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Proper nutrition for losing weight

Proper nutrition for weight loss

For sure, every woman knows the basic principle, condition or rule( as you wish) weight loss - there is less, more to move.But why do many dietitian patients say that they take minimal food and food, and the sweet was excluded from the diet, but they can not lose weight?Everything is very simple!It is necessary not only to get rid of harmful products, but also to include in the daily menu those that will "work" in the direction of losing weight.Shall we figure it out?

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Vegetables and fruit for weight loss

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Vegetables and fruit for weight loss What are the days of unloading?That's right, on fruits and vegetables!And even the results of such "tortures" will be - however, no one will give a guarantee that the kilos that have been dropped do not return "with replenishment."But if you use vegetables and fruits correctly, competently, then weight loss will be effective.

How to eat vegetables to lose weight

If you shorten all the thoughts of doctors and scientists, you can reduce their recommendations to the phrase "Eat salads with basins and will lose weight!".Agree, the recipe for getting rid of excess weight in this perspective seems very literate and even attractive, but do not forget that even among the seemingly harmless for the figure of vegetables, there are those that are contraindicated in losing weight.

In order not to be mistaken in choosing specific vegetables for making menus, slimming women should remember the following nuances:

  1. It is enough to eat three vegetables a day and the bowel work will be restored and stabilized.If you start eating a bowl of vegetables a day( literally!), You will be able to get rid of constipation and recurrent signs of intoxication, and you will not need to experience hunger diets.
  2. Vegetables intensify the process of the fission of fats in the body, prevent the absorption of fats into the cells / tissues of the body.This is due to the fact that the vegetables contain a large amount of fiber.
  3. If you are going to eat a fat steak, then be sure to fill it with a lot of fresh vegetables - this approach to making a menu will result in the loss of 1/3 of all harmful properties from not very useful roasted meat.
  4. Accustom yourself to the fact that a vegetable basin is a side dish to any dishes.If this rule is strictly observed, then no problems with the digestive system and metabolic disorders( which ultimately leads to a set of extra pounds) will not be.
  5. And( 6) All vegetables have practically zero caloric content( or minimal), but they perfectly satiate, give strength and vigor, prevent the sugar sugar leaps.The result of including vegetables in your diet will be the absence of uncontrolled appetite.
  6. Nutritionists at the time of weight loss use all kinds of cabbage, sorrel, celery, spinach, asparagus, tomatoes, garlic, cucumbers, onion, eggplant, sweet pepper, celery and absolutely all leafy greens.But be sure that there are no contraindications to the use of these vegetables - for example, in diagnosed gastritis with high acidity of gastric juice, it is strictly forbidden to enter the menu of sorrel and spinach.
  7. Dietitious nutritionists recognize the pumpkin, potatoes, zucchini, carrots, squash, beets, chestnuts and corn.These vegetables should be excluded from the diet.
    By the way, in 1 kg of vegetable salad contains only 350 kcal. .. Can you imagine eating a kilogram and losing weight with it? But that should be taken into account:
  8. Vegetable salads can not be cooked with mayonnaise, sour cream or yoghurt. An ideal dressing during the slimming period will be olive oil in a "pure" form or with additives( lemon juice, soy sauce, wine vinegar).And add meat vegetables, sausages, cheeses, olives to vegetable salads - this dish can hardly be called truly dietary.
  9. You can not eat vegetable salads with bread together - the calorie content of the dish increases several times, there can be no question of losing weight.
  10. To eat a kilogram of vegetable salad for pasta is a mistake of all losing weight.Calories of pasta will not disappear anywhere, vegetables can not help keep metabolic processes within normal limits with such a combination of dishes.
  11. If the salad is supposed to use cooked vegetables, then they should be cooked in the skin and not more than 15 minutes - let the slices of vegetables crunch a little in the finished dish.

How to eat fruits to lose weight

45770_1449584218 Fruits should be consumed, but it must be done with care - in some of them there is so much sugar that the processes of splitting fats in the body will either slow down or not happen at all.Remember - sugar, even contained in fruits, refers to the group of fast carbohydrates, which are almost completely converted into fat and settle in problem areas.

What should I do?Give up fruit?In no case!If you really deprive yourself of gastronomic joy, then the breakdowns in the form of eating a huge number of cakes, cakes and sweets are inevitable.Fruits must be present on the table of slimming, but only the right fruit - grapefruit and all citrus fruits, pineapple, apples, pomelo, pears, peaches, persimmon, apricots, nectarines and plums.

It will be necessary to refuse from grapes, bananas, figs, papaya, mangoes and dates, and if you can not exclude the listed fruits from the menu, try to at least limit their number to the maximum.

Pay attention to two important points:

  • if you eat 3-4 fruits a day from the list of allowed ones, then the craving for sweets( and this happens for all those who lose weight) is significantly weakened;
  • berries can and should also be included in their menu - they act on the body as well as fruit.

What meat you need to eat to lose weight

Meat is not only what is made from delicious steak, shish kebab and a lot of other dishes.Meat is a source of valuable amino acids, without which the flow of metabolic processes within the normal range is impossible in the body.Deficiency of protein, by the way, leads to loss of muscle mass, accumulation of adipose tissue and problems in the work of all systems.Therefore - meat for slimming is extremely important, but only it is necessary to be able to use it. Remember the following:

  • Vegetables-and-meat You can eat only lean meats - veal, rabbit, chicken;
  • for cooking meat during the diet should use a grill, oven or steamer;
  • do not forget about the recommendation given above in the article - a vegetable basin for the garnish must be sure;
  • if you combine meat with fitness, then you can literally fashion yourself a figure - this tandem is the best option for effective weight loss;
  • "The best meat is fish" - this phrase should always be remembered, because it is the fish that serves as a source of omega3 fatty acids.

Slow carbohydrates

Many are surprised - just 30 minutes ago a large bun with poppy was eaten, and the feeling of hunger is already too strong.There is nothing surprising - after all, along with the bun, the so-called fast carbohydrates, which quickly saturate, are quickly absorbed into the body, provoking another bout of hunger.And it all starts again - ate, several minutes pass and then hunger again. .. Nutritionists recommend to completely abandon fast carbohydrates:

  • fast food;
  • any baking;
  • semi-finished products;
  • products are high in sugar.Than it is possible to replace it

And( 7)?Well of course slow carbohydrates!These include cereals from whole grains and bran.By the way, both porridges and bran will give not only a long saturation, but the health of hair, nails and skin - these products contain a large number of B vitamins.

Note: carbohydrate food should be consumed in the morning( remember, doctors covenantIn the morning there is porridge?).But as soon as the sun has lowered, it is possible to eat exclusively proteins and vegetables.

Prohibited in the diet products

It often happens that a woman in her desire to lose weight adheres, it seems, all the recommendations of experts, excludes from the diet harmful to the figure products, and the weight does not decrease.What's the matter?Check your menu - it may contain something from the following list.

Products that prevent weight loss:

  1. Sugar.With this everything is clear - jam, sweets are excluded.But this is not enough!It is necessary to exclude from the diet and sweet drinks, including tea and coffee with sugar.
  2. Milk and its derivatives.You drink only kefir, cook milk porridges without sugar, prefer to arrange a snack with yogurt?Check the fat content of these products!Taste qualities do not change from the fact that all dairy products will be replaced by low-fat products, but there will be many benefits from this.By the way, in the evening, if the famine is overpowering, it is quite possible to drink a glass of low-fat kefir - and there is no harm to the figure, and you will sleep peacefully.Sweet, carbonated drinks.
  3. .Do not consume extra calories, even with liquid - in sweet carbonated drinks contains 50 kcal per 100ml.And this, by the way, is the same as the amount of calories in a full portion of vegetable salad.
  4. Sauces.Your portions of food have become literally tiny, and the scales arrow stubbornly does not want to move back?And what do you season your dishes with?Mayonnaises, ketchups, sauces are strictly forbidden in the period of weight loss - the fat content of even the dietary product rises at times.And about a piece of bread with mayonnaise and not worth talking about - it's "terrible horror" in the eyes of nutritionists.
  5. Nuts.Yes, the health benefits are huge, but the nuts contain a lot of fat - if you use this delicacy daily, then the slowing down of the processes of splitting fats, and then stopping them, is guaranteed.Sweets consumed with tea.
  6. .How many cookies, rolls, dried or wafers with a cup of tea are eaten?Many, very many.And this is all a large number of harmful calories, so you will not even have to buy such products, and hide the vase for candies and pastries out of the way into the cupboard.
  7. Dried fruits.It's amazing, but many people think that it is they who can replace sweets and pastries - this is fundamentally wrong!You need to eat dried fruits, but in very small quantities - they contain a lot of sugar and calories.
  8. Dough.It's not just about cakes and pies, but also dumplings, pancakes, puffins and even bread.The optimal solution is to completely reject dishes from the dough, but if this is not possible, then give preference to bread made with rye flour or bran.By the way, pancakes and pel'menis are almost immediately postponed in the problematic places of the figure.

How to speed up the process of losing weight

How to accelerate the process of losing weight Do not rely on some mythical diets and fasting days, which promise weight loss of up to 10 kg per month.First, such cardinal measures a priori lead to problems in health - just imagine what burden the body will experience.Secondly, rapid weight loss almost always leads to the return of kilograms, and even more.Ideal option - slimming at a speed of 4-5 kg ​​per month.And in fact, until the summer is still a long time - surely have time to put in order the figure without any terrible torment, starvation and exhausting training.

By the way, about training. .. It would be a great stupidity to immediately try to set Olympic records, but this is not required for weight loss!What do you need?Just every morning to do exercises - swinging hands, walking on the spot, leaning forward / backward and sideways, squats, rocking the press.And you can start with just 5-10 repetitions - do as many times each exercise as you have enough strength.But every day, increase this number, complicate the task and load more of your stagnant muscles.

Do you feel a surge of strength?Try to go jogging - half an hour's jogs in the morning, to burn calories and cheerfulness for the whole day.If possible, then purchase a treadmill - headphones in your ears, your favorite music( just not a lullaby!) And forward to your goal!

Will you say that all the above tips and recommendations are too trivial?But it is on this dieticians are building all their work - a slow, gradual weight loss.And by the way, if you stop absorbing food in large quantities, give up candy and cakes, after 19-00 do not eat any foods, and just limit yourself to low-fat kefir, do exercises in the mornings, then in a month it will just get rid of 4-5Kg.Agree, not a bad result.And if you start the process not 10 days before the trip to the sea, but in February-March, then by the summer you will lose. .. A lot!Exactly as much as you need for a full sense of yourself irresistible beauty.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category.

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