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How to moisturize dry face skin: care rules and masks recipes

Suhaya kosha

Owners of dry skin in their youth look simply amazing - no acne, no acne, the face does not shine and does not become inflamed.Unfortunately, natural beauty is difficult to maintain, and the impact of numerous external factors on the skin leads to unpleasant consequences.As she grows up, the girl marks the appearance of peeling on her face, in the frosty weather the skin turns red, and the unnatural color persists for several days!To all that, a sense of tightness is added, no matter when there was last washing.In general, a pleasant little and all this means that the skin of the face has lost moisture, will have to take therapeutic measures.

Table of contents: Causes of skin dryness How to moisturize dry face skin Daily care for dry facial skin Maxi for dry skin at home

Note: should be able to distinguish between dry skin and dehydration.In the first case, the skin will be delicate and gentle, in adolescence, it does not cause any problems to the girl.Dehydrated skin can be any type, even fat, if it was actively treated with special "drying" cosmetics.

How to check your skin for fat content? It's simple:

  • wash with warm water;
  • get wet face and wait until it dries completely without the use of a hair dryer;
  • two hours later, attach a napkin to the face and lightly press it.

And now the results:

  • if the napkin has no fat spots, the skin of the face is of a dry type;
  • if the napkin clearly shows fat spots in the forehead or nose area, the skin will be combined or fatty type.

One should take into account one nuance: all signs of dry skin can be present, and the test will show that it is fatty or combined.In this case, we are talking about drying out the skin, dehydration.

Causes of dry skin

The condition of the skin is not a disease, you just need to learn how to look after the face of .First of all, it is necessary to understand what causes the appearance of dryness:

  1. Means-from-aging Long stay in water.Water of any temperature acts unfavorably on the skin condition of the face, it literally washed off the protective layer of the epidermis, which leads to a feeling of tightness.
  2. Application of soap.Many girls / women wash their usual soap, and after all this remedy has a pronounced effect, in which dry skin is the norm!And no soap with additives of cream or emollients will make the skin more hydrated, so pay attention to modern lotions, gels and other means for cleansing the face and removing decorative cosmetics.
  3. Dry air.This is the most common cause of the condition in question, it is especially often encountered in the winter, when the air humidity in the rooms is too low due to heating.
  4. Long-term use of medicines.Of course, we are not talking about all medicines, but it is accurately noted that the use of diuretics inevitably leads to dry skin.

In addition, the skin condition is affected by some dermatological diseases - for example, eczema, psoriasis.But in this case it is a matter of illness, therefore the issue of restoring the health of the facial skin should be solved only in tandem with a beautician, dermatologist and endocrinologist.

How to moisturize dry face skin

So, it is accurately revealed that there is a dry skin of the face - what to do now?Cosmetologists assure that before you seek help in specialized clinics, you should learn how to properly care for your face and competently pick up cosmetics.

Permanent hydration

To ensure the external moisturizing of dry skin of the face, you need to use a product that contains hyaluronic acid, chitosan or collagen.These substances do not penetrate deep into the skin, but are capable of creating a protective film on the surface that prevents evaporation of moisture.

Storing the structure of

The natural protective layer of the epidermis is present in every woman, sometimes it loses its structure and its functionality decreases.In order to prevent the destruction of the structure of the protective layer, you need to use care products, which contain pro-vitamin B, glycerin, various sucrose, urea and / or amino acids.

Lipid layer restoration

skin care If a girl / woman experiences a tightening of the skin of the face a few minutes after applying a layer of moisturizing cream on her, it means that the lipid layer has been destroyed.To restore it, you should use a product with essential oils, linoleic acid and phospholipids.

Note: some of the products from the caregiver series in its composition contain several of the above substances.And in this case, the cream or gel will have a combined effect - for example, create a protective barrier and restore the lipid layer.

Daily care for dry skin

Cosmetologists recommend every day to perform a "minimum program" for the care of dry skin:

  1. Facial cleansing.For this procedure, you need to use only milk or cream, even cosmetic foam can enhance the feeling of tightness.An excellent option will be the use to cleanse the face skin gels with extracts of natural oils, bisabol or algae.It is extremely important to cleanse your face twice a day - in the morning and in the evening!
  2. Use of tonic or lotion.On a dry skin of the face it is necessary to put a tonic or a lotion without alcohol content.Such drugs can restore the pH level( it is always disturbed after washing the face).Tonic and lotion prepare the skin of the face for "receiving" moisturizing cream.
  3. Regeneration / feeding.Active nutrition is achieved by denser application of a night cream, and it is worth giving preference to means on a semi-synthetic basis.There are good funds on a fat basis, but it is better to refuse them, or to apply extremely rarely - this "heavy" base has a destructive effect on the delicate skin.Night cream is applied to the previously cleaned skin of the face with a thick layer, and after 20 minutes, the remnants of the cream( if any) are removed with a tissue.
  4. Deep layer cleaning.This procedure is performed once a week, is designed to exfoliate dead skin scales. For dry face skin, you need to use masks with fruit acid for deep cleansing, but you can not use substances with salicylic or glycolic acid in the composition.

Please note: for dry face skin can not use cosmetics that have a drying effect.If after using lotion, tonic or cream, a feeling of tightness of the skin appeared, then such a remedy should be immediately discarded.

Maxi for dry facial skin at home

Suchaya kosha Buy effective and safe means for dry skin care is problematic - for good, you need to have a special education that will help you understand the composition of each product and evaluate its effectiveness / safety.Alternatives can be home maxi by folk recipes.


In a blender, you need to mix in equal amounts the flesh of avocado and banana, it would be nice to add a small piece of papaya pulp, but it is not necessary.On the previously cleaned skin of the face, it is necessary to apply the obtained mass and to stand for 15 minutes.Then all is washed off by warm water, and on the face the humidifying cream is put.

Egg Yolk

One teaspoon of milk powder( sold in specialized beauty shops), 1 egg yolk and 1 teaspoon of honey should be mixed in ceramic or glassware.The resulting paste is applied to the face, aged for 20 minutes and rinsed off with warm water.

Please note: When washing after application of masks, should not be washed with soap or gel / lotion.

Fresh cucumber

Stir the flesh of the cucumber and apply the gruel to the cleansed face, leave for half an hour and then rinse with warm water.If you do this procedure every day for a week, the result will be immediately noticeable - the skin will become moisturized, the feeling of tightness will be lost.

Honey and rose water

Med voda To restore the tone to the skin of the face, give it a healthy diet, you need to apply a mask, prepared from a teaspoon of honey and the same amount of rose water, onto it.This mask is considered the most effective for the care of dry skin.


These "overseas" fruits contain a large number of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.You can stretch the pulp of the banana in a gruel and apply to the skin of the face.This mask should be aged for 30 minutes, then rinse off with warm water.But even regular rubbing banana skin( inside) dry parts of the face and neck will relieve them of peeling and redness.


This sour-milk product has anti-inflammatory properties, so it can be used to care for dry facial skin.You can put on the face of "pure" cottage cheese, but you can add to it 3-5 drops of lemon juice or a teaspoon of honey.The mask should be kept on the face for 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

In addition, to restore the skin of the face, to avoid flaking and redness, the feeling of tightness will help almond, olive and coconut oils.They can be mixed and applied to the skin of the face and neck, while doing a light massage.Usually, such a procedure is performed before taking a bath.

Dry face skin can become a real problem for a woman - constant peeling, periodic redness, a feeling of tightness is unlikely to add beauty and feelings of confidence.In addition, dry facial skin can upset the lady and early appearance of wrinkles.To avoid such phenomena, it is just necessary to learn the correct facial care and use effective and safe means.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category

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