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Stem Cell Rejuvenation: Features of the Biorevitalization Procedure

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Recipe for eternal youth people have been searching since time immemorial.Who would not want to remain slender, strong, healthy, beautiful?In recent years, a lot of controversy has been caused by an innovative technique - cell skin rejuvenation.We will understand what this technique is and why its relation to it is ambiguous.

Contents: What is the essence of the revitalization method?Techniques and rules for stem cell rejuvenation procedure The effect of revitalization To whom is the procedure shown?Side effects of revitalization Contraindications to cellular rejuvenation

What is the essence of the revitalization method?

Stem cells in large numbers observed in the embryo, the cells are immature, this is the matrix from which the cellular structure of any organ of any system is subsequently built.Each person is born with a certain supply of such cells, during life they are economically expended by the body for the restoration of damaged tissues.That is, the program for replacing obsolete cells is embedded in the genetic code of the individual.

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But with age their production gradually decreases.A person gets tired faster, feels worse, feels worse. The main indicator of aging is the skin, its elasticity is lost, the turgor decreases, wrinkles appear.


Revitalization is designed to replace the aging cells of the body with artificially grown cells. In therapy, the autologous method is often used, that is, the person is transplanted with his own cells, grown under laboratory conditions from the material previously collected.

Donor stem cells are used much less often, since transplantation always has a risk of rejection.

Revitalization, how the rejuvenation procedure can be carried out independently, and can be included in a set of measures to combat aging.

Techniques and rules for stem cell rejuvenation

Biotech People start thinking about corrective procedures at the age of 35 to 40 years, but stem recovery requires a responsible approach. All patients undergo a comprehensive thorough examination, which identifies existing pathological abnormalities and calculates the expected result.

In the absence of contraindications, the patient is referred for puncture - this is the first stage of the event.Stem cells in the largest number can be detected in the bone marrow, so the material is often taken under local anesthesia from the iliac bone.Recently, the necessary structures have been learned to isolate from adipose tissue, for which a small amount of fat cells from the lower abdomen is also taken.

From this point on, the is the next stage in which the patient does not take a direct part - growing the right amount in the laboratory under special conditions. This usually takes about two months.Important is the fact that some of the unclaimed cells can be deeply frozen "on demand".

The third stage depends on the direction of the procedure. For systemic rehabilitation, intravenous drip injections are performed, during which the patient is injected plasma enriched with platelets, it triggers a powerful regenerative reaction of .For local revitalization, hypodermic injections under local anesthesia are applied to the décolleté, neck and face area.

The effect of revitalization

During one session, the patient is injected with about 200 - 250 million cells, which immediately begin to work in the body and produce several trillions of their own. What the person eventually gets:

  • suspension of senile changes in the body;Increase ASH57ASD
  • , decrease fatigue;
  • normalization of blood pressure;
  • strengthening of the nervous system, normalization of sleep;
  • improved joint mobility, reduced painful movements;
  • acceleration of mental processes, memory normalization;
  • is noted for its beautiful appearance, smoothing wrinkles, increasing the elasticity of the skin.


Although the effect of the procedure does not appear immediately, the first apparent changes can be seen only after 1-2 months, but the duration of the exposure persists for several years, with positive results appearing in increasing order.Usually, revitalization is limited to one procedure, but repeated courses help maintain skin tone and alertness.

To whom is the procedure shown?

Cellular rejuvenation is not only used to restore the former beauty, this method has specific indications:

  • chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • depressive conditions, accompanied by a violation of sleep and appetite;
  • migraine-like headaches;
  • progressive age-related diseases( arthrosis, hypertension, atherosclerosis);

In addition, rejuvenation is performed in cosmetology according to the indications:

  • unaesthetic scars and scars,
  • skin restoration after plastic surgery,
  • to accelerate the regenerative process.

Side effects of revitalization

Mezoniti-i-plazmolifting Any intrusion into the body carries the risk of undesirable effects. Cellular rejuvenation is no exception, the procedure may be accompanied by hyperthermia in the early days, fever, allergic manifestations of are possible.When injected, the face may appear swelling for a few days, a small bruise.

A delayed reaction in the form of cell rejection and the strongest allergic reaction is possible with the use of a donor biomaterial.Adverse effects can lead even to the development of malignant neoplasms.


The scientific world is arguing about the justifiability of the risk of using stem cells.It is believed that it is impossible to predict the behavior of immature structures in the human body, many researchers tend to link the procedure of rejuvenation with the onset of cancerous processes.However, there are no exact proofs, as, indeed, refutations.

Contraindications to the procedure for cell rejuvenation of skin

There are few officially stated contraindications for revitalization:

  • diseases of the immune system;
  • Malignant diseases;
  • Mental illness and epilepsy;
  • procedure for hemodialysis.

In conclusion, I would like to say, before you entrust your health, beauty and life to someone's hands, you must carefully choose a clinic and talk with a specialist personally.

Konev Alexander, internist

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