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Hyaluronic acid: myths and truth

Hyaluronic acid Today, mention of hyaluronic acid is full of both glossy publications and regular media pages.The last few years, we do not cease to repeat that "the secret of the eternal youth of the skin is open" and offer to use this "elixir".Let's try to figure out what's more in this unhealthy fuss-truthful information, accurate commercial calculation, or banal philistine delusions.

Table of contents: Discoveries of the past that did not live up to expectations Debunking the myths about hyaluronic acid The truth about hyaluronic acid The main indications for use Hyaluronic acid preparations The main types of procedures The main contraindications for use The effectiveness of creams with hyaluronic acid

Discoveries of the past that did not live up to expectations

If you look at the very recent past, you can recall that similar situations have already been in the history of medicine:

  • OpeningEnicillin was presented as a complete victory over microorganisms( which, unfortunately, did not happen, despite the current spectrum of antibiotics).
  • Produced insulin was predicted victory over diabetes( a drug for diabetics is vital and extremely necessary, but until the complete victory over diabetes is still very far).
  • The use of the first neuroleptics was presented as an opportunity to cure certain mental disorders, but here everything is far from ideal expectations.

In general, the true picture after some time is still different from the forecasts and initial estimates.Therefore, it is very important to treat everything critically and objectively as much as possible.

We debunk the myths about hyaluronic acid

No one from the medical profession will argue that hyaluronic acid is important for the human body, but the amount of information that can be found today in the media and which stands out for the truth, alas, comes to us not fromProfessionals.More often innovative ideas to the people are various beauty experts, self-taught bloggers and other people without a profile - medical, pharmaceutical or biological education.They speak out about the medical product on the basis of their own evaluation impressions, information from questionable sources or information torn from the context of Myths about hyaluronic acid

So delusions are born.Let's try to separate the wheat from the chaff and understand this issue in more detail.

Each of the fractions has its own set of properties and characteristics.So low molecular species of substances have an excellent anti-inflammatory effect, which provided their application for burns, trophic ulcers, herpetic rashes, psoriasis .The mid-molecular hyaluronic acid is able to suppress the multiplication of cells and their migration.Due to these properties it is used in the treatment of certain arthritis and eye diseases. High-molecular fractions of hold around themselves a huge amount of water molecules and stimulate cellular processes in the skin itself.This kind of hyaluronic acid has found its application in surgery, ophthalmology and cosmetology

It's important to know! Use the drug with an unspecified value of the molecules of the active substance categorically impossible, because you can not only not achieve the desired result, but also worsen the condition.

Basic indications for the use of hyaluronic acid

It should always be remembered that the introduction of in the body of drugs is injected primarily by medical manipulation.To use different methods and procedures, there are sufficiently strict medical criteria.

Thus, the main indications for the use of hyaluronic acid are:

  • appearance of wrinkles( reduction of skin turgor) due to loss of moisture;
  • increase in the severity of existing wrinkles;
  • expressed facial wrinkles;
  • need to normalize the relief of the skin;
  • need to improve the turgor and the contour of the red lip rim.

Hyaluronic acids

All other wishes and recommendations for the use of hyaluronic acid for the face can be considered a marketing move.Do not rush to take a potent drug and at the very beginning of the changes.

Hyaluronic acid preparations in aesthetic medicine

In modern cosmetology, the demand for hyaluronic acid in the form of injections or other forms of the drug is explained by:

  • Capture-d relatively low cost of production;
  • with a long visual cosmetic effect;
  • simplicity of technology developed by modern techniques;
  • low level of traumatism and soreness;
  • a wide range of security;
  • relatively low frequency of occurrence of negative effects;
  • is reasonably well tolerated.

The modern pharmacological market offers hyaluronic acid in the form of injections. In this case, it can be in the form:

  • Mesocotyle, which includes a basic substance supplemented with panthenol, vitamins, coenzymes, cell growth factors, peptides, etc.
  • Substitutes of a dermal filler made from crosslinked HA, which in timeBiodegradable - absorbed in the body.Available in the form of a gel of varying degrees of viscosity.The more viscous the substance, the greater the problems it is called upon to cope with.
  • Redermalizans and biorevitalizants.Currently, on the shelves of pharmacies, you can find 3 generations of these drugs.The latter are based on nucleic acids that create complexes with HA capable of restoring cell DNA and accelerating the production of its own hyaluronic acid, as well as elastin and collagen.
  • Biorespirants - preparations containing altered HA, to the chain of which peptides, vitamins, amino acids are attached.They have prolonged and enhanced action.

Please note: in the beauty industry can be used ointments, creams, gels, lotions for external use, but their effectiveness is much lower than the effectiveness of hyaluronic acid for injection.

The main types of procedures for improving the skin condition of the face

The most popular injection procedures with hyaluronic acid are:

  • Improvement of skin condition Mesotherapy - intradermal injection of small doses of cocktails containing low molecular weight fractions of hyaluronic acid, vitamins, active substances, directly into problem areas.The mechanism of action of such injections is close to the natural saturation of the skin.Positive effect lasts for 6-12 months
  • Biorevitalization is a one-time procedure for the patient, when large enough doses of high molecular weight hyaluron fractions are introduced into the problem areas.This, in the first place, triggers the mechanisms of biological renewal of connective tissue and intercellular substance of the deep layers of the skin, as well as their saturation with water.The result can be the protection of the optimal condition of even the age-old skin over a period of 12 to 18, in rare cases up to 24 months.
  • Bioreparation - in the basic moments is similar to the previous method, however, in the injections complex biochemical systems are used, which besides hyaluronic acid includes a spectrum of biologically active substances, starting from vitamins and ending with local tissue regulators.The effect of such procedures is even longer and more pronounced, but this method has more limitations, and more side effects.
  • Filler plastics - is a more serious intervention and consists in the maintenance of special polymeric hyaluronic threads, which allows for deep adjustment of problem areas.The complexity of the procedure lies in the technique of execution, which requires special skills and high qualification from the doctor.It is successfully used to increase the lips with hyaluronic acid or, if necessary, improve the contour of the face.

Basic contraindications for the use of hyaluronic acid

If marketers are trying to convince you that hyaluronic acid injections, wherever they are not practiced, are as safe as possible, you know: it's a lie!Against the background of certain procedures they are really safer, however, and this drug has its own contraindications.

The main ones are:

  1. Any allergic reaction to the active ingredient or its components.
  2. Any infectious diseases in an acute period.
  3. Pregnancy, childbirth and subsequent lactation.
  4. Pathology of connective tissue.
  5. Common and systemic diseases, such as autoimmune lesions, hypertension, oncological pathology of any organs and systems, diabetes mellitus, pathology of the blood coagulation system.
  6. Keloid formation.

Upload_2015-7-22_17-24-43 To all, nevi, birthmarks, birthmarks, scars and inflammation should not be placed at the injection site.If these contraindications are not observed, the results can be deplorable.

The effectiveness of creams with hyaluronic acid

Cream-with-hyaluronic acid

A separate group of drugs, and quite common, are creams with hyaluronic acid.They are applied by applying to the surface of the skin, where they produce an immediate effect.

For surface changes, skin protection means are used containing high molecular weight fractions that create a protective layer and do not penetrate into the skin.

1363624126_181_16 For the correction of deep, age-related changes, agents with low molecular weight fractions of the active substance are better suited, since it can partially penetrate a certain depth into the inner layers, where their biological action is carried out.

Non-injection techniques, implying the application of a gel to the skin with subsequent exposure to microcurrents, laser, ultrasound, are gaining popularity.

I want to finish with the advice: for everything there is a time and its reasons, and the main rule of a healthy life, excellent mood and beautiful appearance is moderation.In pursuit of beauty, try to use even such a tool as hyaluronic acid, without excess, and your skin will look good even in extreme old age.

More detailed information on the use of hyaluronic acid preparations for the face you will get by watching the video review:

Sovinskaya Elena Nikolaevna, therapeutist.

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