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Open oval window in the heart: causes, symptoms, treatment and predictions

Baby-heart When at a pediatrician's reception parents learn about an open oval heart window in a baby, they are covered with fear.But to sound an alarm is not necessary, after all it is not a heart disease, and a small anomaly of its development( MARS).Small anomalies are reversible, and according to statistics, 70% of children have an oval window that overgrows with time.

Table of Contents: Causes of the Symptoms of an open oval window in the heart Treatment of an open oval window in the heart

Reasons for the onset


Blood circulation in children in the womb is not the same as in adults.When the baby is in the womb, the lungs do not function and do not participate in the circulation.To ensure adequate blood supply to the body you need a special heart structure.On the septum between the right and left atriums, the fetus has a hole - an open oval window.Through it passes the blood, bypassing the still non-functioning lungs.This ensures a full blood supply to the neck, head, brain.

All babies are born on light with an open oval window.From the left atrium on the interatrial septum there is a valve.When the baby breathes in, his lungs open, and a small circle of blood circulation starts, now the oval window is not needed.When crying and inhaling in the left atrium, pressure increases significantly.Because of this, the valve claps to the oval hole and thereby covers it.

In children of the first months of life, the valve often overlaps the window partially.As the baby grows older, the valve grows more and more to the window.The length of the overgrowth of the open oval window is different, for one child this happens in a few months, the other for a year.Approximately 40-50% of children by the age of one year have an oval window open.

The presence of an open oval window in children up to two years in the absence of additional cardiac pathology is considered a norm option. If after the age of two years the window is not closed, it should be observed at the cardiologist.A certain percentage of children older than this age hole is still closed.

However, the window is not completely overgrown.This is possible if, for example, the valve size is much smaller than the hole.Thus, the gap between the atria is preserved.

Please note! Statistics show that approximately 3-4% of adults have an open oval window.At the same time, most of them do not know the pathology, because the anomaly does not manifest itself.

An open oval window in a child is considered an anomaly of development. The reasons for its appearance are:

  1. Open oval window Hereditary predisposition;
  2. Smoking, drinking alcohol during pregnancy;
  3. Reception of medicines during pregnancy;
  4. Irradiation;
  5. Fetal prematurity;
  6. Connective dysplasia.

Symptoms of an open oval window in the heart

If the opening between the atria is small, this will not be displayed in any way on the child's condition. For larger hole sizes, the following symptoms occur:

  1. Open oval window Blue skin of the nasolabial triangle during crying, crying of the child;
  2. Frequent diseases of the respiratory tract - bronchitis, pneumonia, frequent ARI;
  3. Poor gain in weight;
  4. Deceleration of physical development;
  5. Attacks of loss of consciousness;
  6. Fast fatigue.

In addition, during auscultation of the heart, the doctor can determine the noise, which will lead to the idea of ​​an open oval window .To confirm the assumption, the doctor will send the baby to the ECHO-KG.This study allows to determine the presence of a hole in the interatrial septum, its size, to assess the features of hemodynamics.

Treatment of an open oval window in the heart

Hirurgya The scope of treatment depends primarily on the symptomatology of the disease. If there are no abnormalities in the work of the heart and the person does not bother, it is enough to organize the physical exercise, nutrition and periodically visit the cardiologist.

Important! The physical load should be moderate.It is necessary to avoid such sports as swimming, weightlifting, because these kinds of sports lead to straining and as a result of blood circulation disorders.

For asymptomatic disease, no medication is prescribed.Many people who are diagnosed with an open oval window, do not survive until old age, while leading an ordinary way of life.

With an open oval window, there is a risk of forming the paradoxical embolism of .This is a pathological condition in which thrombi and small gas bubbles consistently enter the left atrium, and from there through the left ventricle with blood flow reach the brain.Blockage of the blood vessels of the thrombus causes a stroke.To prevent this, the doctor can prescribe to a person disaggregants and anticoagulants( Warfarin), which dilute blood.

Surgical treatment is performed only when there are significant circulatory disorders. The operation performed to eliminate the anomaly of the development of the heart is called the endovascular occlusion of the orifice.Under the control of radiography, a probe is inserted into the right atrium, which opens and closes the opening.

Grigorova Valeria, medical reviewer

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