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How to get rid of dandruff at home: tips and tricks

How to get rid of dandruff at home: tips and tricks

Dandruff is not just an annoying misunderstanding, it's a real problem.Therefore, before you choose the funds for dandruff, seek help from folk medicine or professional balms and lotions, it is worth to visit a trichologist - this specialist treats hair diseases, he also will establish the exact cause of dandruff.There are several reasons for this.First, the spread of pathogenic fungus - this means that it will be necessary to select such drugs and drugs that contribute to the recovery and normalization of the microflora of the epidermis of the head.Secondly, the development of seborrheic dermatitis - the doctor will appoint funds that will stabilize the work of the sebaceous glands, strengthen skin immunity.

In this article we will provide general recommendations that will help get rid of dandruff at home.However, for a more effective treatment, it is first necessary to find out the cause of the pathology.

Table of contents:

Drugs from dandruff from the pharmacy

Absolutely all medicines for dandruff from the pharmacy contain antimycotic components, but these are all divided into two large groups:

  • of antimycotic synthetic origin;
  • natural substances that have an anti-fungal effect on the scalp.

Most often, ketoconazole is part of the pharmacy anti-dandruff drugs, and the most popular and effective drug with such a composition is Nizoral shampoo.

If we talk about antifungal components of natural, then this vegetable raw materials are extracts.Most often, the composition contains garlic and tea tree oil.

Treatment of seborrheic dermatitis is based on the use of ichthyol and coal tar, and to immediately restore the epidermis on the scalp, doctors will prescribe essential oils that are characterized by a high content of fatty unsaturated acids.

Among the variety of pharmaceutical products against dandruff, you can identify several of the most effective:

  1. Beefon.This lotion is a curative action that is applied to both the hair and the scalp.When applying, it is possible and necessary to make circular, circular movements with fingertips over the scalp, without applying force.The duration of use of Beefon is 30 days, the procedures are carried out 2-3 times a week.022417a9a5ef4325533216d4d149f59b
  2. Tar + tea tree.The product is released in the form of an ointment, it helps to get rid of the itch of the scalp and its peeling, restores the normal functioning of the sebaceous glands.Use this ointment every time you wash your hair - immediately after using a normal shampoo you need to apply to the scalp and the entire length of the hair treated, and after 10 minutes, rinse with cool water.The duration of such therapy is at least 3 months.You can use the ointment "Tar + tea tree" and as a preventive tool to prevent the appearance of dandruff - it is enough to perform 1 procedure in 30 days.56181
  3. Nizoral shampoo.This remedy belongs to the group of antifungals and quickly relieves a person from peeling of the epidermis.Apply Nizoral shampoo for the entire length of the hair and on the scalp with gentle circular movements, pre-wetting your head.Flush the product off the scalp after 5 minutes, for which use warm water.Duration of use of this tool is 3 months, the procedure can be carried out 2 times a week.Therapeutic-preparations-shampoos-contain-at once-several-powerful-productive-components
  4. Sulsen paste.It is rubbed into the scalp after the hair has been washed with the usual shampoo.After the paste is rubbed into the scalp and a thin layer is spread over the entire length of the hair, it should be washed off immediately with running warm water.Duration of treatment for dandruff should be 3 months, and procedures can be maximum 2 times a week.Small-2113

Pharmaceutical shampoos for dandruff

In the arsenal of pharmacists there are also shampoos with a curative effect against dandruff - they are very easy to use, and the effectiveness of such products is high.The only thing on which doctors insist trichologists - therapeutic shampoos against dandruff should be used only at the initial stage of this phenomenon.

Types of therapeutic dandruff shampoos:

  • with sulfur and salicylic acid content - exfoliate effect;
  • enriched with ketoconazole - refer to antifungal agents;
  • with presence in the composition of octoprorox and pyrite of zinc - this will be antibacterial agents;
  • containing natural ingredients, more often - of plant origin.

Please note: in order to make the right choice of a specific therapeutic shampoo, you need to get advice from a trichologist - depending on what caused the appearance of dandruff, the specialist will make a choice.


How to deal with dandruff at home

If dandruff has not become a "natural disaster", then it is quite possible to do without specific medications - national medicine will be able to cope with the problem.Moreover, traditional medicine has in its "arsenal" quite a lot of masks, hair rinses and balms - you will have to choose one thing.

Home remedies based on herbal ingredients

  • A tablespoon of onion juice should be mixed with 2 tablespoons of vodka( or moonshine, or alcohol diluted to 40 degrees) and apply the mixture over the entire length of the hair and scalp.When applying lightly rub the product into the scalp in a circular motion, leave the product on the head for 3-5 minutes, then rinse with warm water and shampoo.

Note: if there are wounds on the scalp, scratches, or the person suffers from hypersensitivity of the skin to external irritants, then use for the treatment of dandruff vodka with the juice of onions is strictly prohibited.

  • Prepare an infusion of calendula flowers according to the classic recipe - a tablespoon of raw material per glass( 250 ml) of boiling water, insist 30-40 minutes.Next, you need to take a teaspoon of infused calendula flowers, add a liter of warm water and rinse your hair after each wash.
  • Calendula oil If you make a tincture of vodka and St. John's wort( 1 tablespoon of vegetable raw material is poured with 10 tablespoons of vodka), then it will be possible to conduct a course of treatment for dandruff caused by a fungal disease.The obtained alcohol tincture should be rubbed into the scalp, but not more often 2 times a week.
  • Mix castor oil and pre-prepared infusion of calendula flowers( the recipe is given above) in equal proportions, using a cotton swab, the product is applied to the scalp and slightly rubbed.This procedure can be carried out once a week immediately after washing your head.

Masks for hair against dandruff at home

Even doctors recommend to their patients a mask of olive oil and lemon juice, because this remedy is really effective in treating dandruff.To prepare a mask for the hair will need to mix 4 tablespoons of olive oil( it is preheated in a water bath) and juice of 1 lemon.Next, we divide the hair into the part and apply the product to the scalp, then carefully massage the head with the mask applied on it for 5-7 minutes, it is possible to spread the product over the hair.A greater amount of a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice will be absorbed into the epidermis, and excess( they too may be) must be washed off with warm water.

A very effective means for combating dandruff is a laundry soap.This is due to the fact that it contains active alkaline components - they both accumulate and dissolve the dirt and fat that are collected on the scalp and hair.By the way, laundry soap helps to speed up the healing process of wounds and scratches on the skin, it serves as prevention of penetration into the body of a secondary bacterial infection. How to use laundry soap to get rid of dandruff:

  • grind a small amount of laundry soap on the large grater - half of the glass should be obtained;
  • put the resulting mass on a polyethylene film of such size that it was enough to completely wrap the head;
  • rubbed soap and polyethylene to lay on hair and wrap with a towel or scarf.

Then after 15-20 minutes the mask is removed and washed off.A similar procedure is recommended to be done every day, just before bedtime.After a week of such treatment, the first results will be visible - the amount of dandruff will decrease, and perhaps it will disappear altogether.Masks for hair against dandruff at home

Salt from dandruff

In general, salt is considered an excellent tool for the treatment of dandruff - it has a harmful effect on all microorganisms, including pathogens.And at the same time, salt is an excellent tool for massage - it helps improve blood circulation in the scalp.In addition, salt helps to normalize and stabilize the functionality of the sebaceous glands, has a stimulating effect( improves hair growth), prevents hair loss.

Salt from dandruff Salt can simply be rubbed into the scalp, but first you need to thoroughly wash your hair with shampoo.To rub salt it is necessary not less than 15 minutes, and then to wash off all flowing warm water.Specialists recommend using coarse-grained salt for the procedure - it is considered to be the best abrasive.

Very effective is a product made from salt and yogurt, kefir, cream or chicken egg.Mixing is necessary in such proportions, so that the result is a gruel, a consistency of rustic sour cream.The resulting mixture is applied to the scalp and along the entire length of the hair, covered with a plastic bag and wrapped with a towel.After 15 minutes, the "compress" is disassembled and the mask washed off with running warm water.

Prevention of dandruff

The appearance of dandruff is unlikely to please anyone, but this can be avoided! There are a number of preventive measures that will prevent the appearance of dandruff:

  • , as often as possible, change the combs and hats, or at least periodically treat them with antiseptic;
  • it is necessary to lead a correct way of life( or at least approach it) - to walk on fresh air, rationally to eat;
  • prevent stress, avoid any disturbances in the psycho-emotional plan;
  • 1 time in half a year to undergo preventive examinations with doctors, in time to identify problems in the work of the endocrine system or organs of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • 1 time a week to carry out a head massage, use for rinsing hair broths of flowers of calendula, burdock roots.

Dandruff is a disease, it can be fought with pharmacies, and with the help of traditional medicine.But in order to choose the right remedy, it is necessary to visit a trichologist doctor - the treatment of dandruff will be quick and effective.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category

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