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Necrosoospermia - Causes, Symptoms, Treatment Methods and Probability of Conception


More and more men face violations of spermatogenetic processes that lead to infertility.Many factors influence the conception, the most important of which is the viability of spermatozoa.Necrosoospermia is a pathology in which more than 50% of spermatozoa in the semen are unviable.

Important! Necrosis ospermia can be treated if diagnosed in time and start therapy.

Table of contents: Forms of pathology Causes of necrosis osmosis Symptomatic diseases Examination Methods for treating necrosospermia Probability of pregnancy with necrosis aspergia

Pathology forms

Necrosis aspergia can develop in several forms:

  • Instagrama-spermatozoida reversible;
  • irreversible;
  • true;
  • false;
  • complete;
  • partial.

The most commonly encountered reversible form of the disease, which is easily corrected by the rejection of bad habits and diet.

Irreversible form is not treatable, but fortunately, it is rarely diagnosed.

With full or partial form of medicamental therapy or surgical intervention.

Causes of necrosis asperity

There are many factors that are capable of provoking pathology:

  • sperm inflammatory pathologies and genito-urinary infections, eg epididymitis, STDs, prostatitis, etc.;
  • systemic pathological processes, such as renal failure or tuberculosis;
  • disorders of the endocrine system;
  • congenital developmental abnormalities;
  • alcohol or nicotine dependence;
  • injury and surgery;
  • effects of hormonal, radiation and chemotherapy;
  • varicose veins of the spermatic cord.

Attention! According to WHO statistics, the cause is not established in 20% of cases.

If the treatment is delayed, acute pathological processes become chronic, in which it is practically impossible to cure necrosis.

Symptoms of the disease

The pathology itself is asymptomatic.The only symptom is the absence of pregnancy with regular sexual activity throughout the year.

If the cause of necrozoospermia is an infectious disease, the following symptoms will be observed:

  • painful sensations and itching in the groin;
  • discharge from the urethra.

Important! Against the backdrop of necrozoospermia, other sperm pathologies can develop.

It is possible to detect the disease only by means of laboratory diagnostics.


The basis for diagnosing necrozoospermia is a spermogram.On its basis, one can draw a conclusion about the viability of spermatozoa . Necrosoospermia differs from other sperm pathologies in that the quality of the ejaculate can be increased by increasing the incidence of sexual acts .With abstinence, there is a prolonged contact of spermatozoa with infectious agents.This leads to the fact that they become unviable.

Diagnosis also depends on the factors that have caused the pathology. For this purpose, additional tests and tests may be prescribed:

  • screening for infections that are sexually transmitted;
  • US of the genitourinary system;
  • blood tests for testosterone and estrogen;
  • immunological and biochemical blood test.

Important! For the detection of necrozoospermia, an in-depth examination is conducted to avoid more serious problems that can lead to serious consequences.

Methods for treating necrosis aspergia

The success of therapy depends on the causes that caused the pathology, as well as the correct diagnosis. Methods of treating necrosis asperity are aimed at completely eliminating the factors that caused the pathology:

  1. If the cause of the disease is sexually transmitted infections, use antibacterial therapy and prescribe the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
  2. If spermatozoa have lost their vitality due to hormonal failure, they develop a special diet and administer hormone therapy with individual dosage determination.
  3. In varicocele, which caused the development of necrosis, surgery is performed.
  4. In the process of treatment, it is recommended to use a complex of vitamins, adjust nutrition and increase sexual intercourse to two per day.
  5. In the autoimmune nature of pathology, a long course of treatment with the use of condoms and enzyme preparations is necessary.


With the correct therapy and strict adherence to the recommendations of the doctor, the patient is much quicker to recover and recover.

If treatment does not work, another analysis of the spermogram is performed to determine the degree of exposure to drugs.

Probability of pregnancy with necrozoospermia

If pathology has been detected in a timely manner, a therapy is prescribed that can significantly increase the number of viable spermatozoa.In this case, the probability of conception is high enough .It should also be noted that you need to pay attention to your lifestyle and eliminate those factors that adversely affect the quality of sperm.

In complex cases, assistive reproductive technologies are used:

  • Procedura-iksi ART is a treatment method in which individual steps are performed outside the woman's body.Hypoosmotic test helps to determine the difference between immobile living and non-viable spermatozoa.
  • ICSI - the viable spermatozoa are removed from the semen, after which they are injected into the egg cell.Necrosis osmosis is not a verdict!

It is important to pass the examination in time and to discover pathology.If you want to become a father, but the desired pregnancy does not occur, consult the andrologist.If the cause is necrozoospermia, he will prescribe you a therapy, or recommend a conception using assisted reproductive technologies.

Radevich Igor Tadeushevich, a doctor and sexologist andrologist of the Center for Family Planning

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