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Teenage pimples in girls: the causes of the appearance, methods of treatment, methods of prevention

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Most of all, girls entering a difficult transition age, suffer not from a sudden change in growth or the appearance of vegetation, but from the formation of unaesthetic, often painful eruptions and acne on the face and body.In addition, a large number of small inflammations called acne can, without timely and professional treatment, leave for life the unsightly spots and ruts on the face.

It is worthwhile to contact a dermatologist and endocrinologist immediately, as soon as a teenager has acne, in order to avoid further problems with the skin in the future and not expose the child to stress due to loss of attractiveness.

Table of contents: Reasons for the appearance of acne in adolescent girls Treatment of acne in adolescent girls Diet for teenage acne Remedies for ear acupuncture Medicines Cosmetic procedures Prevention of acne in girls

Reasons for the appearance of acne in adolescent girls

Acne, inflammation, Acne and comedones are formed because of the unbalanced activity of the sebaceous glands.When the skin begins to produce too much protective fat, it can accumulate on the surface, mix with particles of dirt, dead cells of the epidermis and the remains of cosmetics and thus clog the pores.The formed cork prevents the skin from performing respiratory, metabolic, and protective functions, as a result of which an inflammatory process is formed in the pore.

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There are several factors that contribute to the formation of acne and acne in adolescent girls:

  1. The hormonal imbalance of the body, which inevitably leads to a transitional age.In this case, acne is a response to the slowing or acceleration of metabolic processes due to a change in the total hormonal background.
  2. Excessive consumption of fatty, salty, smoked food, fast food and sweet soda.
  3. Inadequate water intake per day, as well as products rich in vitamins A and E - "building materials" for epidermal cells.
  4. Excessively high production of sebum due to a malfunction in the activity of the autonomic nervous system.
  5. Pathology of the urinary system or gastrointestinal tract.The accumulation of toxins and poisonous substances due to excessive absorption or insufficient excretion leads to the formation of inflammatory processes in the upper layer of the epidermis.
  6. Insufficient amount of vitamins and microelements, extremely necessary for a teenager during puberty.
  7. The activity of bacteria that provoke inflammation on the skin.
  8. Ignoring the rules of personal hygiene, insufficient cleaning of the face during washing or after using cosmetics.

Pimples If a teenager walks a little and prefers a dry room to fresh air, the skin begins to experience oxygen starvation, ceases to be updated due to insufficiency of the reagents and gradually disintegrates by plugging the pores of pores with dead cells.In addition, lack of sun negatively affects the entire process of puberty, as a result of which it slows down significantly and makes the child's hormonal background unsafe. The appearance of acne is also a consequence of the lack of skin stay in the sun.

It is important to remember that if the appearance of acne and acne is associated with vegetative or endocrine pathologies, then only the intervention of an endocrinologist can cope with them. For the treatment of these diseases special medicines are prescribed, which are prescribed strictly by the doctor and taken by the course, in strictly standardized doses.In this case, any cosmetology intervention can be considered only as an additional measure of the impact on the emerging problem.

Treatment of acne in adolescent girls

In order to eliminate acne in adolescent girls it is important to determine the cause of their advanced education and to try to get rid of provoking factors as much as possible.

Any complete therapy will include:

  • normalization of power;
  • use of means of an outgoing cosmetics to control the secretion of sebaceous glands and daily skin cleansing;
  • application of external medicinal products in case of frequent and profuse acne on the face and body;
  • use of salon methods to clean the face skin from acne.

Please note! The prescription of medicinal preparations inside or cleaning the skin with the help of blood transfusion techniques is possible only in cases of endocrine or vegetative pathologies in agreement with a specialist doctor.

Diet for acne in adolescents

Proper nutrition is the most important factor in getting rid of acne. To eliminate the pathologically fast production of sebum and allow the upper layer of the epidermis to recover more quickly, we must try to exclude the following products from the menu:

  • fried and smoked dishes;
  • canned food;
  • fast food, sweet soda;
  • oily and heavy food;
  • sausages, sausages;
  • chips and crackers containing a large number of flavor enhancers, oils and seasonings;

For successful treatment of acne, acne and acne, you need to minimize the amount of various simple carbohydrates, fats and provokers of insulin production destabilizing the sebaceous glands.

For the skin to recover quickly and cease to react to the transient age with a large number of inflammations, it is necessary to enrich the ration with products containing vitamins A, E, C and group B. They will help the skin to restore metabolic processes, get rid of accumulations of harmful substances, and also become an additionalMaterial for the renewal of epidermal cells. The menu must contain:

  • eggs;
  • low-fat meat and fish;
  • dairy products;
  • fresh herbs;
  • vegetables and fruits;
  • porridge from different cereals;
  • honey;
  • bread from sifted flour or bread;
  • herbal teas instead of strong tea and coffee.

Such a diet will not only save you from acne as soon as possible, but it will also help the body stay healthy, strengthen immunity, adapt faster to the hormonal changes taking place inside it.

Cosmetic cosmetics

Lico Modern pharmacy chains have a large number of lines of cosmetics designed specifically for adolescents in a difficult period of puberty. To care for the complex and give a lasting result, it is best to choose a cleansing gel for washing, a scrub and a mask from one cosmetic ruler.

A teenager must necessarily become accustomed to using these drugs on a daily basis, otherwise he will continue to suffer from the constant formation of inflammation, acne and black spots throughout the transition period.

Salicylic acid must be included in the cleansing preparations for skin cleansing from acne: an extremely important component that helps to cleanse the skin, narrow the pores, and get rid of small particles of dirt.


In cases of frequent appearance of painful acne or a lot of rashes, medicines for external use can be used. As a rule, they contain antiseptic, antimicrobial and reducing components in the composition, therefore they are capable of complex impact on the problem.

Most often they are called soft-impact agents, since they practically do not contain aggressive substances that injure the delicate skin of a teenager.These funds include Ugrisept, Zerkalin, Zinerit, Skin-asset. They are applied pointwise when acne occurs immediately after the necessary skin cleansing procedures are performed.

If it is known that increased acne formation is due to the accumulation of toxins in the gastrointestinal tract, then you can use ( Filtrum-Sti, Lactofiltrum, Polysorb) sorbents.They are taken after meals, washed down with plenty of water.Getting into the intestines of a teenager, these medicines absorb into themselves harmful substances that poison the blood and negatively affect the skin, and gently, naturally, remove them from the child's body.

Cosmetic procedures

If the patient trusts only salon methods to get rid of problems on the skin of the face and body, you can use the techniques that are acceptable for the skin of a young organism:

  1. Vacuum cleaning-fox Vacuum therapy.Special, sucking dirt, dead skin cells and acne in the pores, the apparatus of the cosmetologist conducts on problem areas.Simultaneously with skin cleansing, a soft lymph drainage massage occurs, which stimulates the skin to renew and restores metabolic processes.The result is visible after 7-10 days.However, the use of vacuum is unacceptable in the case of the formation of a large accumulation of inflammatory areas with purulent contents.
  2. Application of ultrasound therapy.The skin of the child is affected by sound waves of a specially adjusted frequency and length.This helps to open the pores and gradually cleanse the upper layer of the epidermis.Excess surplus sebum rises to the top, allowing the pores to free themselves from traffic jams and dirt.It is necessary to hold at least 5 sessions for the longest effect.

It is important to remember that the use of any method of salon therapy is permissible only after consultation with the pediatrician, endocrinologist and pediatric gynecologist .In some cases, when there are contraindications to such methods of exposure, the self-selected method of skin cleansing is unacceptable.

Prevention of the formation of acne in girls

To make the girl as little as possible worried about pimples and black dots, it is important to follow a few simple rules:

  • Features-teenage girls observe special menu and diet;
  • daily cleanse the skin with the help of waste remedies and apply medications, if acne and acne are too large and painful;
  • do not use soap, as it dries the skin and thereby provokes excess fat production;
  • try to reduce the amount of decorative cosmetics applied to the skin daily;
  • is more likely to be in the fresh air - the sun and oxygen normalize metabolic processes and contribute to the strengthening of immunity.

Following these rules will also help to get rid of the problem as soon as possible, if it has already appeared.

Tokareva Larisa, pediatrician, medical observer

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