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Surgical aqualift: the essence of the procedure, pluses and minuses, contraindications


Modern cosmetology annually provides new, increasingly unique and safe methods for preserving youth and beauty.A lot of high-tech devices were created to conduct procedures that help people to remain attractive and self-confident.

Today, the restoration of the contour of the face and the elasticity of the skin are the most sought-after requests in cosmetology salons.Each new technique is of great interest, therefore the name "aqualifting" quickly appeared in the course of professionals of plastic surgeons and their patients.

Contents: Contents: What is aqualifting? The mechanism of exposure The effect of aqualifting Indications for use of a watery face lift Contraindications

What is an


This is a low-traumatic, absolutely effective and safe opportunity to make a facelift using small water jets.This method of restoring contours and getting rid of wrinkles was developed by Dr. Thomas Tork. His ideas were based on the fact that if a person consists of 70% of water, then the restoration of the full level of metabolic processes with the help of liquid will help to preserve the health and youth of
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Aqualifting is a much more gentle method than any surgical intervention, an alternative possibility to change the contouring of the face by means of cellular nutrition, saturation of the skin with clean moisture and simultaneous elimination of harmful substances from the deep layers.

Mechanism of action

Aqua lifting The essence of the method is to use thin jets of water directly under the skin.This is achieved by means of a specially designed apparatus that delivers water head through specially supplied tubes directly into the skin of the face through microscopic punctures, the diameter of which should not be more than 3 mm .

The finest liquid trickles wash different layers of the skin, wash the ducts and lumens between the muscles.The vacuum that is drawn sucks out excess fatty deposits, toxins, plugs and clogs from under the skin of the face.

The effect of the

The result of this physical impact is a noticeable reduction in body fat.The facial contouring is carried out due to the release of lipids and the energetic direct micro massage of the internal tissues of .The angle of the lower jaw becomes more expressive, the skin on the cheeks becomes less flabby, it becomes even, its color improves, and small and large wrinkled folds are smoothed out.

Aqualifting has a minimal traumatic effect on vessels, tissues and cells.With its help, the superfluous, obsolete small cells of the upper layer of the epithelium are eliminated.The regeneration period due to the high cleaning of tissues is greatly reduced, so the result of the procedure can be seen in less than a week.

Taking into account that the skin does not practically undergo surgical treatment, and the liquid remaining after the procedure is quickly absorbed by epidermal cells, recovery will be much faster.Typical for cosmetological interventions, negative side effects such as cuts, pain, swelling or bruising will be minimal .After the aqualift, no standard proportion of such rehabilitation cases will be required, only rest is intensive moisturizing skin care.

Depending on the condition of the facial skin prior to the aqualift, the effect can be carried out under both local and general anesthesia.The decision about the type of anesthesia is also affected by the patient's condition and his individual physiological parameters, which are discussed in advance with the surgeon.

The procedure is quite subtle, so it is not suitable for people with deep sagging and wrinkles.They will need to enroll in standard types of facelifts, which are simple surgical procedures.

Indications for the use of the water face lift

Any person who is dissatisfied with the state of his appearance, withering of the skin, the appearance of small mimic wrinkles can enroll in the procedure of aqualift.This method of lifting is best suited to those who are concerned about the problem of sagging the cheeks, the appearance of "flaps" and the second chin, as well as those who are worried about the excess fatty deposits in the cervical collar zone.


Also aqualifting is suitable for those who have a tarnishing of the skin, a noticeable deterioration in its appearance due to frequent inflammations, slowing healing processes.The complete washout of toxins, fat and dead cells that interfere with skin nutrition and metabolic processes, contribute to a general improvement in the health of the upper layer of the epidermis and the return of former attractiveness.


Despite a fairly mild effect, aqualifting has a number of contraindications:

  • psychological disorders;
  • neuroses;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • pathology of cardiac muscle and vessels of acute or chronic nature;
  • low blood coagulability;
  • reduced hemoglobin level;
  • acute infections of a bacterial or viral nature;
  • neoplasms both malignant and benign;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • age under 20 years;
  • age after 50 years.

Aqualifting When reaching the age when the wrinkles lie deep enough, there is no longer any sense to perform the aqualift procedure .For skin with chronic problems, a gentle effect of water will not give a pronounced positive effect.

It is important to remember that the procedure of aqualifting, although it does not require special preparation, must be necessarily agreed with the doctor.The specialist will help to understand whether the chosen method is rational in a specific clinical case, and also depending on the characteristics of the patient will help choose between exposure to purified water or additionally a solution of electrolytes.

Like any procedure that is a cosmetology intervention, aqualifting is expensive enough for the price, therefore, in order to avoid additional waste and recovery, all the specialist's instructions must be followed before and after the braces with the help of micro-water jets.

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