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Blew back: than to treat at home?

Produlo spinu

The concept of "blown back" has a medical term - myositis.This inflammation of the muscles of the skeleton, in this case - the back, which appears due to prolonged hypothermia, a sharp temperature drop or an incorrect way of life.Most often it occurs in summer, when people come from the heat to the rooms where the air conditioner works.

The main symptom that worries a patient if it blew back, and the myositis of the spinal muscles developed is pain.It intensifies in the morning, after a prolonged absence of movement( at night, during sleep). In the same period, tissues in the site of inflammation swell, reflex muscle spasms can be observed.The characteristic course for this disease is an acute onset 2-3 days after the effect of the causative factor.The back hurts in a certain place when tilting, turning.With any movement, when there is a stretching of the muscles, the pain intensifies.Myositis occurs both in adults and in children.At the age of 15 years, dermatomyositis is more common, when the skin is also involved in the inflammatory process.

Table of Contents: Causes of Back Myositis Symptoms of Myositis of the Back Muscles What to do if the back is flushed: Treatment of myositis

Note: today is considered as "office" because it is mainly affected by those who are sedentary.Myositis can be either an independent pathology, or a complication of another disease, have a mild or severe course, be acute or chronic.

Causes of myositis of the back

The main factor that causes myositis is exposure to cold air.

"Blow back" can in such cases:

  • Produl spinu A sharp temperature drop when a person leaves the hot room in the cold.
  • Long stay in the heat.
  • Draft.During the ventilation of the room, it is necessary to leave it.
  • Stay under running air conditioning, fan.If these devices are near the workplace, then their operating temperature regime should be correctly set.
  • Frost.In the cold season it is important to be well warmed, going out.
  • Drinking cold drinks in large quantities.
  • Sports on the street.When practicing in the fresh air, you always need to dress in the weather.It is especially important to be in winter, because during any physical activity a person sweats.In order not to catch a cold, at the end of the training, you must quickly return home and change into dry clothes.

Sometimes myositis occurs due to the negative effects of toxic substances.It can also appear after a strong muscle strain, convulsions, the influence of an infectious agent, parasites.

Note: is often myositis is a complication of such pathologies as influenza, pneumonia, sepsis.

Symptoms of myositis of the muscles of the back

Patients who have "blown back" make such complaints:

  • pains in the back;
  • turns of the trunk are painful and bring discomfort;
  • pain can have a different character( aching, cutting, tingling);
  • if myositis is acute, an increase in body temperature is possible;
  • muscle palpation( palpation) causes pain;
  • in the place of myositis, skin hyperemia( redness) is noted, there may be swelling;
  • the patient sometimes has to take a forced position of the body, in which the pain subsides;
  • may cause a burning sensation in the back;
  • pain syndrome increases when the patient coughs, laughs, hiccups, performs physical exercises, sharply leans.

The typical symptomatology of myositis of the back can develop slowly( expressed 1-2 symptoms) or roughly - in severe form.

Please note: is important to seek medical help immediately after you feel that your back has blown.This will help minimize the risk of chronic inflammatory diseases in the background of myositis and the subsequent spread of the process.

What to do if it flushes back: treatment of myositis

Therapy should be selected by an orthopedic or neurologist trauma doctor after confirmation of the diagnosis, taking into account the cause that caused the inflammation of the muscles.If the "back blew" is insignificant, then the treatment can be carried out at home.

First aid for myositis

For myositis of the back muscles, two rules should be followed:

  • physical rest;
  • heating of muscles.

With increasing pain, the patient is shown bed rest for at least 3 days on a hard bed. Peace and absence of sudden movements will help the muscles of the back to relax and recover.For heating use special ointments, compresses, methods of traditional medicine.

Drug Therapy

Sore back In the treatment regimen when spilled, include:

  • non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs( Diclofenac, Indomethacin) in tableted and injectable form;
  • ointments with a warming effect( Finalgal, Voltaren, r. Menovazina);
  • pain relievers if necessary( Ketorol, Baralgin).

Important: it is forbidden to use a warming ointment in the case of bacterial myositis, as this can aggravate the situation and cause a general purulent process.

Traditional medicine for myositis

Folk methods of care, when blown back, it is advisable to use in the absence of contraindications to them and only after consulting a doctor.Some folk methods of treating myositis of the muscles of the back are not inferior in effectiveness to drug therapy.

The most effective recipes are:

  • Compress from potatoes.Potatoes are cooked with a peel, kneaded in mashed potatoes and spread on cotton cloth, folded in 3-4 layers.The compress is applied to a sore spot, kept to cool.After doing rubbing with vodka and wrap your back well.
  • Massage with essential oils.With myositis, pain, tension and inflammation in the muscles of juniper oil, mint, sage, lavender will be removed.
  • Dry compress.For him, in a situation where the back has blown, use the usual salt, which is heated in a frying pan( in the oven), and poured into a tissue pouch.During its application, the diseased muscle warms up well, the blood circulation becomes active, the inflammatory process is eliminated, and the pain syndrome is removed.After doing a gentle back massage.
  • Rubbing the back with fir balsam.It can be done by yourself( fir oil and melted fat mixed in a 1: 1 ratio) or purchased at a pharmacy.With balm, compress is done for 1 hour, after which the back is warmly wrapped.

Note: if after 3 days of treatment the patient's condition has not improved or even worsened, you should immediately visit a specialist for a more complete examination.In some cases, back pain in women in the lumbar region is a sign of the inflammatory process of the kidneys, the appendages of the uterus, and on the left under the scapula - myocardial infarction.

To avoid puffiness, it is recommended to exclude selenium, fatty and spicy from the patient's diet during treatment.

What can not be done if the back has blown

When acute back pain occurs, after supercooling, it is forbidden:

  • apply very hot compresses;
  • perform gymnastics, yoga, exercise in the hall;
  • take a hot bath, visit the sauna or sauna;
  • to heat the site of myositis in the presence of high body temperature;
  • apply a very thick layer of ointment.

Important: excessive warming of the diseased back area causes the opposite effect: pain intensifies, edema forms, inflammation spreads, and the disease becomes worse.

Restorative curative gymnastics are allowed after removal of muscle spasm and transition of pain from sharp to aching.

Betsik Julia, medical reviewer

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