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Self-massage of the face: what is it like being done, contraindications


Self-massage of the face is a great way at home to make the skin more elastic, elastic, young and beautiful, without injections and expensive operations.Today there is no problem to find a good salon or beauty salon, where a professional master at the highest level will perform any of the available rejuvenating procedures.But many women still with prejudice refer to botox, mesotherapy and laser exposure, preferring to take care of themselves on their own.

And this is true, as salon events not only beat the wallet - almost all of them have a number of contraindications and side effects.While self-massage of the face will not cost you absolutely nothing - and your skin will naturally rejuvenate and become healthier.If you perform it correctly - and it's not hard to master the technique, - there will be no surprises after the procedure.Perhaps the result will not be instantaneous - but it will, and will remain for a long time.What is it - the self-massage of the face, to whom and why is it needed, how to properly perform it and what else do you need to know about this kind of home skin care?

Contents: How does self-massage work at home?Preparation for the procedure Self-massage of the person step-by-step Contraindications to the procedure

How does facial self-massage work?

Two main techniques are used for facial massage:

  • tapping;
  • stroking.

It is important intensively, but carefully and carefully, to work through all layers of the skin: epidermis, dermis, as well as the subcutaneous fat and musculature of .Only then are all the necessary processes activated for skin renewal and rejuvenation.Improved outflow of lymph, which will restore the oval face, reduce swelling and bags under the eyes, stimulates blood circulation.And this means that cells will get more nutrition and oxygen and will begin to self-renew naturally.

Self-massage promotes the removal of excess salts and toxic deposits from skin cells, the complexion becomes smoother, the first wrinkles of are smoothed out.With deep wrinkles, this procedure can not cope - they will become less visible, but not completely gone. But warns the emergence of new ones.

Another plus: gently massaging the face and neck skin, the girl removes the upper keratinized layer of the epidermis and thereby frees up space for new, young cells. So, self-massage of the face has such an effect:

  • stimulates the outflow of lymph and the removal of waste substances from skin cells;
  • activates blood microcirculation, due to which tissues receive more oxygen and nutrients;
  • tones up smooth facial muscles;
  • helps to remove the top layer of the epidermis.

And all this - without the use of complex equipment and chemicals, directly at home.

Preparing for


Massag lica

Experts recommend that the procedure be performed before bedtime, since after it it is undesirable to apply cosmetics, makeup, to the skin. You can do self-massage on a quiet day off, when you know for sure that you do not need to rush to the dacha or meet guests.

What is needed for self-massage?Nothing but your hands and at the beginning of the mirror - so you can observe your actions and control the correctness of all the movements. Massage is not done on dry skin - so you can overdo it and the effect will be completely reversed.Ideally, use oil that promotes skin regeneration and rejuvenation:

  • wheat germ;
  • almond;
  • grape seed;
  • peach;
  • Neroli.

But you can also use the usual nourishing cream - the main thing is that the product is not very quickly absorbed and the fingers slid well over the skin.

Now in a fashion Chinese self-massage of the face.For his conduct, you may need different tools - rollers, jade stones, scraps of suede.There is also self-massage using a wet hot towel.But these are completely different techniques, in this article we consider classical self-massage.

Before the procedure, you need to thoroughly clean your face of makeup, dust and sebum.After washing, you can use a gentle cleansing scrub.When the skin is a little calmer, you can go directly to the procedure.

Self-massage of the face step by step


To get maximum effect, you should relax, drink a cup of herbal tea, include pleasant music.A bright light is not necessary.But the mirror should be lighted so that you can see your reflection without problems. So, the skin is cleaned and oiled with healing oil, you can start:

  1. Lico Strokes.Perform movements from the bottom of the neck up to the cheeks and chin, then from the temples and ears to the center of the face.Enough 2-3 strokes.Then the movements are made in the opposite direction.Pull the skin and do not need to press.
  2. Masonry.Pads of two or three fingers perform light massaging movements along the massage lines from the middle of the face to the periphery.The forehead, cheeks, nasolabial fold, cheekbones and chin are worked out.Then they move to the neck.
  3. Mashing with phalanxes.The same movements, but only pressure stronger with the use of the first and second phalanges of the fingers.It is necessary to move from the wings of the nose to the corners of the lips, then to the tragus ears and to the temples.Such movements affect the smooth muscles of the face.In the end, you need to calm the skin with strokes.
  4. Tapping.On the same lines, on which the kneading was performed, now tapping with the pads of the fingers is performed. Do not forget about the neck - you need to move from the clavicles up to the jaw and chin.On the face, all movements are performed from the center to the ears of the .
  5. Tingling.Such movements are done very carefully, so as not to injure the skin of the face.Particular attention should be paid to those areas where the muscles tend to strain especially: the forehead, the nose, the nasolabial fold, the corners of the lips.

Self-massage is the same as it began with - light, soothing stroking. One or two sessions a week are enough to get a noticeable effect.After the massage, you do not need to wash, it is better to lie down and relax, to allow the person to work on their problems after the activation of blood circulation and lymph flow.

Very detailed tells about the self-massage of the person Elena Zemskovaya: her video instruction is given below:

Contraindications to the procedure

Self-massage is, albeit sparing, but impact on the face.Because it is shown not always. The procedure is not carried out in such cases:

  • any infectious diseases in acute stages;
  • fever and fever;
  • breach of the integrity of the skin on the face;
  • inflamed pustules and acne
  • tumor formation;
  • any skin diseases;
  • skin fungus.

Pregnancy and lactation period are not contraindications in this case.

Self-massage of the face is the most inexpensive, but from this no less effective way to model your face with your own hands.You will be proud of the result, which you achieved completely independently, without spending a penny.And you will certainly recommend this procedure to your friends.

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Self-massage of the face: what is it like being done, contraindications

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