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Cyclamen juice for the treatment of sinusitis: how to prepare a medicine

Cyclamen juice for the treatment of sinusitis: how to prepare a medicine

The fact that some folk remedies are very helpful in treating sinusitis are known to many.But few people know that some knowledge of healers and healers was approved by official science and even used by the pharmacological industry in the manufacture of certain medications.To such plants it is possible to carry a cyclamen - it is actively used in folk medicine, and official science recognizes its healing properties.

Contents: What is Cyclamen and its use in traditional medicine How does the cyclamen work What you need to know about the use of cyclamen juice How to prepare a medicine from cyclamen

What is Cyclamen and its use in folk medicine

What is cyclamen and its use in folk medicine? Cyclamen is not a mysterious plantSouthern forests, and an ordinary indoor flower( albeit with unusual properties).The plant is absolutely not demanding in terms of care and living conditions, it can often be found on the windowsills of an apartment or house - decorative flowers that resemble flying butterflies, perfectly fit into any space.

And the first mention of cyclamen as a medicine was found in the records dated to 3rd century BC!Then they were actively used by healers and even sorcerers - cyclamen was considered a powerful talisman against the evil eye and an excellent tool for the treatment of purulent wounds, gout, migraine, rheumatism.He even made "love elixir" for men - cyclamen extract can improve potency.

Slavic peoples did not know the healing properties of the cyclamen, knowledge of this came from the Georgian people.And since then, all the useful properties of this plant are actively used in the treatment of various diseases.

How Cyclamen works

How Cyclamen works In modern medicine, and in folk medicine, the roots of cyclamen are actively used to treat sinusitis.

Note: uses cyclamen juice in medicine, which is actually the strongest poison - you have to be extremely careful in using medicines of this kind and get advice from a specialist before the course of treatment.

Scientific works on the effectiveness of cyclamen in the treatment of inflammatory processes in the maxillary sinuses were made and published 40-50 years ago.At the same time, pharmacological campaigns became interested in the data - now there is a whole line of medicines prepared on the basis of cyclamen juice.For example, to such refers to Sinuforte - a remedy that has proven itself precisely in the treatment of sinusitis.

What you need to know about the action of the cyclamen juice:

  • it contains saponins( surfactants) that act on the mucous irritating;
  • , when a cyclamen juice enters the maxillary sinuses or nasal passages, active mucus seizure begins;
  • decreases mucosal edema and facilitates breathing of the patient;
  • , under the influence of saponins, a liquid is released from the cells that enters the maxillary sinuses - liquefaction of accumulated mucus occurs and its outflow is accelerated.

Note: if cyclamen juice is used for a long time or in large quantities, saponins can lead to dehydration( they draw too much liquid out of the cells).This fact should be taken into account in the treatment of sinusitis and provide the patient with drinking in unlimited quantities.

What you need to know about the use of the cyclamen juice

Before you start a course of sinusitis with cyclamen juice, you need to know the precautionary measures:

  • cyclamen juice is a poison, so immediately after the procedures you should thoroughly wash your hands;
  • it is necessary to strictly control the concentration of the agent;
  • is strictly forbidden to treat sinusitis with cyclamen during pregnancy and while breastfeeding the baby ;
  • should not be used for the treatment of children under 12 years of age.

In addition, cyclamen juice can cause a powerful allergic reaction, so before using this tool, you need to make sure that there is no hypersensitivity or individual intolerance to cyclamen.To do this, 1-2 drops of juice should be applied to the inside of the wrist and wait 30 minutes.If redness, itching and rash are absent, then therapy with genyantritis with cyclamen can safely be carried out.

You should not buy the cyclamen root in the market with hands - the plant should be grown in clean conditions, with regular watering and without the presence of any pests.The best option is to grow cyclamen at home, but you can buy its root in the pharmacy.

Rules for the application of cyclamen juice in the treatment of genyantritis:

  • the diagnosis is accurately established in the medical institution;
  • the patient has no problems in the work of the stomach and circulatory system;
  • Polyposis cystic sinusitis is a contraindication to the treatment of cyclamen juice.

Note: if during the procedures, blood mucus begins to form from the nose, and when the medication is administered, the patient complains of severe burning and pain, then the treatment should be stopped and another method of therapy selected.

How to prepare a medicine from cyclamen

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From the root of cyclamen for the treatment of sinusitis you can prepare only 2 products - drops and ointment.And, to use in the treatment of the inflammatory process of the sinus sinuses, you can do one thing: when a combination of drops and ointment increases the concentration of cyclamen juice, and it is poisonous.
How to prepare a medicine from cyclamen

Drops with cyclamen

The pre-washed cyclamen root is ground on a shallow grater.Then the resulting mixture should be squeezed through 2-3 layers of gauze.The resulting juice is diluted with water in a proportion of 1: 5 - 1 part of the product obtained and 5 parts of water.

Note: can vary the proportion of dilution of cyclamen juice - this depends on the sensitivity of the patient.If the recommended concentration causes severe burning, then you can add water, but if the patient tolerates the procedures well, you can reduce the amount of water.

Bury the obtained drops from the juice of the cyclamen root twice a day, 2 drops in each nostril.The procedure is carried out in the position of the leg, the patient, after instillation should remain in this position for another 10 minutes, it is necessary during this time to massage the skin in the anatomical location of the maxillary sinuses.Drops with cyclamen

Treatment with drops from the root of cyclamen juice lasts no more than 7 days, you can store the finished product in the refrigerator.

Ointment with cyclamen

Ointment takes Vishnevsky ointment in the amount of 50 g, it is added to 5 drops of cyclamen juice, Kalanchoe, onion and aloe, all thoroughly mixed.Then, wadded or gauze flagella are taken, wetted in the drug and injected into the nasal passages.The patient should be in the sitting position, the time of the procedure is 30 minutes.

Note: after about 10-15 minutes from the nostrils, the purulent contents of the maxillary sinuses can begin to be actively allocated.In this case, the patient holds a bowl or any other flat and shallow dishes in front of him in front of the nose, so that the detached can drain into it.

As a rule, treatment with ointment with cyclamen juice lasts no more than 2 weeks.

Treatment of sinusitis in any case should be comprehensive.Do not forget to consult with your doctor before performing procedures using the cyclamen root juice - in this case, the patient will be protected from complications.

Yana Tsygankova, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category.

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