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Benefits and harms for men milk

Benefits and harms for men milk

It has long been known to all of the beneficial effects of milk on the human body. However, there are cases where this product may adversely affect the performance of the human body, especially the representatives of the male population. It is for this reason it is important to know what is useful to the milk and how it can hurt.

In this article we will pay attention to such products as milk, benefit and harm, to identify the main substitute products, as well as consider the benefits of milk for the male body.

Useful properties of milk for Men

There is a huge number of people are extremely indifferent to the milk and dairy products. This is due not only to its taste characteristics, but also with the body's need for certain vitamins and trace elements. Many people often wonder important issue whether the milk is good for their body? However, the response in this case is far from ambiguous.

So, what is useful for the organism's milk?

The benefits of milk has been known since ancient times, when using this product it carries out the fight with such serious diseases like pleurisy, tuberculosis, bronchitis and obesity.

Consider the beneficial properties of this product that make the milk so useful:

  • Due to the presence of the protein is performed a process of increasing muscle mass. It takes only a couple of glasses of milk per day, to fully meet the needs of your body in this element. This is especially true for those representatives of a strong half of humanity, who are actively involved in sports. In addition, there are special protein shakes, in which the main component is just milk.
  • The presence of carbohydrate in the composition helps to restore lost strength and maintain the beauty and muscle definition.
  • Lactose promotes bring to normal human nervous system health, and also prevents the appearance and development of numerous diseases of the heart and blood vessels. On admission to the intestine active component forms a so-called lactic acid, capable of fighting harmful bacteria and promote the absorption of calcium and phosphorus.
  • Globulin protein active influence on the immune system. Thus the body is able to withstand numerous ailments.
  • An equally important element is considered to be calcium. He actively strengthens bones and teeth and hair.

It is useful to whether the milk is for adults, especially men? In this case, it is recommended to use the product since childhood. The absence in the body of useful trace elements that are in it, could negatively affect the potency, thus causing considerable damage not only the general state, but also emotional.

Many experts say that men particularly useful milk consumption. The benefits in this case is to maintain sexual activity. This is due to the fact that for the proper functionality of potency are essential amino acids, vitamins and mineral salts.

In addition, an important role in the body's men play elements such as:

  • calcium;
  • zinc;
  • magnesium;
  • selenium.

These trace elements may be in other foods, however, to use daily milk easier. You can also use a combination of it with cheese or honey.

Thus, speaking about the beneficial properties of milk in relation to the male body, it can be concluded that it a must especially for those representatives of a strong half of the population, which is prone to an active way life.

What is the harm of milk?

In addition to the mass of useful properties of milk, it has a number of negative features. First of all, you should examine the possible contraindications.

  • insufficient amount of lactose in the body, which does not allow milk absorbed properly;
  • the presence of various diseases of the kidneys, but it is better to consult a specialist in a timely manner, as in some cases the use of this product is still the place to be;
  • the presence of excess weight - the use of milk can cause aggravation of the situation.

Also a negative impact due to the factor that with age, the body gradually loses its ability to digest casein protein in contrast to the children's age.

In identifying disorders related to digestion of this product in humans, there is:

  • bloated feeling;
  • presence colic;
  • disorders in the stomach.

When such a reaction product is recommended to replace active yogurt, yogurt or cottage cheese. These products are considered to be analogues of milk and by reducing the amount of lactic acid bacteria are able to easily and completely safely absorbed in the body.

In the study of milk factory was found negative effects on male reproductive system, Specifically it is able to develop the appearance of cancer in the prostate or testicular gland.

Thus, this research has proved the importance of the natural home of milk, however, and should be use with extreme caution, because of the high content of fat, it can provoke obesity.

The most common adverse properties of the milk are as follows:

  • loss of calcium;
  • the formation of osteoporosis;
  • occurrence of gastric ulcers and bowel problems;
  • increase the risk of malignant neoplasms;
  • provoking diabetes.

Also negative manifestations include milk appearance of allergic reactions.

Since the body of each person has their own individual characteristics, and the manifestation of them may be different:

  • education itching;
  • appearance of puffiness of the eyelids;
  • difficulty breathing process;
  • vomiting;
  • the possible discharge from the sinuses.

In identifying such changes, you should immediately cease the use of milk and seek professional help.

Summarizing all the above benefits and dangers of milk, it can be concluded that this product is useful, but there is a downside, especially if it is the factory, rather than homemade milk. In addition, a lot depends on the individual characteristics of the organism in relation to the product.

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Men are not harmful to drink milk?

Milk contains about 50 trace elements that can both benefit man and to harm his body. The final result depends on many factors, among them - age, individual characteristics of the body and even... milk producer.

The milk is useful?

According to the content of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, the milk can be attributed to the category of healthy products.

for men is the benefit of milk:

  • In the presence of the protein, which is a building material for building muscle mass. To a 20% overlap the daily requirement for this element, only 2 to drink a glass of milk.
  • In the presence of lactose called milk sugar and another is a source of carbohydrates. It is due to carbohydrates male body is able to endure significant physical stress and to recuperate quickly.
  • The calcium contained in milk, without which growth slows down, and bones and teeth are softened and become brittle. The daily requirement of the male body in this mineral is 1000 mg and contains 800 ml of milk.
  • The immunomodulating properties of globulin present in the composition of milk and strengthen human immunity.
  • The content of vitamin B12, which according to research by British scientists, prevents the development of Alzheimer's disease. If every day to drink a pint of milk, the risk of developing dementia is significantly reduced.
  • In the presence of a complex of minerals, vitamins and amino acids that ensure the normal operation of the male reproductive system, including a healthy potency. The relationship between the consumption of milk and male sexual health Avicenna noted that in respect of the drink on the question of "drink or not to drink," gave an unequivocal yes.

It should be noted that all of the above applies to cow's milk is not heat treated. During the pasteurization and sterilization of most nutrients is divided and destroyed - to drink such milk is not recommended.

What is the harm of milk for a man

Recently, more and more scientists came to the conclusion that the milk can not be considered definitely useful product. They draw attention to the fact that the man - the only living creature on Earth that continues to drink milk at the age of maturity. But wise nature has made us a different program.

The enzymes that break down the lactose present in the milk produced in excess in children, in adults are present in miniscule proportions.

In other words, growing up, people lose the ability to digest milk. Therefore, many men after a glass of beverage experience discomfort in the gut: bloating, flatulence, diarrhea.

Someone, by contrast, occur constipation, forcing suffer from heaviness in the stomach and colic.

Another "Trojan horse" of milk - cholesterol. Drinking a glass of your favorite drink 3-percent fat content, you provide a tenth of the daily cholesterol rates. It seems to be okay.

However, do not forget about other foods eaten during the day.

The result is an excess of the organic compound, leading to the formation of atherosclerotic plaques, venous occlusion and stroke.

And finally, most painful for the man: milk, on the one hand, ensure the normal operation of the sexual function, and with another - leads to prostate cancer. Why this contradiction?

The organism produces milk cows, on average, during six months after calving. To increase this period to one year, a mass manufacturer, which deal put on stream, added to the feed of animals the hormone estrogen that enters the result into the milk, and with it - and the body person. It is this hormone triggers the emergence and development of cancer in men prostate and testicles.

The conclusion is obvious: Shopping milk brings nothing but harm, and drinking it because it is impossible. And what if you can?

What kind of milk is best to drink?

If you can not live without milk, and your gut is not experiencing discomfort after use, you can afford a day one glass of low-fat drink bought from the seller, a private trader. Villagers are not added to food cows hormones (if the cow will not be able to calve, and it is kept specifically for this purpose), so the risk of cancer in this case is minimal.

If you have enough willpower, better give up the milk to yogurt, cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese and other foods rich in calcium, protein and vitamins.

For example, fresh tomatoes by 26% lower risk of developing prostate cancer. Since prevention of cancer excellent job apricots, watermelon and red grapes containing lycopene, which prevents formation of cancerous cells.

Fill stores of calcium in the body will help hazelnuts and almonds, hard and processed cheeses, fish and crab meat. The most calcium-rich foods:

Product Calcium content (mg) per 100 g product
Poppy 1450
hard cheeses 600 — 1300
sesame seed 875
White cheese 530
processed cheese 450
Sardine oil 420
Almond 265
Hazelnut 225
Dried apricots 150
Cottage cheese 125

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The protein in large quantities contained in the meat of chicken and turkey, peanuts, beans, hazelnuts, squid, oat and millet porridge. Some of these products not only support muscle tone, but also prolongs youth.

To strengthen men's health and stimulation potency affected by the presence in the diet of honey man, walnuts, boiled or steamed mackerel and plaice, onion, sour cream, yogurt and cottage cheese.

Leave the kids milk: they are meant for each other. Find him worthy replacement, because the shelves are so many fresh and delicious products, the usefulness of which doctors have no doubt.

The diet of the stars. Arnold Schwarzenegger and his protein shake 60:

A source: http://megapoisk.com/mozhno-li-pit-moloko-muzhchinam

Milk for men: what is useful and what damage can cause the body

Many have heard about the benefits of milk for the human body. Nutritionists recommend to include in the diet of milk and milk products. This food has a positive effect on the digestive system.

Also, milk products quickly restores normal bowel flora. But milk has certain characteristics, and can harm the body. The product is recommended to use milk to men.

What are the benefits and harms of milk for the male body?

What are the benefits of milk for the men?

Ever since ancient times, healers have used milk for the treatment of various diseases - obesity, cirrhosis, tuberculosis, heart disease, gout. All the benefits of the milk product due to its composition.

Milk contains a large number of compounds that are essential for the normal functioning of the whole organism. For example, to allocate necessary amino acids, sugars, fatty acids, enzymes, hormones, natural antibiotics.

Among most of the trace elements falls on calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium.

But the most valuable is a protein, which is full of milk. For example, dairy products, even meat can be replaced. Therefore, milk is very useful for men.

At its regular use has been a rapid growth of muscle mass. Therefore, milk is good athletes. Suffice it to only a couple of glasses of milk per day to make up for the daily requirement of protein.

In sports nutrition there are special protein shakes, which are based precisely on milk.

The composition of milk also includes carbohydrates. They will help restore strength and energy after a workout, your muscles give relief. The dairy product contains a large amount of lactose. The element recovers the central nervous system.

Very often men by virtue of their professional activities are exposed to stress, conflict, overvoltage. Milk can be used as prevention of cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

If product gets into the intestine it is converted to lactic acid, which combats pathogenic bacteria and normalizes microflora. And of course, calcium strengthens skeleton, hair and teeth.

Milk for potency

Most urologists specialists argue that milk must be present in the diet of every man's power. The benefits it is to improve the potency, maintaining sexual desire and activity. To complete the work of the reproductive system of important vitamins, amino acids and minerals, which are included in the composition of milk.

So, for a good potency in men balance is important, and high levels of the following substances:

  • Vitamins B1, B6, C, E;
  • Folic acid;
  • Potassium;
  • Selenium;
  • Zinc;
  • Magnesium.

These substances can be obtained by the use of milk and other food products. So, zinc has a positive effect on the quality of sperm increases the fertility of sperm, which is an excellent prevention of infertility.

Potassium strengthens blood vessels, reducing blood cholesterol levels, lowers blood pressure. In such circumstances improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs, and thereby enhances the erection and potency. Very useful to combine milk with cream cheese or honey.

In general, natural milk in their composition contains all the elements that are required for men.

Harm milk for Men

Despite the large number of useful properties of milk, the product can have and harm the male body. First of all, it is worth noting a number of contraindications to the use of dairy products. These factors include:

  • Lactase deficiency;
  • kidney disease;
  • Obesity;
  • Allergy.

Some scientists have attributed the milk to extremely harmful products. Why is that? Man - the only creature that drinks milk as a child and as an adult.

Milk has a lot of cholesterol, which often provokes the development of such diseases as atherosclerosis.

When vascular occlusion of plaque occur in men associated diseases as hypertension, impotence, thrombosis.

Also, with age, the body a man may lose the ability to fully digest the protein casein, which is also harmful to health. When lactase deficiency after drinking milk man begins to complain of bowel disorders and stomach, bloating, abdominal pain, cramps, bloating.

Due to lack of the lactase enzyme in the body, digestion of lactose does not occur. But such men are not completely forbidden to eat and drink dairy products: yogurt, cottage cheese, kefir, yogurt, fermented baked milk. Such products in the structure have already digested lactose.

In addition, lactic acid bacteria are very useful for the digestive system.

In the study of factory milk from the shops was installed product harmful to the male reproductive system. The use of such dairy products increases the risk of prostate and testicular cancer.

The reason for this is the female hormone estrogen, which is often added to food for the cows to increase milk production. From this point of view, the product is safer to use a home.

But it will be much fatter, leading to obesity.

Other negative factors include the milk are: calcium loss from the body, the development of osteoporosis, of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the risk of developing cancer diseases. Sometimes, frequent consumption of milk may even cause diabetes.

To date, experts still have not reached a consensus about the benefits and harms of milk for the men. All very individually. A man must listen to all the reactions of the organism, consult your doctor about the presence of contraindications to the consumption of dairy products.

The only way to protect themselves from the negative effects.

It is useful to whether goat's milk for men?

Goat's milk is very useful for both adults and children alike. This is because its composition is as close to the composition of mother's breast milk. Special attention is given the benefit of such a product for men's health.

If a man is engaged in heavy physical labor, necklaces milk very quickly recuperate after a busy day. Just one glass of drink as a snack will satisfy your hunger, saturate the body with all the necessary nutrients.

Goat's milk must be present in the diet of office workers, men with sedentary work. Sedentary during the day leads to the development of prostatitis, stagnant processes in the pelvic organs. The drink is also actively prevent the emergence of such problems.

In addition, the daily consumption of a small amount of goat's milk makes the fat deposit. In this regard, using the product may be good to lose weight with minimal exercise. Of course, milk product improves potency.

Some doctors even recommend drinking a glass of goat's milk for the night, just before sexual intercourse.

But drink a drink is strictly forbidden to those men who have a higher density of blood, individual intolerances.

Also, it is better to give up its use during an exacerbation of various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, compliance with a strict diet. In general, all individually.

And the benefit will be only moderate consumption of a product. And the milk is no exception.

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Harmful to drink milk man?

The composition of the milk of about 200 components! It contains all the essential amino acids and absorbed by the body by 96%. Globulin contained in milk, protects us from infections. The milk contains vitamins A, E, D, K, B1, B2, B12, B6, PP, S. Milk fat contains the most valuable acid. Lactose positively stimulates the nervous system.

Picture, at first glance, totally positive with this product. Then, because of which there is a dispute? In general, some physicians believe that milk is most useful only at the age of thirty years.

Why? For the reason that after this period in the body is less efficient enzyme transforming lactose.

There are frequent bloating and digestion difficult, begins the "clogging" of the stomach, which results sometimes prolonged diarrhea.

About such harmful properties of the organism - not to take milk in middle age and later - well-known Asian doctors, Africa, Southern Europe and Latin America. That there are major controversies about milk.

Genome of the peoples living in these areas, "focused" on a selective attitude to milk sugar. Lactose breaks down the enzyme lactase. With age, this process begins to slow down.

As a consequence - an upset stomach after taking milk.

Doctors say that the milk can and should be drunk in the middle and old age. But very carefully - in a very small amount every day. The peculiarity here is that milk can be replaced with great benefit to the body kefir. It contains all the useful elements of the original product, and assimilated much better than the milk itself.

It turns out that milk for consumption must be approached carefully. This is not a whim of some kind on the part of physicians, and the theme of their multi-year dispute. Especially pay attention to the consumption of milk should be men. That is what is called the important reasons for this.

Medical research in a number of countries demonstrated that the daily use of male industrial milk dispensing (after suitable processing it) led to a significant increase of prostate cancer gland.

In the same areas where there is little or no dairy industry and food goes to buy milk from private owners, the number of such diseases remain without any changes.

According to a number of reputable scientists and physicians to be added to the diet of cows feeding on large industrial farms hormone estrogen is precisely the cause of cancers of the genitourinary system in men.

And this hormone in the feed is added to stimulate milk production in cows after the birth of a calf for a few months with the same high level of productivity.

However, to use the private farm milk men should be treated with caution, too. It is in fact much fatter than buying in the store. So, it contains more cholesterol.

Fat milk - more nutritious and therefore encourages weight gain. Especially with a sedentary lifestyle.

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In addition, many men with age, bad stomach digests fat milk that turns his frustration.

Of course, the above is not the ultimate truth. I just said that you can read in some medical sites. And there is no limit or herself in the use of milk, then you have to decide for yourself after consulting your doctor.

It is he who will give you specific advice based on your age and the characteristics of the organism. In general, on the same website it says that on average, and an adult man can without harm to drink a glass of skim milk - and not on a daily basis, and, say, every other day.

But more useful would be a cup of yogurt or yogurt, which normalize bowel movements and do not load too genitourinary system.

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Benefits and harms for men milk

Milk is a unique product that people drink from birth to old age. However, from the standpoint of medicine - the most controversial product of milk for our food. The fact that the composition of milk include more than two hundred components of different useful and harmful substances.

It contains all so essential for human amino acids, which are almost 100% absorbed by the body. For example, such a substance as globulin protects against infections. Lactose has a positive effect on the nervous system. Milk includes a range of vitamins: A, C, D, E, K, B1, B2, B6, B12 and PP.

A milk fat involves a number of acids.

However, it is worth considering the fact that milk is good only up to thirty years. The fact that later in life the body ceases to perceive lactose. Therefore, after taking milk, the digestive process is often complicated and there is bloating. For this reason, the stomach begins to "clog", resulting in the duration of diarrhea.

Doctors of different countries found that an enzyme able to break down the lactose before, with age becomes less active. Therefore, after drinking a cup of milk occurs indigestion. Scientists do not deny the benefits of milk in the middle and old age, but to use it should very carefully, in small amounts, and not every day.

In this situation there is a way, which is to use fermented milk products such as yogurt, because it contains at least a useful list of enzymes and amino acids. By the use of replacement milk for dairy products should look very carefully to males.

The fact that medical research has shown that the use of milk, which was held corresponding processing (industrial spill) leads to the growth of prostate cancer gland.

And in areas where industrial enterprises for the production of milk not at all, and the diet includes homemade products, changes in the growth of this disease is not observed.

Based on studies of a list of scientists, the growth of cancer affects the hormone estrogen, which is used to feed cows in the industry. However, it should be noted that the farmers' milk frequent use as men to be feared.

The fact that domestic milk more nutritious due to the abundance of fat.

This means that it contains a large amount of cholesterol that increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and also stimulates weight gain, especially in a passive way life.

In order to determine what quantities of milk can be used for you - first should consult a doctor. Only a professional can make recommendations, taking into account characteristics of the organism, and age, in order to reduce the risk of complications and avoid stomach upsets. Please taking off an article: What you need to have people with 3 blood group?

Of course, to limit itself in the use of milk or not is up to you, but keep in mind that glass of yogurt or kefir will bring much more benefit. In addition, dairy products are not loaded genitourinary system and lead to normal bowel function.

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The milk is useful for men: the benefits and harms

Milk is considered to be a product that is saturated with minerals and vitamins. It is rich in sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and many other substances. Milk is mainly considered to be useful for the organism. While some nutritionists deny this fact, as they say, that you need to drink milk only for children but for adults harms it.

Benefits for men from milk

Many men like to drink milk. And this may depend not only on taste preferences. If the body is in need of any item, it tells the man he can get them from any products. Because of this, a person needs to use milk. Its useful to use since it has a number of positive factors. Namely:

  1. All dairy products may contain the protein. This element helps a person to build muscle mass. This is particularly useful for those men who are involved in sports. When training takes place, it lost a lot of energy, so it is very important that the food was good and balanced. Of course, many athletes take cocktails that contain protein. That's just the milk is a natural counterpart.
  2. Milk consumed more useful due to the fact that it has a large amount of carbohydrates. That they are able to recover after a person has received the load. Proteins in conjunction with carbohydrates is converted into a good body form.
  3. Lactose, which is included in this product is good for the nervous system, so you can prevent the appearance of vascular and heart diseases.
  4. Lactose positively affects the intestines. As soon as she gets into it, it completely envelops kills putrefaction bacteria, and calcium and phosphorus begin well assimilated.
  5. Drinking milk enhances immunity, so the body is formed protection from disease.
  6. It is useful to drink this product as it nourishes the body with calcium, and from this bone, hair and teeth become stronger. A man very much in need of strong bones, as always suffer from physical exertion.
  7. Experts say that milk improves the sexual function of men, so it is useful to drink it for potency. All due to the fact that this product is rich in vitamins, amino acids and mineral salts, which improves sexual function.

By the way, for a long time with the help of milk treated with various diseases. For example, such as:

  • pleurisy;
  • tuberculosis;
  • bronchitis;
  • digestive diseases;
  • heart diseases;
  • obesity.


Sometimes a man may be an insufficient amount of lactase in the body. In this case, use the milk is not recommended, as it will not be absorbed.

It is better to abandon the use of this product for those who suffer because of kidney patients. Of course, it is better to take advice from a doctor, as drinking milk will be useful in some situations.

You should be careful to those who have been overweight since this dairy product will aggravate the situation.

The harm from this product

For a long time it was thought that the milk drink is helpful. But today, it is considered that this product is capable of causing harm to the body of men. Some experts said that any animal in nature, when they grow up, stop drinking milk.

But people still do it. Considering the composition of the product, medical experts say about a lot of cholesterol. And it is able to occlude the vessels, form the atherosclerotic plaque.

In addition, there is still a number of factors that dairy products can cause harm.

Many experts claim that with age a person can not digest casein protein as a child, so he brings only harm. But these claims have been challenged many times.

More truthfully it would argue the fact that some people really milk is harmful, because it is poorly absorbed just at them.

After the use of this product a person may begin to complain about:

  • bloating;
  • colic;
  • disorders of the stomach.

This is for certain reasons, namely the lack of lactase. This enzyme is able to cleave lactose. this product can be replaced in this case:

  • yogurt;
  • kefir;
  • curd and t. d.

These products are useful effect on the body, are considered to be analogues of milk, but they are highly digestible, as it contains a lot of lactic acid bacteria.

By the way, so that the milk does not harm, should accustom ourselves to it, that is, start to drink in small quantities.

Some men have an allergy to milk protein, in this case, you need to stop taking this drink because it can bring even greater harm.

Many experts examined the milk factory, then began to argue that it brings great harm the body, as many men can begin to develop cancer formation in the testicles or prostate iron. It is believed that the culprit of the hormone estrogen.

They feed the cows every day on the farm, it is added to food. Do this in order for the animal to almost all year round to be a source of milk. In this case, the milk produced in the home, it will be much more useful.

That's just it contains much more fat that leads to obesity.

It should be especially careful when the product is purchased from a private person, as it may not be a quality that will harm. It is necessary to ask such a person about whether there is the availability of documents. If a man does not want to receive damage should acquire high-quality and rich milk.

Benefits potency

It is believed that for men is useful to drink milk since childhood. It was also proved that the use of this product significantly improves sexual function. For potency important certain elements. It:

  • zinc;
  • calcium;
  • magnesium;
  • selenium;
  • vitamin B;
  • beta-carotene.

The combination of these elements can provide milk. From a lack of these substances libido begins to be broken, which will cause harm to the sexual life of men. Of course, all of these elements are found in other products, so only use them every day hard, but you can safely drink milk every day.

It is also recommended to mix the product with cheese or honey, as they have a positive effect on potency.

The use of warm milk

Baked milk is also advised to use, it has a positive effect on the body. It contains the same material as that of normal milk.

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Saturated vitamins such as A, E, C, B, PP, E and beta carotene. Here only the amount of vitamin C is reduced due to thermal treatment. The scalded milk amount of water is reduced, and fats are improved.

Also increases the content of useful elements such as:

  • iron;
  • calcium;
  • vitamin A.

Especially helpful to drink milk men at an early age, and old age. If you have heart disease or blood vessels, then this product will have a positive effect on the body.

The use of mare's milk

Mare's milk is also considered to be very useful. It contains much less fat, lactose and protein, but, despite this, in its composition, there are other nutrients. These are acid:

  • linoleic;
  • linolenic;
  • arachidonic.

They are able to stop the development of tuberculosis. Therefore advised to use it to those men that are experiencing these bacteria.

This product can improve tissue respiration and immune system. In addition, it has healing properties, namely:

  • slows the progression of tumors;
  • significantly improves blood circulation;
  • tissue regeneration is getting better;
  • increased potency;
  • Hemoglobin increases;
  • the aging process is slowed down.

Especially positive impact this product to the respiratory tract, so doctors recommend eating it with pleurisy, bronchitis, chronic pneumonia.

Thus, very high despite some contraindications, benefits of milk. Therefore, experts recommend constantly adding this product in the diet.

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The harm of milk and dairy products for health

We live in an abundant time when the shelves are full of industrial and food products. Today let's talk about milk, its harm to us. As is the case with other products, brand names are many, but that is not pleasing to the "rivers of milk".

This product is for practitioners is a traditional and recommended more yoga forefathers. So, one of the primary sources states: "The most favorable food for Yoga: good cereals, wheat, rice, barley, milk, melted butter, yellow sugar (cane) ..." (Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Chapter 1, sloka 62).

Let's start with its use. Milk is recommended for people aged as strengthens the tissues, especially if you eat it for two hours before bedtime - then elderly people avoid infirmity of body and drying.

Indeed, some grown old Indians, who drink milk in large quantities, look strong and "rounded". And it brings clear benefits for children because growing body receives a well-balanced set of vitamins, amino acids, macro-and micronutrients.

Rarely a product in its composition contains an amount of useful information.

All the rest, that is, adults, milk processing is difficult, especially if you drink it cold. It is recommended to heat the foam (70-80 °), then cool to the desired temperature.

His good digestion contribute spices: cinnamon, turmeric and others. Damage milk is that it promotes the formation of mucus, which has no place in the body.

Plus, such a dairy component, lactose, adult poorly cleaved into the intestine and creates breeding grounds for harmful bacteria and toxins.

Milk since ancient times is considered food, not a drink, as some think. At least two hours must pass before and after its consumption.

It normally absorbed by the body healthy, provided individually calculated (read: moderate) application. If his body does not take, so dirty.

In this case, it does not hurt to go cleaning procedures, and then they change the diet to a more adequate way of life.

In general, milk is the most sattvic product, giving joy. But with it you need to find a common language. And if people understand how to use it (individual rate and tolerability, time, diet, exercise, etc.), We get a lot of benefit.

Ayurveda says that we should only drink fresh milk, just before sunrise or two hours before bedtime to get a whole range of positive forces. The important question keeping animals from which we get the milk.

In Russia it is accepted to treat cows as a beast in the truest sense of the word. In India, they are given names, singing mantras, show care and get a wonderful product that helps cure ailments.

Even cow dung found in India noble application: it was dried and performed rituals (yajïa); treat people, adding to the ointments and tinctures... It is proved that a part of these wastes are, for example, antiseptic components. They are used as a means of purification of dwelling or temple. I urge not to apply in our latitudes the Indian version, just I want to remind you that a "smaller brothers" should be treated humanely.

In our country, all the animals that have not given the desired milk yield, sent for slaughter. The methods by which the milk is taken from cows, can be the subject of a separate and very sad article, as well as technology the pasteurization of milk, as a result of which the final consumer receives a substitute, with all the attendant consequences.

The harm to the human body milk

Science have found damage to milk and milk products for the health and cause many to reconsider their attitude to it. Drinking milk in large quantities contributes to the development of multiple sclerosis, diabetes first type. Casein (milk protein) could provoke cancer.

And still the milk often causes allergies. In view of how the food, treat and contain cows milk given by them is very harmful, especially unreported "conditioned" artificial additives. Not for nothing in the industrial product a disgusting taste, and he somehow long sours ...

Even more difficult to digest for a long time to digest food recycling: cream, sour cream, cottage cheese, cheese. There's a lot of casein. Accumulating, it clogs the internal organs and acidifies the body. Even skim milk because pasteurization is harmful features. Perhaps only the yogurt, kefir is not loaded with the body and improve its performance.

Previously given free milk in hazardous industries, trying to neutralize the rich vitamin content of damage to the body. Now this tradition in the past. In the light of the latest scientific research with confidence to talk about it for the health benefits of workers in difficult conditions, probably, no longer will be no specialist.

The researchers found a link between the abundant consumption of dairy products and such adverse conditions and diseases such as:

  • constant tiredness,
  • flatulence,
  • diarrhea,
  • frequent headaches,
  • the poor performance of the heart and blood vessels clogged,
  • atherosclerosis,
  • osteoporosis and arthritis in young people.

My sister loves milk from his youth: a liter a day for her norm, with two fractured limbs - the arm and leg.

Now, in middle age, she is overweight and a year ago, slipped and earned a torn meniscus knee... As they say, bad all that too! The result was the opposite effect for the musculoskeletal system, in conjunction with other factors: sedentary work, a tendency to a meat food.

Harm milk for Men

Attentive to the milk is recommended to treat men. On the one hand, the beneficial trace elements support potency.

However, British scientists found that frequent drinking provokes the growth of cancer urogenital system, in particular, plays a role in the diet of added industrial animal hormone estrogen.

A cow produces about six months for him to bring up the calf, then he goes down. A milk additives manufacturers continue to maintain it at high doses.

Better to give preference not to the factory, and the natural product from a trusted farmer. However, we must remember that milk is a pretty fat and can cause high cholesterol, indigestion (colic, cramps, bloating), weight gain with a sedentary lifestyle.

Damage to milk for women

Excess weight, loss of calcium and osteoporosis is characterized by the frequent use of women's milk. As well as men, there is a risk of breast cancer and uterine structures due to poor processing of lactose, which accumulate and become toxic, and reduces immunity.

Cow's milk can reduce the quality of breastfeeding in women during lactation. Besides forms mucus, which accumulates in the respiratory tract. Hence, bronchitis, sore throat, a child's allergies and even pneumonia in adults. Experts advise not to mix with one another and to give preference to their own milk.

Harm milk for the elderly

People between the ages scientists are calling is also not to overdo it with milk consumption. Excessive calcium and vitamin D in the product is bad for mental activity, clogging brain blood vessels, preventing blood flow and promoting the development of multiple sclerosis, atherosclerosis, dementia.

Japanese, and before them, and the Swedes, found that industrial trans fats contained in milk, making the bones weak.

Although primarily experts argued the opposite: that milk is good for losing strength and elasticity of the musculoskeletal system.

Older people especially recommend to pay attention to your diet and to hold it with the adjustment taking into account the reduction in physical activity, slow metabolism and other inevitable process factors aging.

Note that scientific studies in recent years about the dangers of milk and dairy products can be attributed only to hypotheses, not devoid of reason, but it is not backed by additional observations.


Summarize. For milk there is no agreement in our society. Each determines where it ends and begins the use of milk harm to the body. Among practicing yoga many supporters of this product as a blissful food that builds the body and soul in harmony with nature.

In particular, the muscles become more elastic and pliable, and ligaments and tendons become more flexible. It becomes clearer mind and a good mood prevails. However, all individually. There are yogis who have excluded milk products from the menu and feel normal. Vegans, raw foodists, fruitarians adherents live power also do without it.

If you do not want to give up the product, the number of recommendations still need to take into account, namely:

  • Give preference to rustic milk, where farmers take care of the animal.
  • Fresh milk is better to be heat treated, as cows are not immune from diseases that can be transmitted to humans: some forms of tuberculosis, brucellosis, gastroenteritis and others.
  • Milk should be assimilated. If after drinking milk discomfort, reduce the dose.
  • Cow's milk can be replaced with the exotic vegetable options: rice, coconut and others. Consider here your individual contraindications.

The author Veronica Mysnik.

A source: https://www.oum.ru/yoga/pravilnoe-pitanie/vred-moloka-razbiraem-vse-podrobno/

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