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Benefits and harms of koumiss

Kumys is the oldest sour-milk drink and for millennia the technology of its manufacturing has not changed.In any case, in Buryatia, Bashkiria, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan it is done almost equally, the difference is only in details.For example - in traditional dishes for its preparation.

1384355452_1328787944_kumis Prepare it as follows:

  1. Take in certain proportions the mare's milk, water.
  2. Add the starter - it's the remains of the previous koumiss lot.The longer the ferment wandered, the stronger koumiss will be.
  3. Pour into a special tub with a stirrer.
  4. Stand for 1 - 3 days, stirring frequently.

curious more ancient variant - pour the mixture in the rump, sealed and left literally on the road, where everyone tries to kick his foot, to shake, to turn - to drink ferment well.

Kumys is more refreshing than satiating.About its medicinal properties are legends.


In order not to doubt the useful properties of koumiss, it is enough to look at the content of useful substances in it.

Chemical composition:

  • Calories: 44.0 kcal
  • Protein: 2.0 g
  • Fat: 1.9 g
  • Carbohydrates: 5.0 g

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  • Vitamin A: 0.04 mg
  • vitamin B1: 0.02 mg
  • vitamin B2: 0.04 mg
  • vitamin B3: 0.2 mg
  • vitamin B6: 0.03 mg
  • vitamin B12: 0.2 mg
  • vitamin C: 0.9 mg
  • vitamin E: 0.03 mg
  • vitaminH: 1.0 ug
  • Vitamin PP: 0.09 mg Choline
  • : 23.5 mg
  • Iron: 0.1 mg Potassium
  • : 77.0 mg
  • Kahltions: 94.0 mg
  • Magnesium: 25.0 mg
  • Sodium: 34.0 mg
  • Phosphorus: 60.0 mg
  • Cobalt: 1.0 ug
  • Manganese: 3.0 ug
  • Copper: 22.0 g
  • Zinc: 210.0 g

Kumys is a low-alcohol drink. The alcohol content in it depends on the fermentation time:

  • one-day - 1% alcohol;
  • two-day - 2% alcohol;
  • three-day - 3-4% alcohol.

Acidophilic bacteria and microorganisms in a volume of at least 100 000 00 units per liter.

Benefits kumys

high percentage of vitamins and minerals and even the fact that they are in the most digestible form is not fully reflect the useful properties of koumiss.It is important that this sour-milk product is a storehouse of active substances, this is a real factory of antibiotics that suppress putrefactive processes.

Useful properties of koumiss are so indisputable that in sanatorium treatment and in folk medicine it is used as a medical preparation.Before the advent of antibiotics, the useful properties of koumiss helped to cure tuberculosis.In the war, with a lack of drugs, they treated purulent wounds - and they healed.How useful is koumiss for men and women?

1x640It makes it possible to get rid of the "pharmacy dependence" and maintain itself in excellent form, quickly removing the disturbances in the work of the gastrointestinal tract and other organs.

Kumys heals from anemia, pancreatitis, bronchitis, pneumonia - the list is huge, it is not covered in a short article.It increases the level of hemoglobin and lowers leukocytes.

Women have discovered another important useful property of koumiss - having a low calorie content, it instantly restores strength and creates a feeling of fullness of the stomach, helping to follow a diet.

Harm to koumiss during pregnancy

Important !Contraindications koumiss associated with the content of alcohol in it.This limits its use by pregnant women and children.They can drink it only on special medical indications.

It is clear, what harm koumiss to people with intolerance to lactose - they will have to give up the drink, as well as from other dairy products.Benefits or harm koumiss in the presence of serious diseases, especially the gastrointestinal tract, is established by the attending physician.

Another important contraindication koumiss - it can not be drunk to people who are in the process of curing alcohol dependence.


Kumyis21 Kumys perfectly quenches thirst, invigorates and has a light, fun-loving effect.This drink is ideal for removing hangover syndrome, but you can not sit down after such treatment.And it is important to know the measure - to drink no more than two glasses a day.

The use of koumiss in losing weight is much more significant than one might expect.Depending on whether there is anemia in the body, a deficiency of nutrients or, conversely, an excess of fats and carbohydrates, the useful properties of koumiss are manifested in different ways.

In case of dystrophy, it stimulates appetite and promotes effective absorption of incoming food.With excess weight, kumiss is taken before meals, which causes a feeling of satiety and a decrease in appetite.In this case, the activation of metabolic processes helps to burn excess fat deposits and remove toxins from the body.

The best way to treat koumiss is to take a course of treatment in the sanatoriums of Bashkiria, Kazakhstan, Buryatia.The home course should last 2-3 months.

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