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Cheeks on the eye: treatment

Boil on the eye

The eyewash is the result of the penetration of a pathogenic microflora into the follicle of the eyelash or sebaceous gland.In fact, it is a boil, which often appears against the background of a decrease in the body's immune forces.The most common of its popular name is "barley".

Table of Contents: Causes and Symptoms General Principles of Chiropractic Treatment for the Eye

Eye contusion is formed in 3 stages:

  • I - infiltrate;
  • II - stage of suppuration and necrosis;
  • III - healing.

Initially, the patient notices swelling under the eye, but it does not cause any unpleasant sensations.This swelling quickly enough turns into a formed boil.The appearance of a subfebrile condition, that is, an elevated body temperature, indicates the transition of the inflammatory form into a purulent one.There is hyperemia( redness of the inflamed skin), as well as a feeling of discomfort, itching and burning in the eyelids.After some time from the top of the boil begins to stand pus.


teasing on the eye can cause the patient to worsen the general condition - a feeling of nausea, subfebrile condition, headache.

Causes and Symptoms

The eyelash in most cases is the result of getting an infectious agent, namely, staphylococcus( usually golden).That is why the treatment of the disease is aimed at eliminating the infection.

To all, the following can lead to the development of pathology:

  • barley disturbances in the endocrine system;
  • malfunctioning of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • lack of basic hygiene( dirty hands in children);
  • reduced immunity;
  • blepharitis( inflammation of the eyelid);
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • use of substandard cosmetics;
  • general body hypothermia.

The internal and the external are more common.And in the first and second case, the patient will feel pain, the presence of a foreign body in the area of ​​chiria, a feeling of warmth during palpation, and sometimes lacrimation.

Internal boil is an abscess on the side of the eyelid that contacts the surface of the eye.In this case, the bacteria enter the meibomian glands, the task of which is to provide sufficient moisturizing of the eye.To see the inner barley, turn the eyelid outward.

The external boil will look like a yellow spot on a century with redness.It is less painful than the inner one, it develops several times faster and mainly at the edge of the century.

This pathology can proceed in different ways, taking into account the fact that in some it constantly recurs, and in others it is extremely rare.Frequent formation on the eye of barley requires a more detailed diagnosis of the general condition of the body for the presence of chronic foci of infection.Especially if chiri appear simultaneously in both eyes.

General Principles of Chiropractic Treatment on the Eye

It is important to begin therapy of the furuncle on the eye immediately after the appearance of the first symptoms.It is necessary to visit a doctor who will establish the correct diagnosis, select an adequate therapy plan.There are cases when the boil passes on its own, but this happens rarely.Early diagnosis will ensure less painful course of the pathology and faster recovery.

Important: treatment is always initiated by eliminating the cause that caused the formation of chiria.Self-medication in this case can lead to complications and worsening of the condition.

Therapy is carried out in two directions and can be:

  • conservative;
  • operational.

Cheeks on the eye: drug treatment

Medical therapy begins with the treatment of barley with antiseptic and antibacterial agents in the form of drops.

For this purpose, ointments are also used:

  • Erythromycin;
  • Levomycetinic;
  • Tetracycline.

They are good at fighting staphylococcal infection.Have an antibiotic in the composition.Usually I combine two drugs, but from different groups, which speeds up the treatment and does not allow to exceed the permissible dosage of the drug.

In the form of drops, the following agents are prescribed:

  • Ciprofloxacin;
  • Albucid;
  • Tobramycin.

Please note : a good curative effect also gives different types of compresses.In this case, the patient's eyes are overlaid with gauze, which is previously moistened with medicines.

Operative treatment of chierry on the eye

Boil on the eye Surgical method is used when conservative treatment does not give the expected effect or in the case of large sizes of eyelashes.The surgeon during the operation makes a small incision or a puncture over the barley itself to conduct its subsequent drainage.Thus, out of the boil leaves its contents.If the boil is of small size, then it is possible to remove it along with the infected tissues, i.e.With the eyelash follicle.

Please note : never perform such manipulations on your own and do not squeeze the furuncle with your fingers.This can cause the development of complications such as keratitis( inflammation of the cornea), meningitis, phlegmon of the eye.

Treatment with the help of traditional medicine prescriptions

Eye care products on the eye at home are most often used for the fastest ripening and breakthrough of the boil.

It is allowed to use methods such as:

  • washing with strong brewing of black tea;
  • washing with decoction of chamomile;
  • compress based on decoction of marigold, which is superimposed on the eye for 15 minutes;
  • dry heat in the form of applying a cooked, still warm, egg, pre-wrapped in a kerchief.

Important: any of the above methods of traditional medicine can be used only after consulting a doctor!

Methods of prophylaxis on the eye

It is important to treat any disease in time and not to start it to prevent the reduction of the protective immune forces of the body.

If you want to reduce the risk of developing eyelashes and prevent the subsequent need for its treatment, follow a few simple tips from :

  1. Use only high-quality and hypoallergenic cosmetics.
  2. Regularly observe the hygiene of the eyes.
  3. Keep dust, foreign bodies, etc. out of the eyes.

Betsik Julia, medical reviewer

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