function, a man can prescribe herbal preparations. Also such patients are shown vitamins, regulators of fat metabolism for correction of dyslipidemia, drugs for the treatment of osteoporosis, amino acids, sedatives.

Non-drug treatment of male menopause

The methods of non-drug correction of male menopause include:

  • Acupuncture.
  • Physiotherapy.
  • Phytotherapy.
  • Manual therapy.
  • Psychotherapy.
  • Hirudotherapy.

Among the physiotherapy methods, those that promote relaxation and soothing( electrosonotherapy, baths, collar zone massage), improve trophism of tissues( laser therapy, mud therapy, galvanization of the panty zone, etc.), as well as ozone therapy.

Diet to increase testosterone

Increase the production of testosterone in the body can be a special diet.Useful for men suffering from a deficiency of sex hormones are:

  • All seafood.Raw fruit of yellow and orange color.
  • .
  • Raw vegetables - celery, cabbage, whole greens.
  • Pumpkin in any form.
  • Fig.
  • Low-fat meat.
  • Unrefined vegetable oils.
  • Nuts.

Undesirable products of ( those that lead to a violation of lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, and also stimulate the production of female sex hormones):

  • Beans( especially soybean).
  • Animal fats.
  • Harmful sweets.
  • Mayonnaises, margarines, spreads.
  • Fast food.Meat semi-finished products and smoked products.
  • .
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In addition, it is important to monitor the calorie content of food, especially if there is excess weight. With a deficiency of testosterone to a full man, it is hard to lose weight( one of the symptoms of andropause is a slowing of metabolism), but it is possible.And this will be the first step towards the preservation of male youth.

Zubkova Olga Sergeevna, medical reviewer, epidemiologist doctor

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