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In most people, poppy is associated with drugs, and somehow it is forgotten that opiates have a useful property, for which they were originally produced - the strongest anesthesia.Because of this, poppy seeds are an inseparable attribute of the images of the ancient Greek gods of sleep and death.

However, food is not used at all by opium poppy, but by the absolutely harmless and legal appearance of this plant, also not devoid of the useful properties of .It is also used in the production of one of the most high-quality varieties of vegetable oil used in the chemical industry.Some substances contained in poppy seeds, found application in folk medicine.

Interesting! The nutritional value of poppies is also reflected in mythology - this plant accompanies the goddesses of harvest and fertility.

Composition and caloric content

Poppy is rich in a wide variety of useful substances:

  • So B vitamins - thiamin, riboflavin, folic acid, choline, pyridoxine, niacin;
  • vitamin A;
  • vitamin E;
  • ascorbic acid;
  • macronutrients( calcium is especially abundant, almost 1.5 g per 100 g of poppy, potassium, phosphorus, etc.);
  • microelements( selenium, iron, zinc, manganese);
  • saturated fatty acids;
  • cellulose - 19,5%.

The energy value of the poppy is 556 kcal per 100 g of seeds.

Useful properties

The use of poppy is based on a large number of biologically active substances and minerals in its composition.So, calcium in it is 12 times more than in milk! Therefore, the poppy should pay special attention to the owners of thin bones, growing children and athletes.However, overdo this plant is still not worth it.

Back in ancient times, people drew attention to the three main properties of poppy seeds:

  • painkiller;
  • sleeping pills;
  • anthelmintic.

Than-useful-so These properties of grains are less pronounced than those of poppy milk containing morphine, codeine and papaverine, but they are also available, and the seeds are more easily absorbed and not addictive.Tinctures of poppy seeds help to improve sleep, get rid of nervous disorders, remove fatigue.

Poppy seeds can be used to repair parasites, treat diarrhea and dysentery .They help to reduce sweating and eliminate the inflammatory process in the genitourinary system.

The crushed grains of poppy mixed with honey are a mild hypnotic, which helps with disturbances of the psychoemotional state, affecting the depth of sleep.

Harm and contraindications

The abuse of poppy can lead to various side effects:

  • constipation;
  • increased secretion of bile, which is dangerous in the presence of cholelithiasis.

Important! Contraindicated poppy for young children and the elderly, as well as patients with alcoholism, certain diseases of the respiratory system and liver.Before using the poppy as a sleeping pill should be consulted with the doctor .

The dangers of alkaloids, from which painkillers and narcotics are made and which are contained in small quantities in poppy seeds, are already known to many.Dependence on morphine leads to physiological and moral decay and eventually to death.

Tips and Tricks

So It is best to use poppy as an additive to baking and confectionery.Such an application was widespread in the past, when no major meal was held without dishes with the addition of poppy.

Poppy milk, which is prepared from the ground seeds of the plant, you can eliminate the circles under the eyes or get rid of inflammation if you use it as a compress. In addition, you can just drink it - thanks to the high calorie content of the poppy, it sinks well and becomes one of the most useful vegetarian dishes.

Some use poppy and as an ornamental plant.In Russia, this is not recommended - the cultivation of any poppy, both opium and food, is prohibited.You can only use purchased seeds.

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