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Ear piercing: modern methods, preparation for the procedure

Ear piercing

Large and small, with stones or enamel, made of precious metals or bright plastic - earrings are an essential accessory that completes the image.Correctly selected form can even correct the face oval, draw attention to the beautiful neck.With the advent of modern painless ways of ear piercing, more women are being decided on this procedure.

Table of contents: Preparing for the procedure, contraindications What modern methods exist

Preparing for the procedure, contraindications

In order for the procedure to have no negative consequences, it is necessary to prepare it correctly:

  1. Ear piercing Visit the otolaryngologist to exclude the presence of diseasesENT-organs, which can become complicated after the procedure.
  2. Make sure that there is no allergic reaction to the nickel contained in the surgical metal used in the manufacture of earrings-needles.
  3. Choose a famous salon with qualified craftsmen.If possible, study feedback on the work of specific artists.If a gun is used in the process, it is better to choose a noiseless pistol when piercing the child's lobes.He will not scare the girl.

When choosing earrings, give preference to light products with thin shackles.If the puncture will occur with special earrings, then study their quality certificates.

This cosmetic procedure has a number of contraindications:

  • diabetes,
  • chronic diseases in acute stage,
  • skin diseases, scarring and redness, scars on the urine,
  • allergic reaction to surgical metal,
  • weakened immunityAfter an infectious disease.

Advice! Before the procedure, you need to wash your hair to avoid getting bacteria from dirty tresses inside the wound.The first few days punctured lobules it is better not to wet.

What modern methods exist

This procedure is referred to as a kind of piercing.But, unlike the navel piercing, tongue, eyebrows, earlobes pierce even small girls.The cartilaginous tissue of the lobe has few nerve endings, so there are no strong pain sensations.

In , modern beauty salons offer the following ear piercing methods:

  • using a special pistol,
  • with thin straight or curved needles,
  • on system 75.

Each of these methods has its own characteristics.To choose the most suitable for yourself, you need to study them.

Ear piercing with

Puncture-ear The most famous and reliable manufacturers of special pistols are the companies C AFLON, STUDEX.The equipment receives a patent in the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, is absolutely safe and sterile .Earrings can have a different design, diameter.They are in cartridges, do not require adapters and do not contact the gun in the process of puncturing.

At the beginning of the procedure, the cosmetologist examines the lobules for the presence of wounds, disinfects the skin with a special composition.Next, it marks the marker.If the future position of the holes suits you, then the master pulls out the selected earrings from the package, inserts them into the gun and punches the lobe.

The entire procedure takes a few minutes, no strong pain sensation occurs.This puncture is recommended for children, especially if a sterile single-use gun is used.In beauty salons the cost of the procedure is from 700 rubles, the necessary earrings can be bought there as well.The drawbacks of the method include the inability to wear any other earrings, except needles, in the first month after the puncture.

Ear piercing according to system 75

The most modern method, characterized by maximum safety, sterility.For a puncture, a special tool is used, into which cartridges with earrings are inserted. It works noiselessly, the child will not be frightened.The earring has a sharp needle needle with a thickness of 0.9 mm, which minimizes pain.

Each earring is inserted in a sterile cartridge, the packaging is opened at the visitor.Neither the earring nor the clasp touch the tool, so they are sterile, safe.Products are made of surgical steel or titanium, there are models with gilding, inserts of crystals.

Ear piercing

After examining the lobes and disinfection, the tool is brought to the lobe and pierced.The earrings are fastened automatically. In the process it is exactly the puncture through the expansion of the cartilaginous tissue, and not lumbar lumbar puncture, which is less injured by .The procedure takes less than 5 minutes.The wound is treated with a cotton swab moistened with chlorhexidine.

Procedure with needle

Ear piercing This method is traditional, it was used by our mothers.For a puncture, choose a straight or curved sterile surgical needle .The diameter should not be too small, otherwise you will not be able to insert the earring.When using a needle, it is important to conduct a puncture in a clean room, so as not to infect the wound in the wound.The master must have a medical education, wear surgical gloves.

Before the puncture, it disinfects the lobes, makes the markup.Then the needle pierces the lobule, after which the needle is removed, and an earring is inserted into the hole.Products with straight shackles will be easier to wear.

Advantage of this method will be less traumatism of the tissues in relation to the shooting of the gun, but inserting the earring may hurt .This procedure takes longer and increases the likelihood of bacteria entering the wound.This method is more suitable for adult women, the girl may be frightened and will not let the earring in the puncture.

How to care for punctured lobes

These simple rules of care will help to quickly heal wound:

  1. Within a month after the procedure, regular wound disinfection should be carried out.It is wiped with hydrogen peroxide, chlorhexidine or alcohol solution.
  2. During this period it is better to refrain from swimming in water reservoirs, swimming pools, do not touch the wounds with dirty hands.
  3. From the fourth day after the procedure, you need to scroll earrings twice a day in the urine.Beforehand, wash hands or treat with a special tool.
  4. After full healing of punctures, the earring-needles can be changed to any other model.
  5. Please note that products made of gold and silver are less likely to cause inflammation and allergies than low-quality imitation jewelry.

Important! If, despite proper care, the wounds become inflamed, then you need to see a doctor.

Modern methods of piercing the lobes are almost painless and safe.If the master observes all the rules of hygiene, getting complications after the puncture is very difficult.The affordable cost of the procedure and the choice of method allow all women to decorate their ears with stylish earrings.

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