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Stretch marks on the chest: the causes of the appearance and methods of prevention

Stretch marks

For any woman, the beauty of her body is very important.Any, even a minor problem can bring many reasons for the disorder and discomfort of the one that noticed it in the mirror.

Stretch marks are common among women of any age.They can not damage health, but their appearance on the elastic bust can greatly spoil the mood of the owner.Women and girls have complexes and hide their breasts under clothes, without trying to find out the cause of the deteriorated appearance.

Contents: What are extensions?The causes of stretch marks on the chest Prevention of stretch marks on the chest

What is stretch marks?

Doctors-dermatologists call striae or stretch marks reddish, with a purple hue or whitish scars formed on the upper layers of the epidermis.They appear in places where the skin is subjected to constant pressure or tension.

Stretch marks The scab on the skin is formed due to constant tension, depletion of cells and tissues.Slowly breaking the mesh layer, collagen and elastin fibers are destroyed, supporting the upper layers of the skin with elastic and holistic.

The luminaire between collagen fibers soon overgrows with a lighter connective tissue, then the stretch from the red shade gradually turns to white.Because the connective tissue cells are not saturated with melatonin, a pigment that gives the skin color, they will be noticeable even against tanning.Due to the fact that they are depressions in the skin, it is very difficult to disguise them with the help of decorative cosmetics.

Stretching is considered fresh and difficult to remove if the period of their gradual appearance is 6 months.The older striae are called "old-fashioned" and are treated only with the help of surgical intervention.

The causes of chest stretch marks

Skin loss of collagen and elastin can occur due to the following negative factors of internal and external environment:

  1. Plant Sudden and rapid breast enlargement during the period of female puberty.In some cases, the mammary glands grow so quickly that the skin does not have time to grow together with other tissues and can burst with tension.
  2. Permanent fluctuations in body weight.Contrary to popular belief, stretch marks can appear not only during weight gain, but also from constant body mass leaps.The reason is that the upper layers of the skin do not have time to adjust to the constantly changing parameters and lose their elasticity and elasticity.
  3. Disorders of the hormonal system of the body.Various endocrine pathologies and adrenal diseases.
  4. Destructive changes, which led to pregnancy and subsequent childbirth.The breast of a woman during this period is exposed to great pressure, tension, constant changes.If the mother does not take care beforehand that the upper layers of the skin remain sufficiently moist and elastic, the skin will inevitably lose the fibers of keratin and elastin that keep it in a healthy state.Genetic predisposition to the appearance of stretch marks.
  5. .Often the possession of a thin, weak, unable to resist aggressive skin is inherited.

In cases where stretch marks have already appeared, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist, in order to choose the most effective way of correcting their unsightly appearance or complete, radical removal.

Prevention of the formation of stretch marks

Streets refer to this type of skin problem, which is much easier to prevent than treat.To do this, you need to comply with several rules and regulations that correct the way of life and promote intensive care of the breast skin.

The complex of measures to renew, restore and maintain the health of the skin of the chest includes contrasting wraps, methods of cosmetic effects, weight control, menus and diet, as well as physical exercises and other types of mechanical action on the upper layers of the skin of the breast.

Active sports and regular exercise are a great way to increase the elasticity and resistance of the upper layer of the epidermis.While exercising, you should pay special attention to the muscles that support the breasts - the breast and shoulders.Regular exercise will not only help keep the breast beautiful, but also significantly prepare it for greater stress during pregnancy and childbirth.


Advice! Among active sports, badminton, tennis and swimming are good for the health of the breasts.

How to increase-breast-for-1-day

It is useful for the skin to alternate exposure to temperatures, so to preserve the collagen and elastin fibers the use of a contrast shower will help. It helps to get rid of not only the formation of striae, but also the loss of skin sensitivity, the appearance of fine wrinkles and flabby zones of the upper layer of the epidermis.It is right to start the shower with dousing with warm water, gradually increasing or decreasing the temperature.

Breast massage is considered the best prevention of scar formation on the skin.For the best effect, you can enroll in special courses, where you will be taught to do painless massage Garcia. All kinds of massage effects on the chest not only bring pleasure, but also contribute to skin tone tone, healthy color and taut appearance.

In order to keep the skin as long as possible a holistic view, it is necessary to use cosmetics that help moisturize and nourish the skin. The modern market of cosmetology offers a large number of products aimed at restoring the skin of the breast elasticity, feeding the upper layer of the epidermis with essential substances and supporting the tone of the skin.You can find a suitable remedy by consulting a dermatologist or a specialist in a pharmacy.Choose this tool should be based on preferences for the brand, the form of release( cream, milk, butter, ointment), as well as the composition.It should not include components that trigger an allergic reaction.

Preserving the beauty of the skin requires the consumption of sufficient water per day.You need to drink at least 1.5 liters of clean water a day to feed enough organs and tissues of .In addition, you need to diversify your menu with products that contain useful vitamins and trace elements that support the skin in tone.Especially valuable are vegetables and fruits with a high content of vitamins A and E - a building material for epidermal cells.

A big role in maintaining the health of the breasts is played by a bra for daily wear.It should be supportive, as convenient as possible.If the bra falls, crashes into the shoulders or is made of non-natural fabrics that do not allow the breast to breathe, it is better to abandon it and buy a more expensive but safe option.

The above prevention measures will help even in cases where stretch marks have already appeared.Breast skin care will not allow striae to become deeper and more noticeable, and also prevent the formation of new ones.

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