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Essential oils from mosquitoes: an overview of natural repellents from mosquitoes and midges

Essential oil-from-mosquitoes

Today on the market a huge assortment of various means of protection against mosquito bites - repellents, in which, in most cases, there are synthetic components designed specifically to repel insects.As a rule, the principle of action of repellents is to repel a harmful insect from a person through an unpleasant odor.Manufacturers supply these products in a variety of forms( from lotions and creams to mosquito coils and fumigators) to the market, so today it is not difficult to find and buy an easy-to-use repellent for you.

However, it should be understood that the industrial product contains many synthetic components that in one way or another can affect the body of an adult, in particular, any of the components of the repellent can cause an allergic reaction. For children, special less toxic substances are produced, however in any case their use requires certain care: the body repellent should be washed off at the end of the day.

Table of contents: Essential oils - repellents Therapeutic use of essential oils The use of essential oils from mosquitoes How to protect a child from mosquitoes with the help of essential oils?Contraindications to the use of essential oils from mosquitoes Repellents from essential oils by their own hands

An excellent alternative to modern synthetic repellents are essential oils from mosquitoes and other harmful insects, the use of which has several advantages:

  1. Naturalness of components.
  2. A pleasant aroma( in most cases).
  3. In addition to the main task of repelling mosquitoes, if used correctly, they can have a therapeutic effect, for example, improve the general well-being of a person, reduce the risk of colds or the development of fungal diseases, and so on.

Essential oils - repellents

The effectiveness of essential oils in the fight against insects directly depends on the correctness of their choice.It is worth noting that from each individual insect in aromatherapy you can pick up a certain potent flavor.

So, essential oils-repellents can be classified as follows:

  1. From mosquitoes .The most effective fragrance from these "vampires" is oil citronella .Also worth paying attention to:
    • lavender oil;
    • clove oil;
    • aroma of geranium;
    • eucalyptus oil;
    • basil and rosemary oils;
    • thyme oil;
    • vanilla oil.
  2. From ticks. The most effective oil is palmarosa oil .Also ticks repels:
    • lavender oil;
    • eucalyptus oil;
    • geranium oil;
    • aroma bej.
  3. From black flies and midges. Excellent assistants in dealing with these representatives of the insect class is the sassafras oil .Also flies and midges are afraid of fragrances:
    • peppermint;
    • lavender;
    • citronella;
    • cedar and eucalyptus.
  4. From fleas .With these blood-sucking insects, orange oil will help.
  5. From lice: will best protect the aroma of tea tree, lavender and rosemary.
  6. Universal essential oils. Their use is quite convenient, since you can buy yourself one bottle of a specific oil and use it at every opportunity.However, one should not place too high hopes on this oil, since it can very well help with one type of insect, but with another one it can be either inefficient or completely useless. Among the universal oils include:
    • butter citronella oil ;
    • eucalyptus and rosemary oils;
    • carnation fragrance;
    • basil oil;
    • geranium oil;
    • tea tree oil.

If you want to get the most effective natural protection against most insects, the best option is to combine several separate aromas of .When combining it is important to observe the proportions: the oils should be added to the tank in equal quantities.In addition, , it is recommended to include in any combination lavender oil, which not only improves the overall effectiveness of the product, but also makes the resulting fragrance softer and non-irritating to the human sense of smell .

Therapeutic use of essential oils

It should be noted that almost all the above aroma oils can boast not only an excellent repellent effect, but also an excellent therapeutic effect.Consider the healing characteristics of some of them.

So, Citronella essential oil:

  • increases the efficiency of the brain;
  • improves overall well-being, encourages a cheerful mood;
  • has a beneficial effect on the skin: it has a rejuvenating effect, removes inflammation, clears pores.

Sassafras aromatherapy oil:

  • essential oil helps fight with pediculosis;
  • is used in the treatment of such ailments as rheumatism, gout or arthritis;
  • promotes the normalization of the menstrual cycle;
  • has a diuretic, antiviral, antipyretic effect;
  • helps in the treatment of skin diseases.

Lavender oil:

  • has a soothing, anticonvulsant, antiviral and antibacterial action;
  • helps to cure insomnia;
  • promotes rapid restoration of skin, including after burns, cuts, etc.

Clove essential oil:

  • has an analgesic and wound healing effect;
  • has a harmful effect on bacteria;
  • effectively removes inflammation;
  • promotes rapid tissue repair;
  • improves the general condition of the body - has a strengthening and optimizing effect;
  • has a beneficial effect on the tone of the uterus, contributing to the normalization of the menstrual cycle.

Aroma of geranium:

  • effectively fights migraine, tachycardia and ischemia of the heart;
  • is an excellent tool for normalizing blood pressure.

Eucalyptus essential oil:

  • improves the brain's performance;
  • cleans air: has a refreshing and disinfecting effect;
  • lowers the pressure;
  • helps to get rid of muscle pain.

Tea Tree Aroma:

  • has a pronounced antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal effect;
  • stimulates the functioning of the immune system;
  • promotes the healing of purulent wounds.

Orange aroma oil:

  • effectively helps to combat various diseases of the skin and mouth;
  • is used to normalize blood pressure.

Essential oil of peppermint:

  • has a soothing and antiseptic effect;
  • promotes better coronary and cerebral circulation;
  • has a beneficial effect on the digestive process.

Depending on the function of repellent - protecting the body in nature or repelling mosquitoes in the room, the way in which essential oils can be used can change.

To protect the premises from unwanted guests, the most appropriate ways to use essential oil are:

  1. Aromatic candle , which can be purchased already ready for use or manufactured independently.The simplest version of the use of decorative, but not flavored candles - is to drop into the already melted wax 5-7 drops of the selected essential oil.
  2. Aromalamp , which fits perfectly in any interior, as it is not only practical, but in most of its very beautiful thing.The principle of its use is quite simple: a tablespoon of water should be poured into the bowl of the aroma lamp, adding 5-7 drops of the selected essential oil.This mixture is heated, as a rule, by means of a candle or other heating element located in the aroma lamp.

To protect yourself and your children from mosquito bites and other insects while walking in the fresh air, you can use such applications of essential oils as:

  1. Bracelet from mosquitoes , which can be purchased in specialized stores or manufactured independently.As a rule, these bracelets are made of natural material( for example, wood), which is able to absorb the aromatic oil well. Principle of use: a few drops of a substance intended for repelling mosquitoes are applied to the bracelet. It should be noted that this method of using aromatic oils, although it is quite convenient, is ineffective due to the uneven distribution of essential oil vapors.
  2. spray Spray from mosquitoes , which can be used to spray fragrance on body and clothing.By means of the spray, spraying is carried out not with pure essential oil, but with a special mixture, for the preparation of which it is necessary to combine 10 drops of the selected aroma oil, 10 ml of alcohol and 100 ml of water.
  3. Oil from mosquitoes , which is a mixture of protective oil and base oil.This product can be prepared by yourself or bought in a specialized store.The role of oil-base can play any oil that does not have a pronounced smell( sunflower, almond, olive, etc.). This repellent can be applied to exposed areas of the body or used for the aroma lamp.
  4. Cream for mosquitoes . This protective product is prepared on the basis of a neutral cream, the best option is a normal baby cream. Several drops of protective essential oil drip into the container with the base and mix well with a wooden stick.The recommended ratio of constituent substances is per 75 ml base to 10 drops of aroma oil.The product should be stored in a tightly closed jar in a dark place.With the right selection of oil, this natural repellent effectively protects your body from mosquitoes and other insects.

How to protect a child from mosquitoes with the help of essential oils?

Since essential oil is a natural substance, in most cases it is absolutely safe for children. However, do not forget about such a concept as the individual intolerance of essential oil , and before you start using any tool on its basis, you should conduct a preliminary test for the body's response to a specific substance.

It is important to know that essential oil for children can only be used in diluted form, since undiluted substance can cause irritation on the skin of the child, or even a burn.

Important! The best way to use essential oils from mosquitoes for children is to add it to a baby cream.

In the manufacture of baby cream from mosquitoes of 30 ml, the following dosage of protective essential oil is recommended:

  • for infants up to six months - 1 drop;
  • for kids from 6 months to 2 years - 2 drops;
  • for children from 2 years - 3 drops.

Please note! The most suitable essential oil for children is lavender oil, as it has a mild pleasant aroma and is the least likely to cause allergies.

It should be noted that for babies up to a year it is not recommended to use oils from mosquitoes that are intended for burning( aromatic lamps, aromatic pyramids, candles or sticks).

In addition, it is important to consider that even with natural remedies, care must be taken, especially when it comes to the child.Some doctors do not recommend using aromatic oils for children under five years of age, so it is advisable to get a preliminary consultation on this issue from your pediatrician.

Contraindications to the use of essential oils from mosquitoes

Virtually any concentrated aroma oil can cause an allergic reaction in the body of a person , so it is very important before using to make a test for the absence of an individual intolerance to a particular substance. The body reaction to essential oil should be checked by means of samples such as:

  1. Inhalation test - should smell the aroma oil in its pure form.Use of this essential oil is contraindicated if at least one of the following symptoms appears:
    • dizziness;
    • rhinitis;
    • worsening of health.
  2. Skin test may only be carried out with diluted essential oil, the ratio of the test substance to the base should be at least 1:10. The diluted oil should be applied in small amounts to the back of the ulnar bone .If after 10-20 minutes the skin showed no reaction, then this oil can be used as a repellent.

In addition, buying any aroma oil should not neglect the study of all possible contraindications to its use.

Repellents from essential oils by their own hands

Of course, today you can easily find and buy ready-to-use repellents on essential oils in specialized stores.But if you come to the solution of the problem thoroughly, and are going to prepare aromatic protection from mosquitoes yourself, we offer to your attention several recipes for repellents based on essential oils with their own hands.

Aromatic candle with mosquito oils

For the manufacture of aromatic oils you will need:

  • natural beeswax - 110 g;
  • metal mold for muffins - 3 pcs.;
  • wick with holder - 3 pcs.;
  • essential oils of lavender and citronella( or any other oil of your choice);
  • wooden stirring rod;
  • small metal container - 2 pcs.

Method of preparation: pre-crumbling wax, put it on a water bath to melt.If possible, it is advisable to measure the temperature of the wax: at a temperature of 71 ° C remove the melted wax from the bath and add to it 5-7 drops of the selected aroma oils.Aromatic mixture is poured into molds.As soon as a crust begins to appear on the surface of the candles, we place it in each pre-waxed wick.The candles prepared in this way can burn up to six hours.

Lavender Spray

To prepare a protective spray, prepare:

  1. Lavender oil - 60-80 drops.
  2. Polysorbate - 10 ml.
  3. D-panthenol - 2 ml.
  4. Water - 60 ml.
  5. Water-soluble olive oil - oliverm.

All ingredients are mixed and poured into a convenient vial.Before use, the mixture must be shaken well.A spray prepared in this way can repel mosquitoes during a two-hour walk around the city.

Vanilla Spray

To prepare an effective vanilla spray, mix:

  1. Pre-dissolved vanilla in 50 ml of water - 1 sachet.
  2. Alcohol - 1 ml.
  3. Essential oil from mosquitoes( any of the above lists) - 20 drops.

This spray can be applied directly to the body or sprayed in the air.

Effective spray with a pronounced aroma of cinnamon

This spray consists of:

  • Cinnamon aroma oil - 50 drops;
  • carnation essential oil - 2 drops( optional);
  • extract of vanilla - 8 ml;
  • cyclomethicone - 40 ml.

Thanks to the use of cyclomethicone, the obtained product will be perfectly distributed on the skin.

Ambulance for biting mosquitoes and other insects with their own hands

Not always even the most powerful repellent can provide 100% protection against mosquito bites, so a simple but very effective tool that can get rid of itching and redness shouldBe at hand.

For the preparation of the "Ambulance" spray you will need:

  1. Komar Citronella essential oil - 20 drops.
  2. Lavender oil - 10 drops.
  3. Carnation aroma-2 drops( optional).
  4. Essential oil of tea tree - 10 drops.
  5. Alcohol - 3 ml.
  6. Water - 50 ml.

All the ingredients are mixed and poured into a suitable vial of spray.This tool perfectly helps after the first application.

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