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What to do if I have bitten a hornet: consequences and first aid

Bite of a hornet

The bite of a hornet is considered to be one of the most dangerous - these insects are capable of injecting into the human skin such an amount of poison that has a serious pathological effect on the body.It is noteworthy that a person can immediately not pay attention to the fact that he was bitten by a hornet - the primary pain is similar to that caused by the bite of a wasp / bee.But the distinguishing characteristic in the state under consideration is the high toxicity of the hornet's poison.

Note: be able to provide first aid at a sting hornet everyone needs, is especially important not to be late with it in the event of a bite man with with a history of allergic reaction - most likely it will have to evolve rapidly anaphylactic shock, which in most cases leads to a lethalOutcome.

Contents: Symptoms sting hornet What to do when a sting hornet Consequences sting hornet Help the bite hornet without allergy symptoms What is forbidden to do during a sting hornet Preventing bites hornets

Symptoms sting hornet

These insects can cause reusable attacks on his "Victim, "hornets can even inject their poison through the mosquito net! The symptoms of the horny bite are as follows:

  • acute, severe pain occurs in the lesion site;
  • Bite-hornet-hand at the site of a bite, a swelling immediately appears( while it spreads), and the skin turns red;
  • the patient may experience nausea and vomiting;
  • upper and lower limbs cold;
  • a pronounced bluish tinge of the ears, lips and neck;
  • there is an increase in heart rate and pulse;
  • lowers blood pressure - manifested by excessive pallor of the face, sudden weakness, desire to lie down to sleep;
  • if the hornete has bitten a child or a person with weakened immunity, then the victim may lose consciousness;
  • there is a difficulty in speaking - a person can not speak some words, starts to stretch them;
  • on the skin suddenly appear clearly localized reddish spots with a peeling surface.

Such symptoms are present in 96% of all cases hornet sting, and only a few of the victims are "lucky" - no pronounced symptoms are not observed, there is no specific treatment for them is not required.

Once the insect has attacked a person, the victim may develop:

  • severe headache - many people simply are not able to tolerate it;
  • dizziness - this symptom is always accompanied by a headache, and together can lead to a short-term loss of consciousness;
  • in humans, sweat( increased sweating) starts to be actively allocated;
  • body temperature rises sharply, and immediately to critical levels;
  • develop abnormalities in the work of the respiratory system - dyspnea appears and the respiratory rate rises;
  • is rare, but cramps can be recorded.

Swelling-from-bite-hornet Consequences hornet bite can vary - some people have only a strong swelling and difficulty in breathing, someone complains of an incredibly intense headache and vomiting.It all depends on how many times the hornet has attacked a person, what amount of poison has got under the skin, whether there was a somatic disease at the time of the bite of the affected person, proceeding in chronic form, the state of the human immune system and many other factors.

Note: shows the most pronounced symptoms and consequences of a horny bite in childhood - they are not only pronounced, but are rapidly progressing.

What to do with a bite of a hornet

Bite of a hornet First of all, it is necessary to try to remove the poison from the wound at the site of the bite.But remember that you need to do this as quickly as possible - the wound is quickly tightened.So, for 1 minute( ! No more) was aspirated from the poison of the sting hornet, then the wound putting a cold compress - it could be warmer ice from the fridge to drink a bottle, a piece of meat out of the freezer.

Note: hornet with a bite never leaves a sting in the wound!So do not waste time searching for it - in the case of a bite of a hornet and every minute is relative to first aid.

In no case can the place of the bite rub, scratch, press on it - it promotes the spread of poison into the deep layers of tissues. If you summarize the whole range of first aid measures for a bite of a hornet, you can form a clear list:

  • from the suction of the contents( you need to try to do it to the maximum);
  • for a few minutes, a cold compress( ice) is applied to the bite site;
  • then the damage site should be treated with alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or a solution of potassium permanganate - this is done for disinfection;
  • it is necessary to apply moist sugar to the affected area, and from above - to cover with a damp towel( cold).

Applying sugar is necessary in order to delay the part of the poison that is directly under the skin.Moreover, sugar has such an effect for a maximum of 10 minutes - through this time, sugar can be changed to a tampon / gauze napkin moistened in lemon or acetic acid.

Hornet bite It is important to apply the acid to the site of the bite - the hornet's poison has an alkaline medium, which is neutralized by acid.If these funds are "at hand" was not, then you can come in handy apple slice, a circle of lemon, a slice of garlic, a leaf of plantain.

Providing first aid for a bite of a hornet implies the use of any antihistamine drug - for example, Suprastin or Dimedrol, or some other.These drugs help suppress the allergic reaction, and prevent its intensive development.

Consequences of a bite of a hornet

If after a sting of a hornet there are only a hypostasis, reddening and an itch, any other signs do not develop, it is possible to manage symptomatic treatment in house conditions - basically, it is possible to do and without the qualified medical aid.You can use any specific ointment from insect bites - it will ease the condition of the victim and quickly restore his health.

Hornet bite

But there are a number of symptoms that should serve as an excuse for immediate treatment for qualified medical care.These include:

  • a sharp increase in temperature, a feeling of heat all over the body;
  • shortness of breath;
  • rapid pulse;
  • extensive swelling( not only at the bite site);
  • headache;
  • Preservation of swelling specifically at the site of the bite of the hornet for 4 days or more.

In case of impossibility of urgent hospitalization of the victim in a medical institution( for example, he is in a holiday village or on a nature in a hike), it is necessary to give him glucocorticosteroid or antihistamine medications - they will have both anti-inflammatory and antihistamine action. These drugs include:

  • Hydrocortisone;
  • Prednisolone;
  • Dexamethasone.

Note: listed drugs prevent the development of a dangerous allergic reaction, but they can only be used as a first / urgent medical aid for a bite of a hornet, since they are highly likely to develop side effects.

Help with bite of a hornet without signs of an allergic reaction

If the victim is among the "lucky ones" and the bite of a hornet does not cause progressive allergic reactions, then he will need to provide the following assistance:

  • The place of bite should be greased with Fenistil gel, Sowentol, Mosquitol( gel-balm);
  • with increasing body temperature above 38 degrees - to take any antipyretic medicine;
  • correction of the diet - with nausea, it is better to temporarily refuse to take solid food, but to consume a large amount of liquid( compotes, fruit drinks, etc.).

What is strictly forbidden to do with a bite of a hornet

Not only is it necessary to know about the rules of first aid when biting a hornet, it is necessary to know exactly what is strictly forbidden to do at this time.

So, when you bite a hornet you can not:

  1. Drink alcoholic drinks .Most often, the bites of hornets occur during a holiday in nature or in the country - a place where people have fun and with alcohol.So, alcohol helps to increase the swelling and spreading of the poison under the skin.
  2. Take Diprazin as an antihistamine drug - this remedy is able to induce your own immune response to the body.
  3. Ignore the first symptoms of the bite of the I am.It is these victims who actively refuse to help( "think, this is like a bee or wasp sting!"), Then reanimatologists literally pull out from the other world.But it is often impossible to reach the victim - the death penalty is guaranteed.

Prevention of hornet bites

bite Hornets live not only outside settlements - these insects can live in settlements as well, so their nests are often found in wooden buildings.

In no case, if a hornet's nest is found, you can not poison them with deodorants, dichlorvos or try to knock down insects, disperse them.It is enough only to contact specialized services, which will help get rid of these dangerous insects.

One more thing - if you found a hornet circling around you, you can not swing your arms or start to move sharply - it just can provoke an attack of an insect.

A bite of a hornet is a dangerous condition, which in most cases requires the provision of qualified medical care.If there is an opportunity to immediately turn to specialists, then this will be the best option - even if a prompt allergic reaction does not follow, a person will be safe from the consequences of a bite of a hornet.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapist of the highest qualification

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