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How to choose a hair dye: types of hair dyes

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hair dye

Almost every woman tried to change her hair color at least once in her life, experimented with shades.And if shading shampoos can be used without fear for the subsequent appearance( they are quickly washed off), then you need to use the hair dye intelligently.First and foremost, you need to know the rules of the choice of paint, so that the result of dyeing would rejoice both the woman herself and her associates.

Table of contents: Types of hair colors Natural hair colors - characteristics Characteristics of chemical hair dyes

Types of hair colors

In the market of modern cosmetology, manufacturers offer women three large groups of paints - natural, chemical and physical.Each listed group has certain advantages, has some shortcomings and is intended to achieve the set goals.

Natural hair colors - characteristics

Natural hair dyes are those substances that "provided" nature for use by women.They were used also by our grandmothers and great-grandmothers, but even now this kind of dye remains quite popular. The natural hair colors include :

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  • Than to dye hair basma;
  • tea leaves;
  • onion husks;
  • lemon juice;
  • some herbs that have dyes - for example, chamomile or sage;
  • henna;
  • Oak bark.

The listed products are absolutely safe for hair, they paint them and at the same time make the strands strong and thick.

The most popular natural dyes are henna and basma - a powder from Indian herbs.Henna gives the hair a red with a slight copper tinge color, and basma color the curls in a chocolate-chestnut shade.Before using these dyes, you need to know one feature of basma - if you use it without henna, then your hair will become dirty green after staining.

The distinct advantages of these natural dyes include:

  • safety;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • is an exceptionally beneficial effect on hair health;
  • provide an opportunity only to shade the natural color of the curls, not affecting when staining bulbs.

But you should not flatter yourself, even such natural and useful dyes have a number of drawbacks:

  • after henna, in no case should you use other hair colors;
  • shades are too weak - for example, to become a blonde with natural dark hair just will not succeed;
  • henna and basma dry hair, after repeated application of these dyes, the curls will become thin, dry and brittle;
  • the choice of colors in natural dyes is too limited.

Characteristics of chemical hair dyes

All dyes that offer retail outlets belong to the chemical group.They are divided into three types - persistent, unstable and semi-stable.When choosing a particular species, you need to be guided only by what goal you need to achieve by staining.

Non-fine paints

Implied shade shampoos and balms, which are designed to shade the natural color of the hair, but not for a full repaint.The advantages of such unstable chemical dyes include fast washability( literally 5-8 times), the ability to give the locks a rich color and the absence of destructive effect on the hair.But there are chemical unstable paints and drawbacks - for example, they can not fully dye dark hair and are completely powerless on gray hair.

Semi-resistant paints

Than to dye hair A similar kind of chemical dyes is more resistant, the result of staining can last for up to 3 months.In addition, semi-permanent paints qualitatively cover the gray hair, can change the hair color to several shades, but not crucially.It is worth remembering that such semi-permanent hair colors have an adverse effect on them - they are not as safe as shade shampoos and balms, but they are not too harmful, like persistent dyes.

Persistent paints

The so-called coloring agents, which include ammonia or hydrogen peroxide.They have an extremely aggressive effect on the condition of the hair, but they are able to radically change their hue - even dark hair when using this type of dye is clarified for 4-5 tones.

Features of physical paints

These dyes are classified as temporary, presented on the market with mousses, carcasses and powders.The pigment contained in physical paints is not able to penetrate the interior of the hair, interaction with keratin does not occur.This means that the acquired color is washed very quickly - it is enough to wash the head 2-5 times.

This type of paint is absolutely safe for hair and allows you to change your image frequently.

The algorithm for choosing a hair dye

In order not to be mistaken when choosing a dye, it is necessary to strictly follow the recommendations of specialists:

  1. Determine with the task.If the goal is a cardinal change of hair color, a woman is sure that she knows the right shade, then you can immediately get persistent or semi-stable dyes.It is important to remember that the image of the result indicated on the package is unlikely to be reached - for example, it is unlikely that it will be possible to turn from a burning brunette into a platinum blonde after one staining.

If you just want to experiment, then you can choose a tinted balm or a physical paint.

  1. Read the composition of the dye.As a rule, the choice of women falls on chemical paints, so you need to carefully study the composition of the chosen remedy to avoid the disastrous results of staining.What you should pay attention to:
  • Than to dye hair percentage of hydrogen peroxide - the lower this value, the safer the hair dye.Optimal choice will be the use of paint with 6-9% content of hydrogen peroxide in the composition;
  • The presence of ammonia is a bad sign, there is a high probability that the hair will become dry and with split ends.The paint with ammonia in the composition will color the hair more qualitatively, but it will also have an unfavorable effect on the curls;
  • includes additional components - it is about vitamin B, proteins, oils and elements for protection against ultraviolet radiation.Their presence in the hair dye makes it safer, and even in some ways useful;
  • if there are no salts of heavy metals - if manganese, lead or zinc are found, then the purchase of such a dye must be discarded;
  • expiration date - even with the delay of this indicator for 1 month to buy paint is not necessary, because the chemicals that are in its composition, have already entered into a reaction and can behave unpredictably on the hair.
  1. Determine with color and hue.Before you go to buy a hair dye, you need to honestly answer yourself the following questions:
  • Was hair dyeing done before?Do you have gray hair in your hair?
  • What is the natural color of hair?
  • Used earlier for dyeing basma or henna ringlets?
  • What color or shade do you want to get as a result of the procedure?

Having received answers to the listed questions, it is possible to decide what specifically to buy - persistent paint or coloring agents, dark color or light.If henna hair was previously stained, then it is necessary to refrain from using chemical dyes and wait until the natural hair is completely grown back.

As a rule, the manufacturer directs the dye results table directly on the dye package.Naturally, the lighter the natural color of the curls, the brighter and more saturated will be the shade after staining.

Choosing a tone on the color-type

. Women are conventionally divided into four groups-the color-type: "spring", "winter", "summer", "autumn".And each group has its own characteristics, which allow you to choose the "right" tone when staining.

Than to dye hair

Woman Spring

Most often, the representatives of this group have a fair skin color and blue( alternatively - pale green and light blue) eyes.The color of hair for such ladies is suitable wheat, light blond, but the red and black shades are categorically not suitable.

"Spring" women are suitable for chestnut, warm light, fair, golden with a rustle, wheaten and straw colors.Strongly red, platinum and black shades are not suitable.

Female Summer

This type of woman is considered the most common among the Slavs, characterized by brown( pale), gray or blue eyes and light olive or pinkish skin.Representatives of the color-type "summer" are silver, brown-haired, light-brown and dark-brown shades.And categorically "counter-indicative" burgundy, golden, red and red colors.

Woman Autumn

Women with this color are different brown and green eyes( the colors are pronounced), swarthy skin with golden tint and freckles, chestnut or red hair.The color of the "autumn" lady is red, and absolutely all its shades will suit her.

Woman Winter

It is clear that such ladies are considered "cold" - dark eyes, dark hair and porcelain-white or, conversely, dark skin.It is for women of the color type in question that you can safely experiment with your hair color.Perfect red, maroon, eggplant, pink and blue shades of curls.Categorically do not fit "winter" ladies lemon, straw, green and platinum colors.

International color selection chart for hair color for staining


There is a clear algorithm for choosing a shade for coloring curls, which refers to the international assessment system.

Step 1

The international scale offers to determine your hair color according to the table shown below.

How to choose a hair dye

Step 2

It is necessary to determine what results will please - cardinally changed hair color or slightly shaded natural.If there is no desire to repaint, then you need to choose a hair dye that begins with "your" figure.

Step 3

Often on the dye package you can see a three-digit number or a two-digit number through a fraction.For example, a woman determined that her natural color is dark brown, which corresponds to the figure 6. She chooses a suitable paint and sees the designation 6.XX or 6 / X.What do these second / third digits stand for? This is the shade number:

  • 0 - natural;
  • 1 - blue ash;
  • 2 - lilac ash;
  • 3 - golden;
  • 4 - copper red;
  • 5 - purple red;
  • 6 - red;
  • 7 - khaki( marsh);
  • 8 - pearly ash;-
  • 9 - cold ash.

If two digits are specified, it means that the color will be complex, with a sub-tone.For example, the original hair color is dark brown( number 6 in the first table of international standards).There is a desire to slightly shade it and give a rusty tone.In this case, the woman should purchase the paint with the number 6.4, 6.5 or 6/46.

Please note: , some manufacturers use the literal designation to determine the tone / subtlety of the paint.It will look like it is shown in the table.

How to choose a hair dye

The choice of hair dye is considered to be a very important "measure".Since 50% of the excellent appearance depends on the hair color, it is recommended to consult a specialist - the paint will be chosen competently, the result of staining is sure to please.

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