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Home scrubs for the face: the best folk recipes

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Facial scrubs Scrubs are a cleansing cosmetic product, the main function of which is to remove the upper cornified layer of the epidermis.For full-fledged skin care, it is not enough to clean it regularly from make-up, dust and sebum.It is also necessary to remove those cells that are already dying out to make way for new ones.If you apply the scrub constantly, the facial skin will be faster to rejuvenate, fine wrinkles will be smoothed, black dots will disappear, scars and scars will be less noticeable.And the skin itself will become more elastic and healthy, beautiful even color.

You can buy a ready-made scrub in the store.But it's much nicer and more useful to pamper your face with home-made preparations.Firstly, you will be absolutely sure of its composition, since you will do it yourself.Secondly, you can adjust the components and proportions yourself and depending on your skin type and task.And, thirdly, home-made scrubs will be much cheaper.

Table of contents: How correctly to apply scrubs?Homemade facial scrub with coffee Oatmeal scrub Purifying facial scrub with salt Aspirin for skin treatment Honey make-up for skin
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How to apply scrubs correctly?

With the help of scrub can really significantly improve the condition of the skin, clean it, provide oxygen and nutrients.But to make the tool as efficient as possible, it's important to use it correctly. The basic rules for the use of exfoliating agents at home are the following :

  1. Face peeling You need to make scrubs with different frequencies depending on skin type.Skin fat and mixed types needs deep cleansing two or three times a week.For proper maintenance of normal skin, scrubs are done once in seven days.And if the skin is dry, then it is cleaned no more than once every two weeks.
  2. If the face has severe inflammation, irritation and flaking, the procedure should be postponed until the problem is resolved.
  3. Scrub is not applied to the area around the eyes and lips.In order not to injure the delicate skin, it is recommended to moisten it with herbal infusion or simply warm water.Ideally, first cleanse the skin of cosmetics and dust with lotion or milk, then steam out, and after that use an exfoliating agent.
  4. Do not rub the skin too hard.All movements should be soft and careful, the scrub is distributed strictly on the massage lines.Technique_Cosmetic_Massage_For_Length( 1)
  5. If itching, burning or even pain occurs during application, it should be washed off immediately.This means that the product does not suit you, or its abrasive particles are too large.

After the procedure is finished, the skin needs to be moistened - now it will especially well perceive any creams and masks.Oily skin can be wiped with citrus water or cucumber lotion.And now - the most effective, affordable and only proven recipes for home scrubs.

Home face scrub with coffee

The grain of natural ground coffee is an excellent exfoliating, rejuvenating and tonic.Many have heard of how useful it is to make coffee wraps for the body against cellulite.Your face will also like the effects of this fragrant powder. Prepare the scrub as follows:

  • put in a small container a tablespoon of coffee grounds;
  • add a teaspoon of olive oil;
  • stir and drip some essential oil of lemon balm.

To cleanse and rejuvenate the skin, first you need to pour a handful of plantain leaves with boiling water and steam the face cleansed from the make-up over this infusion.Then lightly apply a coffee scrub, gently massage the skin and leave to act for three minutes.After that, rinse with water, and preferably boil the marigold.

Oatmeal scrub

Oat flakes are ideal for the care of dry, fading, irritable skin. This is a very soft and delicate scrub, which, with regular use, will relieve pigment spots, scars, will give the skin velvety and beautiful color. Here's how to make it at home:

  • scrub grind in a blender or coffee grinder two tablespoons of oatmeal - should be a powder, not flour;
  • add a teaspoon of bran;
  • pour a teaspoon of flaxseed oil and stir;
  • add a drop of wheat germ oil or almonds.

Scrub is applied to a cleaned and steamed face and gently rubbed in a circular motion for five minutes.Then wash off with a weak green tea.

Cleansing facial scrub with salt

scrub Salt perfectly cleans the skin, but this remedy can not be used more than once or twice a month, otherwise you can dry the epidermis and cause irritation. To prepare a cleansing scrub, you need to combine a tablespoon of shallow salt with a teaspoon of fat mink.

Tip! It is better to use edible sea salt.

For fragrance and tonic effect, a few drops of bergamot essential oil or orange are added to the mixture.The product is applied with the help of cotton sponge massage lines on the face and neck, bypassing the area around the eyes and lips.After three minutes, wash the composition with warm water or a decoction of plantain.


Aspirin for the treatment of skin

In case of a problematic skin prone to acne and black spots, wrinkles and earthy face color are recommended by the acetylsalicylic acid scrub.This product cleans, whitens and smoothes the skin, makes it more elastic and elastic.First you need to prepare a decoction of plantain, fill a tablespoon of medicinal herbs with a glass of boiling water and insist half an hour under the cover of .Further the scrub is prepared as follows:

  • to pound several aspirin tablets - 12 g of powder should be obtained;
  • dilute it with two tablespoons of plantain infusion;
  • add a few drops of grape seed oil.

The resulting mixture is applied to the face and left for 5-7 minutes .If the skin begins to burn or pinch, the product should be washed off immediately, without waiting for the end of the exposure time. After this procedure, you must apply a nourishing cream on your face.

Honey make-up for leather

Honey is a natural scrub that can be used at home even on a daily basis, provided that this product does not have allergies and.Honey itself perfectly nourishes and tones up the skin.But to strengthen the effect, you can connect it with other components, for example, the decoction of St. John's wort or marigold.Should be a fairly liquid mixture.It is distributed on the face and body and lightly rubed in circular motions.After five minutes, rinse the product with warm water with a decoction of chamomile.

All these scrubs can not be prepared in advance, even if they are stored in the refrigerator.Ideally, make the remedy immediately before application and use it all at once.Do not be upset if the recipes you like do not suit you - you can slightly change the composition and proportions to get exactly what your skin needs.Sugar, cocoa, crushed nuts, peach bones, soda, clay - all these can also be combined with herbal medicinal herbs and oils and used for deep cleansing of the skin at home.

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