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The ideal temperature in the room of the newborn

Temperature room of a new The environment plays an important role in the development of the baby, because in such an early childhood the child has to spend most of the time indoors.Therefore, the doctor also draws the attention of parents to the fact that the temperature in the room where the baby is located should be optimal and comfortable for him specifically: constant fluctuations in the temperature regime, too high or low air temperature can lead to the development of conditions that subsequently provoke the appearanceChronic diseases.

Table of contents: What should be the temperature in the room of the newborn What is the danger of overheating and hypothermia What to do if the temperature can not be controlled What should be the humidity in the newborn's room

What should the temperature in the room of the newborn

In order to determine the comfort conditions inRoom for a child, you need to take into account his life indicators and the reaction of the baby to the environment.Parents should remember that the weaker the child was born, the higher the air temperature should be in the room.

For healthy and timely born babies, the optimal temperature in the room will be 19-21 degrees, but preterm and weak children will be comfortable only at a temperature of 24-25 degrees. And one more nuance: if the child was born absolutely healthy and vigorous, then it is possible to begin natural hardening from the first days of life: the thermometer indices in the room where the baby is located should not exceed 18-19 degrees.

The main mistake of parents is that they adjust the comfortable temperature of the air in the room, based only on their feelings.But it is well known that with age, the processes of human thermoregulation are violated because of the wrong way of life, but infants, on the contrary, adapt perfectly to any environmental conditions.A simple example: a child who is raised / nursed by parents and relatives lives in such hothouse conditions that frequent catarrhal diseases become a real problem, but in dysfunctional families, where the baby often remains in an excessively cool room, and in general is left to himself, coldsDiseases the child suffers much less.

Important! Be sure to create a comfortable microclimate in the room where the newborn will be, even before it is born.Degree should be located near the baby's crib, which will allow you to always get accurate figures and adjust temperature in a timely manner.

What is the danger of overheating and overcooling

Since the infants have not yet fully formed the thermoregulation system, the metabolic processes proceed at an accelerated pace, the children actively produce heat.This happens with the help of the entire surface of the skin and lungs.If parents set too high air temperature in the room, the newborn will inhale warm air, his body does not have time to cool down and give his heat - the baby starts to sweat, which leads to the excretion of mineral salts and water.

If the temperature of the air in the room where the baby is located is higher than the norm, it is easy to determine by the state of the child:

  • Temperature newborn, red spots appear in the places of folds of the joints and folds of the skin, which quickly become a classic diaper rash;
  • babe very often opens his mouth, there is a feeling that he does not have enough air, and eventually nasal breathing completely disappears and his mouth "comes" in its place;
  • the body temperature rises - this sign is not always present and can mean not only overheating of the baby, but also the development of any pathology;
  • as in case of overheating, water is removed from the body together with sweat, there may be disturbances in the digestive system - for example, babies may be bothered by bloating and a sharp pain syndrome in the area of ​​the anatomical location of the intestine;
  • in the nose of the child appear dry crusts, which complicate the process of breathing.

If the temperature in the room is somewhat below the norm and the baby is constantly in a state of hypothermia, a cold disease can develop - this will significantly weaken the child's organism and may even halt its development.

What to do if temperature control is not possible

In residential areas, the air temperature is often 20-22 degrees - this can be caused by too hot weather outside, or a heating season.Naturally, this temperature will be above the norm for babies, and in a good way it needs to be reduced.But how to do that?Fans, air conditioners use indoors, where the baby is categorically forbidden, create drafts - this means doom crumbs to catarrhal disease. Doctors recommend the following:

  • in the children's organism must be supplied with water / liquid in sufficient quantities - make sure that the baby drinks more compote / tea / water;
  • the number of clothes on the baby should be minimal;
  • if water procedures are organized, then the water temperature should be as close as possible to the indices of room temperature - the baby will not feel a sharp temperature drop and will not get cold.

What should be the air humidity

Than-improve-home-microclimate In addition, that you need to monitor the temperature in the room babies, it is worth paying attention to the indices of humidity in the room.In general, high humidity in the rooms is extremely rare( do not take into account the kitchen or bathroom), but often there is increased dryness of the air - this will also negatively affect the baby's health, and his health: the mucous membranes in the baby will dry out,Loss of fluid, there will be a violation of sleep.To prevent too low a level of humidity in the room, you can install in it any containers of water - for example, an aquarium.Relative humidity of the environment should not fall below 50%.

Humidity in the room

To monitor the temperature regime and humidity level in a room where most of the time a newborn baby spends, you need to constantly.This is necessary not only for the baby, but for the parents themselves - a calm sleep of the baby, a healthy body and a normal development of the child are worth it.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapist of the highest qualification category

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