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PRP-therapy in cosmetology, features and advantages of plasma-lifting

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Many women dream, as long as possible to remain attractive and keep youthful skin for a long time.Unfortunately, this effect is only available to those who are not afraid of surgical and injective intervention in the natural processes of skin aging.

Some clients of beauty salons are afraid of carrying out plastic manipulations with the help of injections, as they are confused by the fragility of the result, high risks of negative effects, as well as the composition of the injection, which is introduced under the upper layers of the epidermis.Modern cosmetologists consider the needs of such categories of clients, so a unique technique - PRP-therapy was developed.

Table of contents: PRP-therapy in cosmetology What is good for plasmolifting?

PRP-therapy in cosmetology

PRP-therapy, which cosmeticians also call plasmolifting, is characterized by the high complexity of carrying out .It requires sharp skills and a lot of knowledge, as well as special documents about the doctor's qualifications in this direction.

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Blood is taken from the client.The obtained substance is treated in a special way, and then injected inside, deep under the skin.For this purpose, only a certain type of plasma is used, freed from red blood cells and leukocytes.The goal of the specialist is to prepare the most plasma-rich plasma for subsequent administration.These blood cells are able to accelerate the healing processes of damaged tissues, identify growth factors that promote accelerated cell renewal and restoration of tissue density. Platelets help exchange processes in the upper layer of the epidermis, provoke restoration of elasticity and elasticity of the skin, which provides an anti-aging effect.What is good about plasmolifting?


With the help of PRP-lifting, you can see the following results in a fairly short time:

  • Prp general rejuvenating effect due to improvement of complexion, acceleration of nutrition and metabolic processes in skin tissues and cells and increased production of collagen;
  • increase of skin resistance to various negative factors of internal and external environment;
  • after some time, the sagging of the skin will be eliminated, wrinkles will be smoothed out.It is imperceptible for the patient to prevent the formation of new skin folds;
  • in those places where the skin was affected by inflammatory processes, ultraviolet, there will be a maximum rapid cell regeneration, resulting in problems quickly disappear on the skin.

Thanks to its quick and long-lasting effect, PRP therapy can be used not only to restore youth and beauty, but also in other areas of medicine where rapid tissue renewal, accelerated cell regeneration and enhanced nutrition of internal systems are required.

Advantages of plasmolift

PRP-therapy has a lot of positive qualities that must be considered when choosing the method of injectable anti-aging treatment:

  1. Safety.Clinical methods of this procedure are not capable of provoking an allergic response or rejection of injected materials, since the serum for the exposure is prepared from the patient's own blood;
  2. High efficiency due to slow and gradual exposure of own platelets;
  3. Versatility.Suitable for both slowing the aging of the skin due to age, and in the prevention of photoaging;
  4. Combination with other cosmetological interventions in natural processes, without reducing the effect of other procedures and without provoking adverse side effects;
  5. Ease of execution.The difficulty is only in the preparation of a special plasma, the procedure itself is a few simple injections;
  6. Short recovery period.Since the PRP-lifting does not require serious damage to the skin, as well as exposure to tissues and cells with aggressive chemicals, the healing will occur as soon as possible without causing significant inconveniences that usually accompany cosmetic procedures.

Plasmolifting is a highly effective and safe technique that is perfect for those who are afraid of injecting foreign therapeutic components under the skin.


Plasma lifting stages

The injection of plasma enriched with platelets takes place in a few simple steps:

  1. Preparatory stage - consultation with a specialist and passing the necessary tests.The doctor will need full information about the state of health for injections.This is done in order to minimize the risk of complications and infection.
  2. The first stage - the doctor takes blood from the patient's vein in the morning.Before taking blood, you can not take food to increase the purity of the resulting material.To maximize the effective use of serum, a doctor takes about 13.5 ml of blood substance.
  3. Prp The second stage is the use of a centrifuge for plasmolifting.It helps to separate red blood cells and leukocytes, leaving only those cells in the blood that are important for subsequent administration under the skin.The procedural plasma should contain platelets 5 times higher than normal.
  4. The third step - the introduction of the obtained substance under the upper layers of the epidermis with a series of pricks with thin needles.If the patient has a high sensitivity and intolerance to pain, then a preliminary injection of an anesthetic into the problem areas is permitted.

The procedure itself lasts about half an hour. In some cases, after it there are redness and swelling, which quickly disappear.

PRP-therapy is administered up to 6 procedures with an interval of 2-3 weeks .The advantage of plasmolifting is also that a cosmetic salon client can go home almost immediately after the last injection has been made.Rest time from injections is minimal.

Rules for rehabilitation after plasmolifting of the skin

In order to achieve the desired long-lasting effect, several simple rules must be observed:

  • , physical activities should be reduced for a period of about 2 weeks;
  • do not wash your face and do not use decorative cosmetics within 24 hours after the procedure;
  • Do not expose your skin to high or low temperatures, do not dry your hair with a hairdryer;
  • not to drink alcohol and do not smoke during the entire rehabilitation period.

Plasmolifting: contraindications

Plasmolifting, despite its high efficiency and safety, has several limitations to the application. This type of injection can not be selected in the following cases:

  • neoplasms of any nature;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • pregnancy;
  • blood infections;
  • coagulation pathology;
  • AIDS;
  • viral hepatitis;
  • exacerbation of herpes;
  • acute stages of infectious diseases.

All these conditions can cause a sharp deterioration in well-being when using plasmolifting as an anti-aging therapy.

Konev Alexander, internist

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