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Oleogranuloma of the penis: causes, symptoms and treatment

urologist Men, unsatisfied with the size of the penis, try to increase it in many ways.

One of them is the introduction of special substances under the skin of the penis, which can prolong sexual intercourse and improve erectile function.Such manipulations should only be carried out by a specialist.The cost of the service is quite high, so some members of the stronger sex risk and conduct the procedure themselves using very dangerous chemicals that can lead to serious complications.

Oleogranuloma - one of the consequences of independent implementation of this procedure.

Table of Contents: Features of oleogranuloma Causes Symptoms of oleogranuloma Diagnosis Treatment of member oleogranuloma

Features of oleogranulum

A characteristic feature of the disease is abnormal proliferation of granulation tissue due to misuse of foreign substances or dangerous chemical compounds .Wanting to prolong sexual intercourse and enlarge the penis, men also inject balls, rods and other objects into the body.

Phases of development of oleogranuloma:

  • Cream-from-vein-on-penis productive.During this period there is a strong inflammation and granulation tissue around the injection site grows;
  • cystic.The blood supply of the organ and tissues considerably worsens, their ischemia is observed;
  • during the second part of the cystic phase, trophic changes develop, ulcers, cysts come out and form fistulas;
  • last phase.The degeneration of connective tissue develops and full impotence begins.

Degrees of oleogranuloma in large areas:

  • 1 degree.No more than a third of the penis is affected.
  • 2 degree.The whole skin of the organ is affected, or most of it.
  • 3 degree.The disease extends to the perineum, scrotum and pubic part.



Self-introduction of various substances under the skin of the penis, which quickly hardens - the main cause of the formation of oleogranuloma.

Men are at risk in order to significantly prolong the sexual intercourse and be able to carry it out without a full erection.Sometimes with the help of such masses form a certain form of the penis.

Paraffin, petroleum jelly, tetracycline ointment are the main sources of pathology development. After the introduction of foreign substances, a dense inflammation begins to develop at the injection site, which is localized in the connective tissue.

Self-treatment results in the gradual proliferation of granuloma. It affects all tissues of the organ and scrotum, which, in the end, leads to impotence.In neglected cases, the organ is completely removed.

Symptoms of oleogranuloma

Symptoms that allow to recognize the disease:

  • urologist the skin on the penis becomes fixed;
  • , nodules or other neoplasms of different shape and size appear at the site of administration of the chemical or foreign object, the organ swells, puffiness appears;
  • marked deformation of the body, impotence;
  • penis becomes bumpy, discomfort appears during intercourse;
  • the affected skin may turn red or dark;
  • over time, the skin may show traces of necrosis, severe pain even in a state of rest and during an erection.

Some complications after the procedure come only after five to ten years, but almost always lead to dangerous consequences, up to the loss of the penis.


An andrologist or a urologist can make an accurate diagnosis already at the first treatment. During the interview, the expert specifies in the patient whether any chemical or other substance has been injected under the epidermis of the penis.

A doctor performs an examination of the penis and its palpation, during which small dense nodules or scar changes on the organ are detected under the skin.

Mandatory ultrasound and ultrasound of the vascular system of the penis, to check the condition of cavernous tissue and blood circulation in the penis .

The patient is recommended to take RIF, PCR, ELISA tests to exclude the presence of any infection.

If a patient has not been given chemical substances in the body in the past, a tissue biopsy is prescribed to exclude a cancer tumor.

Treatment of member osteogranulem

Medication therapy

This therapy is prescribed only at the stage of preparation for surgery or during rehabilitation after operation .Medicines will remove inflammation, reduce the activity of viruses and bacteria.To do this, use antibacterial drugs orally or topically.

For local use appoint compresses or bandages with antibiotic and antiseptic.They are applied with the help of sterile bandages and are changed daily, or several times a day.Oral antibiotics are prescribed for a broad spectrum of action.

For severe pain, prescribe painkillers.The temperature is removed by traditional antipyretic.

Removing the gland penile gland

Cutting the foreskin in a circle is the most sparing surgical method. Perform this procedure only for small locations of oleogranuloma in the skin of the foreskin.


In advanced cases, surgery is the only way to prevent the spread of necrosis to other organs and save the life of the patient.

Effect-drops Limited type of oleogranuloma localized on the trunk of the penis is removed by a single-step surgical procedure.During the operation, the doctor removes the tumor and closes the focus of the pathology with the patient's tissues.If local tissues can not be used, skin flaps are applied to the vascular pedicle.

With extensive lesion, Raikh-Salozhova's two-stage operation is performed.At the first stage, the affected tissues of the penis are removed.The second stage involves immersing the penis under the skin of the anterior region of the scrotum and removing the head outward.

A few months after the operation, taking into account the patient's recovery rate, the plastic of the penis is performed.In many cases, phalloprosthetics are performed to restore erectile function.

Prosthetics-sexual If a patient is diagnosed with a complication of gangrene, a full organ amputation is performed.In this case, restoration of the erectile function is not possible.

The ill-considered desire to diversify their sex life and increase the size of the penis can lead to a dangerous consequence in the form of the oleogranuloma.Such manipulations are carried out only under the strict supervision of a specialist.

Radevich Igor Tadeushevich, a sexually pathological andrologist of the 1st category

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