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szoptatási problémák: hogyan lehet létrehozni a szoptatás?

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The question of how and how the future mother will feed the child, rises long before the birth of the baby.Everyone knows that breast milk is the best that can be for a newborn baby .But at the same time breastfeeding is a process that does not always run smoothly.

Contents: Breastfeeding problems and their causes Lactostasis is the number one problem Mastitis as a complication of lactostasis. Hypogalactia or lack of milk.

. In order for a child to really get everything he needs, it is necessary to provide certain conditions:

  1. Mom and babyMust be kept together, so that, if necessary, the child can receive breasts.
  2. A woman should eat properly and fully, so that a child can gain weight, and she does not lose weight and does not suffer from beriberi or anemia.
  3. It is desirable that there was a person in the house who could take household chores and walk with the baby, if the nursing mother needs to express the milk or get enough sleep.
  4. The woman herself should want this - in fact for several months she will be attached to the house and the baby, is forced to keep to a diet, wake up at night.
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Breastfeeding problems and their causes

Breastfeeding Breastfeeding problems are unavoidable, especially in young mothers who gave birth to the first-born.After giving birth, a woman is exhausted, many experience depression, suffer from insecurity, fear of doing something wrong and causing harm to the child.

A small push, little oversight or trouble is enough to make a decision and stop breastfeeding."While I sleep and nayemsya - that's what most mothers say, decided to take such a step.

Actually, having a number of reliable assistant and qualified advisor, any problems associated with breastfeeding can be avoided. But, unfortunately, not everyone has moms or grandmothers who are willing to help day and night.A lactation specialist who could fully prepare pregnant women for the upcoming process is not even in the district clinics.As a result: breast-feeding mothers are becoming less and the range of mixes for babies is increasing more and more.

By the time the baby is born, every woman should know how often to feed the baby, how to apply it to the breast, how to express the remains of milk, what diet is needed for her now, what to do if the baby does not take breast and milkStagnant.

Postnatal depression, woman despondent.BG8KG1 A good obstetrician or pediatrician will confirm that there is no unsolvable situation.And if the health of the mother and baby is all right, then the reason for stopping breastfeeding is not lack of milk and other difficulties, but in reluctance to solve these difficulties .

Therefore, if the nursing mother is desperate, if she really started serious problems with breastfeeding, she should not grab the bottle and the jar with the mixture, but turn to a good doctor. Any difficulties can be solved and continue lactation - this iron rule should be remembered for everyone.

Lactostasis is the number one problem

This is the so-called stagnation of milk in the chest.Appears a few days after delivery, when milk begins to arrive.The young mother just does not know what to do with it.The baby does not take the breast properly and does not suck, the chest is so tight that it is difficult for him to cope with it alone.A woman also did not learn how to express.What's happening?The child bursts into tears, her mother in hysterics, the milk in her breast burns out.


Lactostasis develops due to stagnation of milk and blockage of the milk ducts .The chest swells, hardens, becomes painful and hot.It's not so easy to separate it yourself - what can we say about the baby's tiny mouth!But you still have to try. To facilitate the process will help hot shower, compress on the chest .After this, you need to start pumping.When the milk will stand out easier, it should be attached to the baby's breast.And so repeat until the breast is completely emptied.


If within 24 hours you are unable to cope on your own, you should consult your doctor.Started lactostasis can go to mastitis.

Mastitis as a complication of lactostasis

Mastitis is an inflammatory process that begins to develop in the mammary glands with prolonged stagnation of milk and chronic obstruction of the milk ducts. Unfortunately, this problem occurs even in experienced mothers, if they carelessly treat their condition and care for themselves. To prevent the development of mastitis is easy with the help of simple measures:

  • wear only comfortable underwear made of natural fabrics - no synthetics, lace and bones;
  • , do not be lazy after decanting milk after each feeding;
  • avoid supercooling of the breast, avoid drafts.

Lactostasis Typical signs of mastitis are hard, painful breasts, high body temperature, not only under the chest, but also the general, fever.With mastitis in the mammary gland, you can feel painful seals, the skin over them is red and hot.This is the focus of inflammation.

Treatment of mastitis is carried out in two ways: constant pumping and antibiotic therapy.In some cases, breastfeeding should be stopped at the time of taking medication.But this does not mean to stop lactation completely.Milk must be decanted necessarily, and after recovery the child can again be given a breast.

Hypogalactia, or lack of milk

Thrush-in-infants This is the reason most mothers are called when asked why they decided to switch to artificial feeding.The child cries, the child is malnourished, the child does not gain weight in weight - these are the complaints that excuses are heard by obstetricians and pediatricians.

In fact, in most cases in insufficient milk production, the nursing woman is to blame for the itself.This is not an accusation - it is really not that easy to take care of an infant, especially if there are no assistants nearby.But if a woman wants - she will restore lactation and make sure that enough milk.And help her in this should be a competent doctor.

In the case of hypolactation, the action plan is as follows:

  1. Correct the diet.In the diet of a woman must be everything - and proteins, and fats, and carbohydrates.This means that every day you need to eat meat and fish, dairy products, eggs, cereals and bread, fruits and vegetables.Limit only coffee and foods that can potentially cause an allergy in a child.
  2. Feed the baby on demand, not by the hour.
  3. Express the remains of milk and supplement their baby.
  4. Regularly drink herbal preparations and phytotea with lactogenic action.Today, these are not difficult to buy at any pharmacy.The doctor will tell you which ones are better, and how they should be taken.
  5. Remember full rest and avoid nerve shaking.

As practice shows, the measures described above help, and in most cases, hypolactation is an imaginary problem.

There are no insoluble situations.And before you take a radical decision that will not benefit your child, either you or your family's budget, weigh again all the pros and cons, consult a doctor and try to cope with the problems - they are not so serious, As it seems to you.

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