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Lack of zinc in the body: symptoms, treatment and prevention

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Zinc is the most important microelement that ensures the normal functioning of the human body.It is found in absolutely all fluids and human tissues.Given the small reserve reserves and the fact that zinc is excreted from the body together with the products of vital activity through the excretory system, it is necessary to constantly receive this trace element with food, or in the form of vitamin-mineral complexes.After all, with a lack of zinc, the normal operation of human organs and systems is not possible.

Table of contents: Role of zinc in the human body Causes of lack of zinc in the body Symptoms and diagnosis of zinc deficiency Treatment for lack of zinc in the body

Role of zinc in the human body

Zinc is one of the most important components of cellular tissues and enzymes, and itsInsufficiency leads to the disruption of many functions of the human body: the

  • exhibits immune disorders;
  • disturbed hematopoietic functions;
  • decreases tissue regeneration rate;
  • suffers from the production of proteins;
  • decreases the rate of cell division;
  • faults occur in the transmission of pulses in the central nervous system;
  • fats are produced in insufficient quantities;
  • nucleic acid exchange occurs with impairment;
  • increases the neutralization time of toxic substances;
  • the structure of bone tissue and tooth enamel is broken;
  • a generic process can take place with complications;
  • may have an incorrect effect on the body of certain hormones.

And this is far from all possible pathologies that occur when zinc deficiency is present. For normal functioning of all human organs and systems, approximately fifteen milligrams of zinc is sufficient daily.

Note: in pregnant women who are breastfeeding, athletes, vegetarians, this need is slightly increased.

The reasons for the lack of zinc in the body

The lack of zinc arises for a number of reasons:

  1. In digestive diseases in which zinc, ingested with food, is not fully absorbed, or not digested at all( Crohn's disease, sprue).
  2. As a result of surgical interventions, with a syndrome of the small intestine, with the application of anastamosis between the ileum and jejunum( inoculum).
  3. When a person is fond of vegetarianism, a large amount of phytate falls into the vegetables, which binds the zinc molecules and does not allow the important microelement to be absorbed into the body.
  4. This situation is caused by excessive consumption of alcohol, starvation, liver cirrhosis, diabetes, oncological diseases, age-related changes in metabolism.
  5. Strong, extensive burns and various injuries can also provoke a zinc deficiency.

The list of causes of zinc deficiency in the body also includes frequent stresses, general overwork of the body or mental overstrain.The risk zone includes lovers of salty, sweet, coffee.Provoke a low level of the micronutrient in the body can and the reception of certain drugs - from the group of corticosteroids, folic acid, hormonal contraceptives, diuretics, iron and calcium preparations.As a rule, in conjunction with a lack of zinc, the body is deficient in other trace elements, which leads to very serious consequences.

Symptoms and Diagnosis of Zinc Deficiency

Zinc deficiency is difficult to diagnose, as various organs, tissues and systems suffer as a result of this disorder. Symptoms of the condition in question are:

  1. General condition worsens, appetite disappears, even a change in taste and olfactory functions is possible.
  2. Hair and skin are often affected.On the skin of the hands and feet, around the mouth, nostrils, ear canals, the anus, the external opening of the urethra may appear rashes.
  3. The ability to regenerate deteriorates, the dryness of the skin is observed.
  4. Hair loses healthy shine, becoming more dull and faded.Perhaps focal alopecia.
  5. Cone-on-legs On the nails appear white strips, located across the nail plate.
  6. Eye damage is manifested in the form of conjunctivitis, in rare cases the cornea suffers, down to cataracts.
  7. Disorders of neurological etiology are characterized by general fatigue of the body, impaired learning, attention deflection, tremor of hands, in severe cases comes to a change in gait.
  8. Excessive irritability, drowsiness, and mood deterioration may occur.
  9. Immunity decreases, which increases the risk of contracting infectious diseases.
  10. With the defeat of the genitourinary system in men, it is possible to develop sexual impotence, and in women even infertility.
  11. Pregnant women often develop developmental disorders of the fetus.Labor can begin prematurely and be protracted, sometimes complicated by bleeding.
  12. The lack of zinc in children threatens to lag behind in weight and height, and a delay in puberty.

Treatment for a deficiency of zinc in the body

Zinc deficiency is treated with medicinal methods and with a special diet.In foods such as red meat, offal, eggs and seafood contains a large amount of cysteine ​​and histidine.These amino acids activate the processes of zinc assimilation by the human body.Also, the use of legumes, nuts, mushrooms, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds.Hard cheeses, bran, germinated grains, soybeans, brown rice are very useful.

In products of vegetable origin, except zinc, contains phytic acid, which forms insoluble compounds with it, but in the process of yeast fermentation, the fytins are completely removed.

Note: , when grinding cereals, almost all of the zinc is lost, present in them.Therefore, for a diet suitable only baking from whole grains and preferably with the addition of bran.

In zinc food products there is not so much already, so treatment with one diet without medication will clearly not be enough.

Usually, zinc-containing therapy is prescribed: Tsinketral, Tsinkit, zinc picolinate, zinc sulfate and many others. In the treatment of skin lesions, zinc-ichthyol, zinc-naphthalan ointments( pastes), and other topical preparations containing zinc are recommended.For eyes, drops are used based on zinc sulfate.

Please note: categorically prohibits the use of alcohol throughout the treatment period and it is highly recommended that you limit the use of coffee.


To prevent the emergence of zinc deficiency in the body should establish a full meal with the use of products containing zinc.Also, periodically it is necessary to conduct a course of vitamin-mineral complexes( Multitabs, Duovit). But before you conduct any preventive measures, it is worth to visit a doctor and determine the level of zinc in the body - the supply of this trace element in large quantities will also act negatively on health.

The lack of zinc in the body is quite a serious problem, which can be solved very quickly and easily.But for this you need to carefully treat your own health, do not ignore the above symptoms of the phenomenon in question and in time apply for qualified medical care.

Konev Alexander, internist

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