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Bifiform: indications, features, analogues

Bifiform Bifiform - medicines and nutritional supplements created to normalize the intestinal microflora.Produced by the Danish company Ferrosan in various dosage forms.Capsules are for adults, and packets of powder and oil solution for babies.

Table of contents: Normal intestinal microflora Features Bifiform Indications for use How to use

Normal intestinal microflora

There are about 500 different bacteria in the human intestine.Intestinal microflora can be divided into facultative and anaerobic.The facultative microflora has a variable composition and is represented mainly by conditionally pathogenic bacteria( staphylococci, proteas, clostridia).

Obligatnaya microflora - a microorganism that is part of a constant normal microflora.These are microorganisms such as lactobacilli, bifidobacteria, bacteroides, E. coli, enterococci.

Microorganisms of normal microflora perform a number of useful functions:

  • Prevents the colonization of pathogenic microflora in the intestine;
  • Provide immunostimulating action;
  • Have detoxification effect;
  • Promotes enzymatic digestion of food;
  • Participate in the synthesis, absorption of amino acids and vitamins.

With pronounced changes in the composition of the microflora, dysbacteriosis develops.A consequence of this condition are digestive disorders and a number of other processes.To normalize the microflora prebiotics and probiotics are used.

Features Bioform

Bifiform is classified as a group of probiotics - preparations containing living bacteria.Produced in various dosage forms: capsules, chewing gum, oil solution( drops), powder for suspension.Bifiform capsules are classified as medicinal forms, Bifiform Baby drops and Bifiform Baby powder are classified as nutritional supplements.

Bifiform capsules contain enterococci and bifidobacteria.The capsules are covered with an acid-resistant coating, so that they pass through the stomach unconverted and, having already entered the intestine, the gelatin capsule shell dissolves.As a result, bacteria colonize the intestine and begin to produce lactic acid, thereby inhibiting the growth of pathogenic microbes.As a result, the composition of the intestinal microflora and the activity of the digestive tract are normalized, diarrhea, constipation, and flatulence are eliminated.Capsules are prescribed for adults, and also for children from two years of age.


Bifiform Baby is produced in the form of chewing tablets, as well as powder for suspension.Bifiform Baby includes lactobacilli, bifidobacteria, vitamins B1, B6.Shown to children from one year old.

The composition of the oil solution Bifiform Baby includes bifidobacteria, thermophilic streptococcus.An oily solution( drop) is used in infants.

There are no structural analogues of Bifiform. However, there are many probiotics that have similar effects:

  • Acylact;
  • Linex;
  • Bifidumbacterin;
  • Lactobacterin;
  • Bifinorm, etc.


Indications for use

Primary use Bifiform is the colonization of the intestine by beneficial bacteria.Thus, it is used to treat dysbacteriosis of various origins.

Indications for use Bifiform:

  1. Diarrhea caused by the intake of antibiotics;
  2. In the complex therapy of intestinal infections;
  3. In the complex treatment of chronic gastrointestinal diseases( gastroenteritis, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome);
  4. Treatment, prevention of dysbacteriosis.

Bifiform can be safely applied in different age groups.The drug is safe to use in pregnancy, lactation.


How to use

Bifiform Bifiform capsules are prescribed for adults, and also for infants from two years, one capsule three times a day.Capsules are washed down with water without chewing.Children for convenience can open the capsule and pour the contents into a glass of water.

The duration of the drug depends on the objectives pursued.So, to eliminate acute diarrhea Bifiform take two or three days.To combat dysbiosis, the drug is taken for two to three weeks.

Bifiform Baby in the form of powder prescribed to children who reached the age of one year.A bag of Bifiform The baby is opened, the powder from the package is poured into a glass of water or in food.Children 1-3 years are prescribed one packet of powder twice or thrice a day, and children from three years old - two bags.

Chewing pellet Bifiform Baby is prescribed for children who have reached the age of two.Children at the age of two or three years show the use of one dragee 2-3 times a day, children from three years - two pills.Duration of use from five days.

Bifiform Baby is designed for babies.It is necessary to take the vial and turn its cap clockwise until it clicks.As a result of this manipulation, the powder from the lid should fall into the vial with the oil solution.The ingress of powder into the vial will be indicated by the appearance of white flakes in the solution.After this, it is necessary to shake the bottle well, until a homogeneous substance is obtained.In the vial, it is necessary to lower the pipette and collect the solution.One division on the pipette from the kit corresponds to a single dose.In a day should give Bifiform Baby one dose.

A solution is instilled in the baby's mouth or mixed with breast milk( feed mixture).The opened bottle can safely store at room temperature for fourteen days.The same bottle is designed for ten doses, this is enough for the entire course.Before each use, the vial should be shaken.

Grigorova Valeria, medical reviewer

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