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Avitaminosis: symptoms on the skin


Avitaminosis is a disease that usually occurs due to an unbalanced diet and is accompanied by a complex of unpleasant symptoms, including deterioration of the skin.The main reasons for the shortage of vitamins are improper, inadequate nutrition, wrong lifestyle, a large number of bad habits or pathologies of internal organs or systems, because of which vitamins and trace elements can not be absorbed in sufficient quantities.

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Doctors-specialists distinguish three types of deficiency of vitamins in the body:

  1. Suporgormal provision is the first stage of pathology development.Vitamins and microelements come in concentrations much smaller than those required by the body.
  2. Hypovitaminosis is a pathologically lowered content of a certain vitamin for the normal functioning of organs and systems.
  3. Avitaminosis is a complete lack of the necessary vitamin.In the case of avitaminosis, destructive disorders that occur with a person due to lack of a useful substance are already clearly visible.

Symptoms of vitamin deficiency may differ depending on which vitamin is deficient in this clinical case.

Avitaminosis: skin symptoms

Avitaminoz The upper layer of the epidermis is most susceptible to the negative effects of vitamin deficiency.Skin is the largest organ in the human body, it performs respiratory, nutritional and protective functions.For its normal work, healthy functioning, smooth color, maintenance of metabolic processes, a large amount of vitamins and nutrients coming from outside is needed.

Depending on what kind of problems have arisen with the skin, you can determine what level of the vitamin fell to the critical point.


Acne formation often occurs due to insufficient intake of vitamins to the skin cover with blood flow.In cases when acne, acne, comedones, small suppurating inflammations constantly appear on the face, doctors-experts suspect a deficiency in the body of vitamins A, B, C, biotin and zinc responsible for the normalization of the sebaceous glands, strengthening of epidermal walls and resistanceSkin cover to negative factors of external and internal environments.

Dry skin and lack of vitamins

Shitovydka The most common manifestation of vitamin deficiency.Most of all, the dryness of the region of the cheeks, forehead, and wings of the nose is struck.Very often it is possible to meet such symptoms of vitamin deficiency in men and women in the cold season, when the body spends the necessary vitamins and minerals to maintain the health of internal organs and does not leave useful active substances for the skin.

The reason for the thickening of the stratum corneum of the epidermis, cell death, peeling and insufficient moisture from the inside is the lack of vitamins A and C, which maintain the water-salt balance of the skin and preserve its healthy appearance.

High skin traumatism, rapid formation of cracks, sagging, jamming in the corners of the lips.These are the first signs of deficiency of the most essential skin vitamins - A, E and C.


Puffiness, sagging, rapid wrinkle formation

Vitamin E is responsible for skin tone and maintaining its elasticity and elasticity, which is also a building material for new cellularWalls of the epidermis.With its insufficiency, the withering of the skin will occur several times faster.

Skin fatness

Group B vitamins are known for their positive effects on the sebaceous glands.Acting directly through the nervous system, these active microelements are able to regulate not only the intensity of production of the protective sebaceous layer on the skin, but also significantly reduce the excess of sebum under the layers of the epidermal cells.

Appearance of persistent reddening and dark spots

They can be of different nature and diameter, appear both independently and after healing of acne, abrasions, peeling. Deficiency of pigmentation is facilitated by a lack of antioxidants, which feed the skin cells necessary for normal vital functions. Also, antioxidants prevent the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation on the skin and oxidative processes that cause the epidermal cells to age quickly and die off.


The etiology of psoriasis formation is one of the riddles over which dermatologists fight.One of the causes is the deficiency of vitamin D in the body .In addition to psoriasis, the lack of the necessary concentration of calcitrol in the body leads to itching, scaling, the formation of inflammation and hard-healing cracks in the skin.

Avitaminosis does not occur immediately.Its signs, forms and manifestations gain strength gradually, affecting the skin and causing a lot of discomfort.It is quite easy to confuse with any other skin disease or stressful reaction of the body to negative factors.

In cases where the patient suspects the deficiency of vitamins in the body due to negative manifestations on the skin and discomfort, he should consult a doctor to check his guess.


How to help the body?

Treatment of vitamin deficiency is simple enough - to add as much of the necessary vitamin in the daily diet.It is important not to overdo with the doses taken and not to transfer the disease to another extreme - hypervitaminosis, which will not less unpleasantly be displayed on the skin.

Doctors-experts recommend not only taking doses of vitamins inside, but also using external means: creams and ointments, cosmetics with high concentrations of vitamins and microelements necessary for the skin.This will greatly accelerate the healing process and will have an additional cosmetic effect moistening the skin, smoothing its tone, returning its healthy and beautiful appearance.

In order to avoid vitamin deficiencies, the following foods containing the necessary vitamins should be added to the daily diet:

  1. A - carrots, spinach, peaches, apricots, plums, peas, beans, greens, potatoes, sea buckthorn, rosehips, apples;
  2. C - Citrus, black currant, strawberry, pineapple, horseradish, cherry, pepper, mango;
  3. D - meat, protein, dairy products, butter, seafood.It is important to remember that vitamin D is best absorbed in the daytime, in the sun;
  4. E - sesame, greens, pumpkin, zucchini, dried fruits, oats, raspberries;
  5. Many useful microelements necessary for the body also contain grains, bread, fruits, nuts, all kinds of fruit crops, liver, brains, fish oil.


If there is no possibility to choose the menu most rich in vitamins, you can buy a vitamin-mineral complex in the pharmacy that will ensure the supply of doses of nutrients to the body.The modern market offers a large number of biologically active additives containing in their composition individually selected complexes of active substances for skin health.

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