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Laxity of the skin of the abdomen


Contrary to popular belief that the flabby skin of the abdomen appears only in people of age, young people are coming to see a plastic surgeon with such a problem.The causes of such a cosmetic defect lie not only in the features of nutrition or weight jumps, but also in genetics.At first glance, flabbiness simply harms the psychoemotional state of a person, making him bashful and self-contained, but in reality everything can end up disturbing the work of the gastrointestinal tract and lowering the internal organs.

Table of contents: General information Features of the anterior abdominal wall structure How to remove a flabby abdomen without surgery?

General information

Most often, the flabbiness of the abdominal skin appears in people who quickly lost weight - from 7 to 15 kg in a short period of time. In this case, a deformity, sagging of the skin with a subcutaneous fat tissue is noticeable.In this case, the skin on the abdomen is well assembled into folds, moves and looks completely unaesthetic.It is explained by all the weakness of the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall.

Provokes a defect not only lack of physical activity, but also improper nutrition, pregnancy and childbirth. In the latter case, for 9 months of bearing the fetus, a woman rapidly gaining weight, and with it a fat layer that protects the fetus from external influences.Thus muscles are stretched and only under condition of observance of recommendations of the gynecologist concerning a set of weight, quickly come to norm.But the older the woman, the harder it is to get back into shape after pregnancy.

Loose-skin-on-stomach Discussing flabby, sagging skin, doctors use the term "atonic skin".Literally it means a skin that has lost its tonus, a necessary tension.The main causes of loss are lack of moisture and loss of elasticity due to reduced production of hyaluronic acid, elastin and collagen in connective tissue cells.

Please note! Loss of elasticity is a natural process that starts as a result of hormonal changes.Exacerbating the situation and accelerating the loss of elasticity are unfavorable environmental factors - an excessively dry climate in the region of residence, work in rooms with over-dried air.

Significant signs of loss of skin tone appear after 40 years. Meanwhile, the aging process begins at the age of 25.From that moment, in order to preserve youth and beauty, it is necessary to monitor the diet, consuming all the necessary vitamins and trace elements, and to observe the drinking regime. It will not be able to completely protect against aging, since heredity is of great importance.

Features of the structure of the anterior abdominal wall

Dryablost It should be noted that a slight protrusion of the abdominal wall, through which the relief of muscles is viewed, is considered normal.In this case, the thickness of the fat layer does not exceed 2 - 5 cm and even if the excess weight is set, flabbiness does not threaten the skin.In the presence of an excess fat layer - up to 10 - 15 cm, the risk of deformation and sagging due to a sharp weight loss increases at times.It is explained by the structure of the anterior abdominal wall.

It consists of three main layers of tissues - directly the skin, fatty layer and muscles, and also several intermediate layers - tendons, fascia.The latter are a kind of shell that covers the tendons or muscles.

Important! In the center of the anterior abdominal wall are the largest abdominal muscles.They are called vertical straight muscles and provide a spectacular appearance - a flat surface with "cubes".Normally, during pregnancy, they disperse by 20 - 30 cm to allow the fetus to fully grow and develop, and after birth again contract and converge.

Absence of physical exertion before pregnancy makes the vertical rectus muscles excessively weakened, as a result of which they visibly sag.Given that under these muscles is the peritoneum, which closes the abdominal cavity with the intestines, liver and spleen, it is easy to guess that the condition is dangerous for the above internal organs.

How to remove a flabby abdomen?

The problem of flaccidity of abdominal skin nutritionists and plastic surgeons solve differently.The first offer to change eating habits, re-evaluate their diet and exercise, the latter - encourage the move to more radical methods - plastic surgery.But first things first.

Physical Exercises


A proven and effective anti-obesity agent is running.In order to achieve good results that will last for many years, you need to run regularly.

In addition, it is necessary to perform a set of simple exercises.Among them:

  • Stretching of the abdomen.It's enough to stand straight, with your arms down along the body.Now is the time to draw your belly, bringing it as close as possible to the spine, and relax.Repeat at least 10 times.The advantage of the exercise is in the additional elaboration of the transverse muscles, as a result of which, under the condition of regular exercise, both the abdomen and sides are tightened.
  • The pendulum.To perform it, you need to find a support and stand next to it, holding it with one hand.The second must lie on its side.The starting position is standing, the press is strained.Now it is necessary to deviate back to the moment when the oblique muscles do not stiffen and return to their original position.Do 5 times and turn to the support by the other side.
  • Press.In view of the fact that the problem lies in lowering the lower abdomen, it is necessary to train it.To do this, lie on your back, placing your hands under the tailbone, and raise your legs parallel to the floor for a distance of 10 - 20 cm. From this position, the legs must be lifted so that they are perpendicular to the body and lowered, and at least 10 times.
  • Plank.One of the most effective exercises, which allows you to keep the muscles of the whole body toned.To perform it, you must take a prone position, as when pushing.You can lean on your elbows, legs should be slightly apart.The correctness of the exercise is verified as follows: along the body from head to toe, the most straight line should pass.Stand in this position should be as long as possible.
  • Working with dumbbells.First you should lie on your back, stretching your arms with dumbbells by the head.On exhalation strain the press, and hands move along the body, parallel to the floor, alternately lifting the shoulders and chest.Repeat 40 times in 2 sets.
  • Foot restraint.At this stage, you should lie on your back, lifting your legs above the ground at an angle of 30 degrees.Hold in this position for 30 seconds, then lower the legs.Repeat the exercise 10 times, it will help to strengthen the lower abdomen.
  • Working with the ball.The latter can be replaced with a bottle of water.To perform the exercise, it is necessary to pinch them between the feet, raise the legs, bend at the knee, unbend, lower.Repeat 5 - 10 times.

Important! If the exercises are given hard, which is natural for an untrained body, they should be gradually shifted to.To begin with, it is enough to perform an uncomplicated morning charge of the .


Charging includes a small complex:

  • To perform the first exercise, you need to lie on your back, alternately raising and lowering your legs.Complicated version - "scissors" or drawing "eights" feet in the air.
  • The second exercise is to bend your legs in your lap, put your hands under your head.Now the head and shoulders need to be lifted by pumping the press.
  • After you can get on all fours and, alternately inhaling and exhaling, draw in and relax the stomach, lingering in each position for 20 seconds.
  • Lie on your back, bend your knees and tilt them one way or the other, lingering in each position for 10 to 20 seconds.

Working with a towel

People who have reached the age of 50 and do not engage in sports for a long time can try to get rid of the flabbiness of the abdominal skin with a simple towel.Waffle or terry minimum 40 cm long.It must be twisted into a tight roller( up to 10 cm thick), having bandaged in several places with a thread to fix in this position.

Now it's important to sit on the floor by placing the roller behind, and then from this position, drop onto it so that it is under the waist.Legs should be spread over shoulder width, combining socks, but disconnecting the heels.The distance between the last should be about 20 cm. Hands above the head should be stretched so that the palms "looked" down, and the little fingers touched each other.Lying in this position should be at least 10 minutes, although initially it will be quite difficult.Then you need to climb gently.

As-pull-up skin

Please note! Advantage of the exercise with a towel is not only in ease of execution and efficiency, but also in the absence of stress on the legs.That is why people suffering from varicose veins or joint diseases can safely carry it out.

Other methods of tightening the skin:

  • contrast shower;
  • rigid washcloth;
  • massage;
  • wrapping with vinegar - 1 tbsp.L.9% of the solution is diluted in a glass of water, moistened with gauze and wrapped around her lower abdomen for half an hour, covering everything with a film;
  • peelings and scrubs;
  • regenerating cream with hyaluronic acid, vitamins A and E in the composition.

Proper nutrition

You can tighten the lower abdomen also by providing yourself with the necessary vitamins and microelements.Take them better from vegetables and fruits, which during this period should form the basis of the diet - about 50% of all consumed food.The remaining 50% are divided equally between proteins - fish, meat, nuts and carbohydrates - cereals, cereals.

You need to eat 5 - 6 times a day in small portions, drinking about 1.5 liters of water per day.Food is better to cook for a couple.Other permitted methods of cooking are cooking, baking.Fried, smoked, fatty, salted, and also flour and sweet at this time it is better to exclude.

Important! If, after switching to proper nutrition, weakness appears, and your health worsens, you should consult your doctor.


Kosha shivota

Abdominoplasty is an operation that relieves abdominal skin of the abdomen by a radical method.As a rule, they resort to it when other methods proved powerless.After carrying out of such operation the skin looks pulled up, and a figure - seductive.

Abdominoplasty is performed in several ways.The choice of any of them is determined by the state of health in general and the skin in particular, as well as the thickness of the fat layer.

Please note! Lose weight better before conducting abdominoplasty, otherwise you can worsen the result.


The procedure of abdominoplasty is carried out with:

  • the presence of excess skin or sagging fat fold, the so-called "apron";
  • lack of waist - when the sides are going to fatty layer or oblique muscles due to intense training pumped;
  • if necessary, plastic navel - when during the operation for emergency indications it was removed.


Operation is not carried out by individuals:

  • up to the age of 18;
  • suffering from infectious diseases - herpes, tuberculosis, HIV;
  • with oncology;
  • with coagulation disorders;
  • with diabetes mellitus;
  • for women during pregnancy and lactation;
  • prone to formation of keloid scars;
  • with thyroid problems;
  • with diseases of internal organs.

Preparation of

Before conducting abdominoplasty, the patient is consulted by a plastic surgeon and therapist, passes the tests:

  • a clinical blood and urine test;
  • biochemical blood test;
  • coagulogram;
  • analysis for hepatitis markers, HIV, Wasserman reaction;
  • ECG;
  • Fluorography.

Please note! One month before the procedure, you should stop smoking and alcohol, stop taking hormone and blood thinning medications, and on the day of surgery do not overeat.

How the operation is performed abdominoplasty


An operation is performed for 2 to 4 hours under anesthesia.The doctor applies the marking, and then makes the incisions - vertically, perpendicularly or along the navel.Their length is up to 6 cm. At the same time, the fat layer is removed, the muscles are hemmed, the hernia is corrected.At this stage, if necessary, liposuction is performed - fat suction, a new navel is formed.Then the seams are applied, which are subsequently treated with an antiseptic and hidden under the bandage.

Please note! For young people with elastic skin, a plastic surgeon can suggest carrying out endoscopic abdominoplasty when defects are removed by performing small punctures of the skin without incisions and stitching.In the presence of a problem zone below the navel, it is suggested to perform mini-abdominoplasty with a minimum number of incisions.

Patients with stretched skin on the abdomen and sides offer a bodilift - a procedure in which the incision is made from the pelvis and up to the gluteal fold, pulling the abdomen and sides.

Recovery period, belly after abdominoplasty


After performing the procedures, the patient is recommended to stay under medical supervision for 2 to 3 days.At this time, there may be numbness, pain, which will soon subside.The main thing is not to overwork yourself in the first weeks and wear compression underwear until the joint dissolves, and this is at least 2 - 3 months.

The first results of plastics are immediately visible, but the belly assumes the final shape only after half a year.About the former problems can now resemble only scars, which can be removed with the help of laser resurfacing.Save the results will be, watching your diet and performing simple physical exercises.

Betsik Julia, obstetrician-gynecologist

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