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Anti-cellulite scrubs at home: recipes and rules of use


There is a huge amount of cosmetics designed to combat the unpleasant orange peel that appears under the skin.One of the most effective methods of getting rid of cellulite is rightly called scrubbing.

Using a cosmetic with solid components helps not only to substantially clean the skin of dead cells, dirt and help it to be refreshed, but also with the help of intensive massage influence helps successfully fight cellulite.

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What is an anti-cellulite scrub?

scrub Scrub is a remedy for an outgoing cosmetics that, with the aid of a heterogeneous composition of soft and hard phases, helps to exfoliate the dead skin cells of the upper layer of the skin.Such a mechanical action helps to cleanse, restore the softness and smoothness of the skin.

The history of scrub began back in ancient times.Even then, women guessed for the most effective cleansing to use sand mixtures with olive oil or honey.

Undoubtedly useful properties of scrubbing mixtures are noted:

  • deep cleansing of the upper layers of the epidermis;
  • exfoliation of keratinized cells, as well as disposal of dried wakes of sweat, the remains of another, previously applied cosmetics, dirt;
  • the use of a scrub allows the epidermal cells to become more permeable, so the skin better perceives the subsequent application of anti-cellulite creams and gels;
  • regular skin renewal leads to an improvement in her condition, appearance, she looks younger and more elastic for longer.

Due to intensive massage actions, an additional stimulating effect is carried out during the application of the scrub, due to which the blood circulation is accelerated, metabolic processes are accelerated under the skin, feeding the cells with an increased amount of oxygen and vital substances .Accelerated outflow of blood and lymph also provokes a faster withdrawal of toxic substances, smoothing of tissues under the skin and giving the upper layer of the epidermis elasticity and elasticity.

These effects are achieved with the regular use of scrub as a mandatory skin care for the body.

Rules for the use of anti-cellulite scrubs at home

There are several mandatory rules for the use of cellulite scrubbing agents. The implementation of these simple rules will help not only to permanently fix the effect of the mixture, but also to prevent micro-trauma, which often happens when improperly applied scrubs.

  1. scrub Before using the scrub, the skin is best cleaned with a shower gel and sponge and pre-steam.The more supple the upper layer of the epidermis is, with the maximum openings for cleaning the pores, the better.
  2. Anti-cellulite scrub is applied with strong circular motions on the hips and buttocks.When you use it, you need some discomfort and a feeling of mechanical massage - this is a fat burning effect.Problem areas are massaged with a scrubbing agent for at least two minutes.
  3. After the procedure, the skin should be rinsed thoroughly with warm water, wipe off with a soft towel and apply an anti-cellulite gel or cream.

Prepared in this way, the skin can quickly cope with the orange peel, regain its smoothness and elasticity.

Contraindications to the use of scrubs

Any cosmetic product has a number of limitations to use.Doctors-cosmetologists need to pay special attention to them, since the use of scrubbing mixtures by those who do not want their use, can lead to serious disruptive disorders on the skin, which later lead to serious diseases.

This cosmetic product can not be used if observed:

  • varicose veins, meshes and "stars" on the legs;
  • thin, naturally leather, easily prone to tears;
  • dry skin;
  • pathologies of the heart and vessels, especially when using scrubs containing caffeine or warming particles;
  • small and large lesions on the skin;
  • inflammatory processes in acute form.

In cases where after the use of scrub a feeling of discomfort without burning or on the treated area allergic rashes formed, it is necessary to consult a specialist and completely stop using the cosmetic.

Recipes of anti-cellulite scrubs

Cosmetic experts classify scrubs depending on the composition and dimensions of the solid phase entering into them. The most popular scrubbing agents with the following fillers .

  1. Koricya Salt.As the main mechanical factor, sea salt is used. This type of cosmetic is well suited for the skin prone to grease or having an uneven shade of .Sea salt will help restore the water-salt balance and help normalize the production of fat by the subcutaneous glands.
  2. Sugar scrubs. They are more suitable for those with the upper layer of the epidermis prone to dryness , and also perfectly suited to those with a naturally sensitive skin .Sugar gently exfoliates the negative components and helps the auxiliary moisturizers to soak into the skin faster.
  3. Scrubs with warming or cooling effect.Their effectiveness is based on the sharp creation of a stressful situation for the skin and small vessels through a temperature difference with an additional massage effect.Such aggressive action helps in an accelerated mode to get rid of toxins, and also to stimulate metabolic and regenerative processes in the skin.Especially effective are such cosmetics are after intense stress. For warming up effect, red pepper and ginger are used, for cooling - essential oils of menthol and eucalyptus.
  4. Scrubs with natural ingredients for massage action.Many prefer completely natural cosmetics, so they can choose in the store a scrub containing crushed apricot or cherry stones, finely ground coffee beans, ground charcoal as a rubbing element. Such remedies require very thorough washing, since unlike salts and sugar, they do not dissolve on the skin and can, afterwards, severely injure the .

Finished scrubs can be with a synthetic filler that can gradually dissolve on the skin without provoking negative dermatological processes.

In addition to the large grinding particles in the finished scrub, there may be:

  • essential oils and extracts of medicinal plants;
  • basic cosmetic oils( olive, peach, jojoba);
  • cosmetic fragrances to give a pleasant aroma;
  • cosmetic clays( black, white, pink, blue);
  • panthenol;
  • is a soapy component for an additional cleansing effect.
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Depending on what preferences can be for this cosmetic product, its composition is selected and the duration of use is chosen.Regular application of the scrub will help keep the skin toned and prevent the formation of unsightly bumps of cellulite on the thighs and buttocks.

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