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The factors preventing fat burning on the stomach


It often happens that neither training, nor a balanced diet, nor increased attention to the use of carbohydrates does not give results - the fat on the abdomen remains "unconquered".There may be several reasons for this phenomenon, and some of them are generally difficult to tie together.Details of why it is so difficult to burn fat on the stomach, the readers of the popular online publication Popsugar told their readers.Here are the most interesting facts that deserve your attention.

Recommended: Table of contents: Performing multiple tasks at once Lively streets Using dietary soda Lack of calcium in the body Restless sleep Long way to work

Performing several tasks

Scientists at Brown University have conducted a number of studies and found that people,Who set themselves one task and do not proceed with the solution of the next one until the result is obtained, have 0.5 kg of fat in the abdomen area less than the "multistans".

how to lose weight It is believed that people who are able to concentrate on one thing, more adequately perceive and assess their needs and feelings, they have great willpower and are able to control their own desires.For example, such concentrated people can confine themselves to just one small piece of cake, and not eat it all at once, and if they allow themselves something extra, they will necessarily correct the situation by a more powerful exercise.

Eric Luks( author of this study) recommends the development of concentration and attention with the help of yoga, and endurance - running for long distances or cycling.The scientist believes that such training helps to become more attentive and focused.

Lively streets

how to lose weight Well, of course, not actually the streets, but the noise from them.If a person lives on the street with a lively movement, the risk of acquiring fat on his stomach increases by 20%, and the likelihood of such development increases even more if a person constantly hears operating aircraft and cars.These studies were published in the popular edition of Occupational &Environmental Medicine.

Some studies have shown that the accumulation of fat in the abdominal region can occur due to the excessive production of hormone cortisol - this is exactly what causes the noise of a busy street.

To combat this fact, you can use special noise-proof headphones, soothing music - it is not necessary to move to the village urgently, although this would be an excellent solution.

The use of dietary soft drinks

According to the results of research conducted at the University of Texas( the scientific center of health), it was concluded that daily consumption of 500 ml of dietary aerated water for 9.5 years at the waist will add 10 cm of volume, but with the sameUsual sweet soda water consumption is only 2.5 cm.


These results are related to the presence of sweeteners in dietary soda instead of sugar - they do not give a feeling of satiety, a person immediately after eatingI am experiencing a real hunger and eating a lot of food.And if he drinks it again with dietary soda, everything starts again.

Lack of calcium in the body

Milk voman According to a study that was published in the journal Nutrients, 57% of women lack calcium in the body.Help to cope with this problem can milk and dairy products - the most famous sources of the mineral substance in question.

A study was conducted in which women received three servings of milk-based meals daily for 12 weeks.Results amazed - all subjects lost 1 kg of fat in the abdominal area more than those women who did not use milk and dairy products in this amount.

The scientists' assumption is that products with a high calcium content are much better able to cope with hormones that are responsible for fat deposits on the stomach.But it is worth remembering that the source of calcium is not only milk and dairy products, but also tofu cheese, and spinach, and broccoli - they too will help to solve the problem.

Restless sleep

Pohudenie Do not ask yourself how much you sleep - it is important to understand how sleepful a full.The fact is that the quality of sleep has a great influence on the course of metabolic and restorative processes in the human body.It is believed that one or two awakenings in the middle of the night are completely in line with the norm - this is just the nature itself.But the problem can arise if after such awakenings a person can not fall asleep immediately - this leads to irritation, an increase in the level of the hormone cortisol( recall - he is responsible for the accumulation of fat in the abdominal region).Therefore, the doctors say that it will be much more useful to sleep 3-4 hours, but calmly and without awakening than 8-10 with constant waking up and the inability to immediately fall asleep again.

Long way to work

It's strange, but the fact is - the longer a person gets to work, the wider his waist.This conclusion was made by scientists from the University of Washington, who conducted a study on their 4,300 employees.

Explanations to this fact are simple: with such a long way to work there is absolutely no time for classes in the gym.

Pohudenie The output is:

  • You can take a training suit with you to work and return home to run in jogging;
  • to leave the public transport or personal car for 2-3 blocks to the office / enterprise and leave the remaining path on foot;Change the place of work or apartment / house.
  • .

Try to listen to the opinion of scientists, to exclude the factors mentioned in article 6, which prevent getting rid of fat in the abdominal region, and very soon notice the first results.

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