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Dry skin of hands: what to do?

Dry cosh

Dryness of the skin of the hands is a problem that can periodically occur in people of any gender and age.Like any cosmetic ailment, it looks rather unattractive and can cause psychological discomfort.Many try to hide their hands under the table or in their pockets, so that those around them do not see characteristic redness, flaky skin areas covered with white scraps of departed epithelial scales.

Modern medical and cosmetology solutions can help to quickly and easily cope with dry hands at home.

Table of contents: Dry skin of hands: causes of dryness Dry skin of hands: what to do?

Dry skin of hands: causes of dryness

Before eliminating the unpleasant consequences of dehydration of the upper layer of the skin on the hands, it is necessary to understand what exactly it was caused. There are several factors that provoke this cosmetic defect.

  1. Dry-skinned hands Exposure to corrosive substances contained in used cleaning agents, household chemicals, soap and shower gels.A large number of alkaline and acidic components, as well as allergic compounds provoke dryness, irritation, damage to the upper layer of cutaneous epithelium.
  2. Insufficient humidity in rooms or on the street.
  3. Consequences of exposure to low temperatures.In conditions of frequent frosts, the dryness of the skin of the hands is a defensive reaction of the organism to the action of cold.
  4. Lack of fluid in the body, general dehydration caused by malnutrition, chronic diseases, fluid retention.
  5. Hypovitaminosis.If the body lacks the necessary vitamins A, E, D and C, the skin gets insufficient nutrition and its cells gradually die, beginning with the upper, most vulnerable layer.
  6. Ignoring the rules of personal hygiene, rare hand washing.If bacteria constantly act on the skin, small particles of dirt and dust, then it begins to defend, building a zone of "dead" cells between a healthy organism and an aggressive factor of influence.

The hand skin is attacked daily.It is practically unprotected and most often in contact with dangerous environmental factors, so its appearance can easily lose its attractiveness.

Dry skin of hands: what to do?

Dry-skinned hands In order to keep your hands from drying, flaking and peeling off with unpleasant scales, it's worthwhile to follow a few simple rules.

First, change the soap to a softer, for example, glycerin or simple, handmade.A good alternative is a baby soap with nourishing milk or protective cold cream. Thus, the skin will be not only cleansing, but also softening, dermatoprotective.

Secondly, after washing your hands, you should always use moisturizing cream .If the skin of the hands is badly damaged, then it is better to start with heavy, fatty creams containing a large number of emollients, vitamins, regenerating components.Then gradually move on to softer creams and ointments.After applying the cream you need to leave it until it is completely absorbed, at this time you need to briefly leave your hands idle and let the skin rest.

Thirdly, if the dryness of the skin of the hands has led to wounds and cracks, it is better to purchase a special healing ointment with panthenol, a drug that accelerates the regeneration of cells.It is best to use ointments and gels that contain not only healing components, but also antiseptic, disinfecting, protecting the skin from the action of harmful microorganisms.

Fourthly, if creams and ointments seem coarse, unpleasant and difficult to absorb, then you can use baby milk or oil to care for skin.They create a light protective film, gradually absorbed into the upper layer of the skin.This film perfectly protects hands from external influences and gently cares for every cell, feeding it and returning its life force.

There are several more recommendations to follow:

  • cleaning with aggressive detergents only in protective rubber gloves.After cleaning, wash hands thoroughly with soap and spread them with cream;
  • drink plenty of fluids - a sufficient amount of water in the body will help keep the skin healthy, smooth and soft;
  • to consume foods containing the essential vitamins and minerals necessary for feeding the upper layer of the epithelium;Cereals, nuts, fruits and vegetables, red and white meat, fish;
  • if there is no possibility to build a vitamin-rich daily menu, then you can choose a multivitamin complex, which will contain all vitamins and trace elements that are necessary for beauty;
  • it is more to walk, to be on air, to air a premise - saturation of an organism with oxygen helps effective circulation and transfer of nutrients and a liquid on an organism;
  • humidification of the air helps to keep the skin dry from the outside, protects the moisture inside the body, not allowing it to evaporate;
  • hands must be kept warm - modern clothing stores can offer a large selection of protective gloves and gloves, allowing you to work with your hands even in cold weather without discomfort and slipping.

For additional protection of the skin of hands and as a preventive measure of unpleasant dryness, you can once a week perform emollient procedures with cosmetic or folk remedies.

Folk remedies

Suhost ruk

The main cause of dry hand skin is a lack of nutrients and loss of liquid.There are many proven home recipes that can not only soften skin lesions on the hands, but also provide epidermal cells with nutrition, protection, a complex of necessary trace elements.

These products, prepared at home, act no worse than professional cosmetics.

  1. A mixture of beaten yolk and sour cream in equal proportions, applied to the skin as a mask for 10-15 minutes.
  2. A glass of warm milk, mixed with mashed medium boiled potatoes, will help calm irritation and restore youth to the skin of the hands.
  3. Shredded leaves of mother-and-stepmother, infused with milk and applied with a thin layer of gruel to the hands.

These homemade ointments are applied to the hands, for best effect, simple powder-free gloves purchased at the pharmacy are put on top, and a towel or scarf is placed on top for an additional warming effect.After the procedure, hands are washed with warm water and abundantly lubricated with a softening cream.


An excellent way to restore the beauty of the skin of hands is regular peeling.Means for cleansing the skin on the hands can be purchased at the cosmetics store or at the pharmacy, choosing to your taste from the proposed brands.

Creams and scrubs for hand peeling may contain the following components:

  • fine seed particles and plant seeds for direct mechanical action on the skin;
  • vitamins A and E for nutrition of epidermal cells;
  • extracts of chamomile, calendula, aloe, cornflower and other useful plants provoking restoration, strengthening and moistening of the skin;
  • thermal water, panthenol or cold cream for an additional soothing, cosmetic, restorative effect;
  • essential oils of low concentration for protection and nutrition.

The peeling procedure is as follows: the skin of the hands is thoroughly cleaned, processed with a soft scrub to remove the keratinized skin flakes and stimulate the flow of blood to the upper layers of the epithelium, then the scrub is washed off and spreads hands with a thick layer of nourishing protective cream and caring oil for body and massage.


Suhost ruk Easy hand massing perfectly helps to cope with dryness, dehydration, skin dysfunction .Soft, monotonous, rhythmic stimulation stimulates the processes of metabolism and regeneration, helps to accelerate healing, promotes the inflow of blood to the small blood vessels under the skin.

Massage can be performed with a nourishing cream or oil, to further affect the skin of the hands.You need to start with gentle strokes, then gradually rub the skin of the hands to a characteristic redness, carefully diluting each area on the hands.

Increasing the intensity and duration of the massage sessions should be gradual, as a sharp aggressive attack can injure the skin of the hands even more .You need to start with 2-3 minutes, then gradually increase the session time to 15 minutes per hand.After the massage, it is advisable to rub your hands with a soothing ointment and wrap it in warm clothes for a while.

Coping with the dryness of the skin of the hands can be easily and painlessly at home, if in time to pay attention to the problem and not to damage the upper layer of the skin.Care for health will help to preserve the beauty of the hands for a long time.

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