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How to use a nebulizer?

Nebulaizer_0 Nebulizers are called medical devices that make it possible to convert liquid drugs into aerosol, that is, into a mixture of air and finely dispersed particles of matter.With their help, inhalations are needed to treat a variety of diseases.Different models can be used to treat both adult patients and children;Some models( mash-inhalers) are suitable even for infants.

At present three types of inhalers are manufactured:

  • compressor;
  • ultrasonic;
  • membrane( electronically-mesh).

The most inexpensive, and therefore - available are the compressor models.They make it possible to spray any liquid preparations.Ultrasound models are significantly more expensive.In addition, the sound of high frequency negatively affects the structure of the active substances of antibiotics, mucolytics and hormonal agents.The most universal are electron-mesh models( mesh-nebulizers), but they are not affordable for everyone.

Contents: How does the nebulizer work?How to use the nebulizer: instruction on how to use the rules for the preparation of medicines using a nebulizer. Activities for organizing proper breathing with the use of a nebulizer. Nebulizer for children. Rules for the care of a nebulizer.

. How does the nebulizer work?

Each type of nebulizer has its own device and operating principle.

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But in any model there are several basic components:

  • the main unit forming an air stream;
  • mouthpiece or face mask( sometimes in the kit you can find sprayers, mouthpiece, nozzles for the nose);
  • connecting tubes;
  • container for the medicine.

When the nebulizer is started, the air is mixed with the drug and a therapeutic aerosol cloud is formed.

In compressor models, pressurized air is fed into a chamber where it mixes with a liquid preparation coming from a special tank.As a result, an aerosol is formed, which through the tube enters the respiratory mask.

In ultrasonic devices, the liquid is dispersed under the influence of high-frequency sound oscillations produced by piezocrystal.

In electron-mesh devices( mash-nebulizers), the drug is divided into tiny droplets due to the oscillations of a special perforated membrane.


The most innovative devices have a special system of inhalation and expiration valves, which makes it possible to use the medicine as carefully as possible.

Some models are equipped with breakers, which also makes it possible to save the drug.

How to use a nebulizer: instruction manual

Working with a medical device requires the observance of elementary rules of hygiene and asepsis.Before you start preparing the inhaler for work, wash your hands thoroughly.


The nebulizer must be assembled following the instructions given:

  1. Check the connection of the pipes and the cleanliness of the filter.
  2. Measure the amount of medication required for the procedure( the dosage is determined by the attending physician).It is advisable to purchase funds in disposable capsules-nebulas.If you need to dilute the drug, you can only use saline( NaCl 0.9%).The medicine must be collected from the factory packaging with a sterile syringe and poured into a special cup of the inhaler.
  3. A container with a ready-to-use preparation is connected to the system via a transfer tube.
  4. For the procedure, you need to put a mask on your face or grip your lips with a special mouthpiece( the second option allows you to avoid losing part of the solution as a result of spraying into the ambient air).
  5. Now you can turn on the device and start inhaling the aerosol.After the drug is over, steam will stop coming out of the glass.Most instruments produce a beep when the medication does not become in the tank.

Important : If a device equipped with a breaker is used, to lock the device in continuous mode, lock the key by turning it clockwise.

After completion of the procedure, the container for the medicine, as well as the mask( or mouthpiece) and the adapter tubes, should be rinsed with boiled water and thoroughly dried before removing the device into the box.

If hormonal agents have been used for inhalation, then rinse your mouth thoroughly.

Please note : It is recommended to perform inhalation not earlier than an hour and a half after eating, as individual solutions( especially alkaline ones) can provoke a vomiting reflex.

Immediately after the procedure, it is undesirable.During the course of treatment should refrain from smoking.

If after inhalation unpleasant sensations arise, then it is necessary to interrupt the treatment temporarily and consult a doctor.

Rules for preparation of medicines using a nebulizer

The list of types of medications used for inhalation using a nebulizer is presented in the table:

Table for insertion into text about the use of nebulizers - copy

For the inhalation of a nebulizer, special pharmacy medicines should be used.In modern models( steam - do not count), you should not also use herbal infusions and decoctions.In no case should you try to prepare an inhalation solution from powdered tablets.

Means that contain essential oils when inhaled through an inhaler mask can trigger an attack in patients with bronchial asthma!In addition, such drugs often lead to a breakdown of the device;In particular, the membrane of the mash-inhalers can not be washed at all after such a procedure.

Preparing medicines, make sure that:

  • in the nebulizer chamber was at least 5 ml.Liquid;
  • if necessary dilution of drugs, only sterile saline was used;
  • the used product was warmed to room temperature;
  • for the treatment of expensive drugs involved devices with a valve flow interrupter that do not deliver aerosol on exhalation, which helps to avoid drug loss;
  • , after the end of the aerosol supply, the chamber was rinsed with 1 ml.Physiological solution, shaking it and ending the procedure until the aerosol secretions are completely stopped.This simple action contributes to the more effective use of the inhalation tools

Arrangements for proper breathing with the use of the nebulizer

When starting inhalations, remember a few basic rules:

  1. Hold the mouthpiece( face mask) of the nebulizer so that it fits snuglyTo the mouth( face), which will help you minimize the possible loss of medicines.
  2. During the procedure, breathe through the mouth( if nasal attachments are not used) calmly, slowly, deeply.
  3. Sit upright, motionless, silent.
  4. Try to hold your breath for a few seconds before every exhalation.If this does not work for you - just breathe in the usual rhythm.

Nebulizer for children

5970_c-24kids2-500x500 For many kids, the fear of therapeutic manipulation is typical, even if they are not associated with unpleasant sensations.In order to turn inhalation into a fun game, manufacturers of special children's nebulizers make cases in the form of toys or complete the model with nozzles in the form of funny animals.It is necessary for the child to be calm and not to cry, because in this case his breathing will be shallow and the aerosol will not penetrate into the lower parts of the respiratory system.

With the help of electron-mesh devices it is possible to do inhalations even to infants, since devices of this type( unlike compressor ones) can work at any inclination of the camera.

If the child pales, loses consciousness, complains of chest pain or suffers from suffocation, an ambulance team should be called immediately.These symptoms may indicate an allergic reaction to the drug.

Rules for care of the nebulizer

Regardless of the principle of the nebulizer, all these devices require careful treatment, timely cleaning and disinfection.Otherwise, your nebulizer can turn into a source of infection and, when used, does not bring benefit, but harm.

To avoid this, follow the basic instructions for cleaning the machine:

  1. After the procedures are complete, turn off and disassemble the machine.
  2. Thoroughly flush the flask, mask or mouthpiece in warm soapy water or in a 15% solution of baking soda without using brushes and brushes.Rinse with clean water, allow to dry.
  3. If a person uses a nebulizer, then once a week, sterilization of the dismountable parts must be carried out.For what can be used disinfectants, supplied by the supplier, a sterilizer of baby bottles or usual boiling for 10 minutes.If a nebulizer is used by several people - disinfection is performed after each application.
  4. Check the compressor filter according to the manufacturer's instructions, clean and replace it in a timely manner.
  5. Do not work as a nebulizer on the floor and do not store it there.
  6. Clean the cabinet and cover with a clean cloth before each use.
  7. Keep the dried nebulizer parts in a box by wrapping them in a clean towel or napkin.

All modern inhalers are extremely simple to use, convenient and reliable.If you follow the elementary rules for operating the device, you will not have any difficulties, and the nebulizer will be faithful and true for many years.

For more information on the types of nebulizers, their operation principles and usage rules, please watch this video:

Konev Alexander Sergeevich, the therapist

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