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Soothing( sedative) drugs for children


Tearfulness, capriciousness, irritability, increased excitability - these problems have recently been increasingly compared with childhood.And this behavior of the child does not necessarily indicate the development of any mental illness - most often this condition is caused by turmoil with adults, stresses and experiences of the baby in the kindergarten, discord with friends.It is not surprising that the pediatrician can recommend to parents to give the baby sedative( sedative) drugs.But you just need to clarify - this type of medicine has the right to appoint only a specialist!

In general, sedatives help not only to calm a child who is too nervous, take it out of hysteria or prevent its development. The same drugs will help to normalize a child's sleep, relieve him of discomfort during a sharp weather change, and remove stomach cramps.

Table of contents: Types of sedatives Phytotherapy Medicamentous sedatives for children Homeopathic remedies Folk remedies Correction of behavior by pedagogical measures

Types of sedatives

Types of sedatives

In medicine, there are several methods of influencing the brain to regulate the processes of inhibition and excitation:

  • phytotherapy - the child is given decoctions and teas from medicinal plants;
  • traditional medicine;
  • medications with sedative effect;Pedagogical measures of impact.
  • .

Separately it is necessary to specify a homeopathy - many folk healers working in this direction, assure, what exactly homeopathic means will give effect and will not do harm to health of the child.Official medicine is very controversial about this statement - no serious studies have been conducted, no international scientific organization has given any conclusions and conclusions to the public.And yet, homeopathy is quite widespread - it will also be mentioned in this article.


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Parents often prefer to give the child sedatives of plant origin - they act on the nervous system and the body as a whole sparing, and have almost no contraindications, and some of them are allowed for use by children under the age of12 months.

Note: , despite its seeming safety, plant-derived sedatives should be given to the child in a strictly dosage, and some contraindications will need to be taken into account.In no case can you decide for yourself what specific means a child will take - it is the prerogative of a doctor.

In pharmacies, you can find quite a lot of similar products that belong to the category of "phytotherapy", but the most common specifically for children are melissa, peppermint and valerian, although there are others.

Valerian officinalis

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Preparations based on this plant will not only relieve nervous excitement, but also relieve spasms - they contain a unique combination of alkaloids and essential oils.As a rule, preparations based on valerian medicinal it is advisable to use with increased nervous excitability and restless sleep, and the doctor can prescribe such a device literally from infants.


Stems and leaves of this plant are used, extracts are made from it, which are then added to medicines, although the peppermint broth itself has a calming effect.The composition of stems and leaves of peppermint peppery is complex - there are tannins, essential oil, manganese and copper, and everything in complex has antistress, antidepressant actions and relieves nervous tension.

Melissa officinalis has a similar pharmacological action, but doctors emphasize that this plant contains much more vitamins than peppermint.Due to this, lemon balm, and preparations based on it, have a mild antihypoxic effect and an anticonvulsant effect.


Persen-at-neuroses-1024x1024 This preparation contains three active ingredients - valerian, mint and melissa.Doctors can recommend the reception of Persen with emotional anxiety or motor in the child - for example, if the baby has insomnia, increased excitability or unmotivated irritability.

Please note: Persen is available in tablets and capsules.In the first case, it is allowed to take the remedy for children from 3 years of age, but capsules can be given to a child who has reached the age of 12 years.

The most common form of drugs in the phytotherapy section is still considered herbal teas and decoctions.Teas from herbs with a soothing effect can be produced in granules, but are most often sold in a packaged form - very convenient to use, and with dosage it will not be possible to make a mistake.These herbal teas usually contain lemon balm, fennel, motherwort, mint, chamomile, linden, valerian and other components.

Note: in granular herbal teas can contain fructose, sugar and / or maltodextrose.

Some soothing herbal teas can be given to a child literally from the first days of life - for example, granulated tea "Sweet dreams", which can be given to a child from 2 weeks of age.The composition of this remedy includes thyme, lime blossom and lemon balm.If the child has already turned six months old, he will be able to give teas in "Grandma's bag" bags, which do not contain preservatives and dyes.

Please note: even prescribes such herbal teas for children, because the same medicine can have exactly the opposite effect - someone can help, someone, on the contrary, get even more excited.

Many are interested in the notorious dietary supplements - they need to be treated with extreme caution, because many contain components that can affect not only the mood of the child, but also his psychomotor reactions. Only a pediatrician can give recommendations on the use of dietary supplements, set the dosage and duration of admission.

Baiu-bai drops( BAA), which contain extracts of peppermint, oregano, peony, hawthorn, as well as citric acid and glutamic acid, help to improve sleep and cheer up, regain activity and relieve apathy.If this homeopathic drug is consumed by school-age children, then there will be increased work capacity, normalization of sleep.The drug Bayu-bai can be used by children over the age of 5 years.

If the depressed state is noted in a teenager, coupled with aggressive behavior and a sharp change in mood, then stabilize the psycho-emotional background and restore the structure of nerve cells with the help of drops of Epam 1000( BAD).

Medical sedatives for children

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For some children who have non-pathological changes in psycho-emotional terms, it is advisable to prescribe medication sedatives.The list is quite extensive, and a specific choice is made only by the physician and solely on an individual basis.

Medication sedatives for children


This is generally one of the most used medicamentous sedatives, which is an amino acid.Glycine promotes emotional discharge, improves brain function, normalizes sleep, reduces the level of excitability.


Phenazepam, Sibazon, Elenium - these tranquilizers can only be prescribed by a neurologist in very rare cases.The fact that they can be addictive, although they help to cope with a sense of fear, anxiety and nervous overexcitation.

Tranquilizers can be given to a child only for the purpose of a specialist, under the supervision of a doctor and for a short time.

Medicine Citral

This sedative medication is used in children's practice, but also with great care - it contains sodium bromide, which, with prolonged use, leads to the accumulation of bromine ions in the body.As a result, nervous overexcitation, insomnia disappear, but in their place comes apathy, drowsiness, memory impairment.


This drug is prescribed only in the case of diagnosis and confirmation of the diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder( ADHD) in children over 6 years of age and in adolescence.This remedy does not belong to the group of psychostimulants and is not addictive, but should not be independently chosen by parents as a sedative.

Please note: should never be used to start any medications with sedative( sedative) effect.For all behavioral or sleep disorders, the child should seek help from specialists.

Homeopathic remedies

Homeopathic Remedies Important! Doctors and scientists are quite skeptical about the drugs in this category and most often do not prescribe to their patients.There are no proofs of the effectiveness of homeopathic medicines.Nevertheless, homeopathic remedies produce, they even have a "own" buyer - you need to know at least a minimum of information about such drugs.

In case of stress( for example, during the first visits to a child's preschool, when parents are divorced, when moving to a new place of residence), doctors usually recommend homeopathic remedies like Notta and Baby Sed.

If the nervousness of the baby, his whims and insomnia are associated with teething, then to alleviate the condition of the child, the homeopathic Viburcool candles are sometimes recommended.If there is a sleep disturbance, then Dormickind is prescribed - it is allowed to use even for normalizing sleep in a child under 1 year old.

Folk remedies

Of course, you need to try to get by in the case of violations of the psycho-emotional background without medication.There is a mass of folk remedies that not only help the child normalize his behavior, improve sleep and remove excitability, but also do no harm. Here are just some of the most common:

  1. Put in the bed to the child an aromatic pillow.It can be sewn by hand, filling the pillowcase with chamomile, mint, melissa.The only thing that needs to be paid attention is how the child's organism reacts to these medicinal plants, whether there is an allergy to their odor and on contact.Chamomile, mint and lemon balm can be collected and dried on their own, but it is more expedient to buy them in a pharmacy.
  2. In the evening to make a baby bath with the addition of herbal decoctions.Prepare the broth according to the classical scheme: 3 tablespoons of the herb boil in 500 ml of water in a water bath for half an hour.The resulting amount of broth is added to 10 liters of water.As raw materials, you can use motherwort, valerian, nettle.The duration of such a warm soothing bath is 15 minutes.

Please note: at the age of up to 12 months the baby can only make baths with one kind of medicinal plant, but for more adult children, the combined decoctions are perfect.

  1. Baths with sea salt.They generally have no contraindications for children at any age.Bath with sea salt not only soothes, but also tones up, strengthens - through the skin ions of iodine penetrate into the body.Such procedures doctors recommend to children with diagnosed rickets, with birth trauma, with sleep disturbance.How to make a bath: for 1 liter of water, you need to add 5-30 grams of sea salt, the doctor will give a more precise concentration.The water temperature should be on average 38 degrees, and the duration of the procedure should not exceed 15 minutes.After the bath with sea salt, the child must be rinsed under the shower - it is necessary to wash the salt off the body.

Correction of behavior by pedagogical measures

Correction of behavior by pedagogical measures

In many cases, the problems that arise in the psycho-emotional aspect of the child can be solved only by pedagogical correction.To do this, it is not necessary to have any specific knowledge, it is enough to conduct a number of activities. What you need to do first:

  • compose and strictly observe the regime of the day;
  • to ensure that the duration of sleep was according to the age of the child;
  • to control the time that the child spends in front of a TV or computer;
  • make sure that the child always walks outdoors every day;
  • in the family should be a normal, stable psycho-emotional situation.

It is highly desirable for the child to visit the kindergarten and various mugs / studios - finding a society like himself stabilizes his emotions, makes it easier to react to some stressful situations.But here you need to be extremely careful - for some children the excessive load has the opposite effect, the child becomes irritable and easily excitable.

Inadequate behavior and hysteria can be associated with a violation of the child's biorhythm.After all, it is well known that someone is an "owl", and someone is a "lark" and therefore the violation of these biorhythms can easily lead to a violation of the psycho-emotional background.Try to understand what type of people the child belongs to and adjust his daily routine, according to the biorhythm.

Sometimes it is quite enough to exclude noisy entertainment, hiking and watching TV programs or computer games in the evenings, as the dream becomes full.In order to calm the child in the evening, you can make a small walk on the open air, read a book, paint.

Parents should clearly understand that any sleep disorders, behavioral abnormalities, unmotivated hysteria and other controversial facts should be a reason for visiting specialists.Only a pediatrician, neurologist, psychologist or psychiatrist can conduct a competent examination, make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe sedatives.Independently to make a choice of a considered group of medical products at least it is not reasonable, and as a maximum it is dangerous for the child.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapist of the highest qualification category

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