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Chia seeds - useful properties and contraindications

Chia seeds

Each country has its own, special, products that have extensive useful properties.Here and in Central America there are such - chia seeds, which recently acquired literally crazy popularity among the population of the whole world.It is believed that it is the seeds of chia that help to get rid of hunger, reduce weight and improve their health.Of course, the scientists carefully studied the seeds of chia and made very interesting conclusions. ..

Chemical composition, caloric content of chia seeds

Nutritional value 100 g:

  • Caloric value - 486 kCal
  • Dietary fibers - 37.7g
  • Fats - 30, 8d
  • proteins - 15,6g
  • Carbohydrates - 6g

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  • Water - 5g
  • Ash - 4,9g
  • Cholesterol - 0g


  • Vitamin K( phylloquinone) 0.5 μg
  • Vitamin C( C) -49 mg
  • Vitamin PP - 8.83 mg
  • Vitamin B2( riboflavin) 0.17 mg
  • Vitamin B1( thiamine) 0.62 mg
  • Vitamin A 54 mg

Mineral substances:

  • Zinc) - 4.58 mg
  • Selenium( Se) - 55.2 μg
  • Copper( Cu) - 0.924 μg
  • Manganese( Mn) - 2.723 mg
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  • Iron( Fe) - 7.72 mg
  • Phosphorus( P) - 860 mg
  • Sodium( Na) - 16 mg
  • Magnesium( Mg) - 335 mg
  • Calcium( Ca) - 631 mg
  • Potassium( K) - 407 mg

1376034587 Grow chia plant in Mexico, Australia,Southern Europe and India - this moment needs to be remembered in order to acquire a quality product.Another name for chia seeds is "Spanish sage".

There are known chia seeds were still Aztecs - they used them before the fight and hunting, as it was believed that the seeds of chia give strength, make a person more enduring.By the way, these same properties, in the opinion of this ancient people, are also possessed by seeds of amaranth - often they were taken simultaneously with the product in question.

Now chia seeds are especially popular among vegetarians, in particular - vegans due to the high calcium content in them - 100 g of product accounts for 631 mg of this important substance for health. Besides, the following elements were found in the chia seeds:

  1. Omega 3 fatty acids - by the way, in the product under consideration it is twice as large as in the salmon.
  2. Calcium - in 50 g of chia seeds it is more 6 times than in a glass of whole milk.
  3. Magnesium - in 100 g of the product under consideration it contains 32% of the total daily allowance for an adult.
  4. Iron - according to research data, 6 times more than in spinach.
  5. Potassium - 64% more than in the most famous source of this substance - a banana.
  6. Antioxidants - even blueberries can not compare with chia seeds by the content of these elements.

But that's not all!Chia seeds contain zinc, vitamins A / C / E, riboflavin and many other useful substances.

Chia seeds - useful properties

With such a unique composition of useful elements, the benefit of the product in question is too obvious - at least enough that the body will receive the right amount of vitamins and microelements with regular use of chia seeds.

The optimum daily norm of chia seeds is 2 tablespoons, this amount of the product contains:

  • only 85 calories;
  • 16% protein;
  • 44% of carbohydrates;
  • 41% of the daily norm of dietary fiber( fiber);
  • 31% monounsaturated( beneficial) fat;
  • is 2 times that of omega-3 fatty acids than in 100 grams of salmon;
  • is 6 times more calcium than in a glass of milk;
  • is 6 times more iron than in spinach.Chia picture

Useful properties of Spanish sage are that this product contributes to :

  1. Lower blood cholesterol levels.Moreover, the "useful" remains in the blood, only "harmful" is displayed.
  2. The level of sugar in the blood is regulated - this will help to maintain the normal functioning of the pancreas and stabilize the condition of a person who is at risk for diabetes mellitus.
  3. Tooth enamel and nails are strengthened - this is due to the high content of calcium in the seeds of chia.
  4. Reduce appetite, reduce the feeling of hunger - you need to eat only 2 teaspoons of the product in question, to satisfy the hunger for several hours.This property of chia seeds is actively used by those who set a goal to get rid of excess weight.
  5. Strengthens, maintains within the norm the work of the cardiovascular system - this is due to the content of the chai-fatty acids in the seeds.
  6. The digestive system is regulated, metabolic processes are normalized.

Please note: is currently actively conducting research on chia seeds in the field of their use for the manufacture of a drug against diabetes mellitus.There are no exact results yet, but a real breakthrough in endocrinology is expected.

Harmful properties of chia seeds, contraindications


The considered product can be considered new for people - it was not recently distributed among the population.Therefore it is not necessary, after learning about the beneficial properties of chia seeds, immediately begin to introduce them into the diet - you need to familiarize yourself with contraindications and possible harmful properties.

Remember the following features of the product under consideration:

  1. 968608278-800x800 Chia seeds contribute to increased gassing in the intestine.This property may not be manifested in every person, but if there are propensities to flatulence, and from a small amount of white cabbage begins to "puchit", it is better to abandon the product in question.
  2. Some people, when eating chia seeds, begin a severe allergic reaction - rashes on the skin, respiratory problems, diarrhea.If there is an allergy to any stimulus in the medical history, then it is necessary to introduce seeds of chia into the diet quite cautiously - literally one grain each.
  3. It is strictly prohibited to combine the use of the product in question with the use of acetylsalicylic acid and anticoagulants.
  4. If a person has hypotension, the chia seeds are contraindicated.

Important: did not conduct any studies on the effect of the product in question on the health of the pregnant and lactating women and fetal development of the fetus - during these periods of life it is better to refuse the use of chia seeds.

Rules for the selection and use of chia seeds

Before you run to the store and purchase this product that is unique in its composition and useful properties, you should familiarize yourself with the rules of its choice - there are some nuances in this process. Note the following :

  1. Chia seed Manufacturer.In the first section of the article the countries in which the chia plant grows are indicated - it is advisable to focus on this list.Chia seeds from China are on sale - they can, of course, be purchased and consumed, but the quality level of such a product will be very doubtful.
  2. Certificates.Be sure to require such documents from the seller - they generally have to be.
  3. Price.It is necessary to recognize - cheaply to cost seeds chia can not a priori, therefore do not search for benefit, as you risk to run into a poor-quality product.The average price of 250 g of product on the market can not be less than 6 dollars.

Buy quality chia seeds? Now you can eat them as follows: :

  • soak in any fruit juice - a useful cocktail;
  • germinate in a humid environment and sprouts consume in food, adding them to vegetable salads;
  • grind into powder and add to any food - from soups to baking;
  • add to smoothies - the product is combined without losing its useful properties with any fruits and vegetables.

Chia seeds - an interesting, unique in its composition and very useful product.It is not necessary to get involved in them - the food should still be full and varied, but it will be very reasonable to introduce it into the diet.

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