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How to choose a scrub for oily face skin, rules for using scrub


In every person's everyday life, his appearance plays an extremely important role.In order to maintain its attractive and radiant appearance, it will be necessary to pay special attention to facial skin care.

The upper layer of the epidermis on the face most often suffers from various unfavorable factors of the internal and external environment, it reflects all the processes occurring in the body, expressed in various rashes, inflammations and other pathologies of the skin.

Very often cosmetic problems with the top layer of the epidermis on the face are solved with the help of such a simple means as scrub.

Contents: What is a facial scrub?What gives the use of a scrub for oily skin?How to choose a scrub for oily skin?How correctly to use a scrub?Contraindications to the use of scrubs

What is a facial scrub?

Scrub is the simplest cosmetic product containing in addition to a soft base some amount of a solid component.The density of filling with a solid substance depends on how hard the impact is required.

Face scrubs are necessary in order to successfully cleanse the skin of particles of dirt pitted in pores, keratinized epidermal cells, debris of decorative cosmetics and various secretions.

This cosmetic is known for its action due to the successful combination of the mechanical action of the solid component and the soothing and healing effect of the soft base.Thanks to it, the number of microtrauma is significantly reduced and a noticeable anti-inflammatory effect is realized.

What gives the use of a scrub for oily skin?

Regular use of scrub as a manipulative care practice provides many benefits:

  • scrub cleanses the upper layer of the epidermis and shallowly clogged pores from dead cells, dirt, dust, allergens, dried tears and sweat;
  • start of regenerating processes due to soft mechanical action and creation of conditions of short-term stress for the skin;
  • significantly improved surface blood supply and increased oxygen exchange rate in the upper layers of the epidermis due to the massaging effect;
  • improvement in skin condition, a significant increase in its elasticity, attractiveness.It acquires a healthy shade and is more often updated.

It is important to remember that frequent, uncontrolled use of scrubs can lead to microtraumas, destruction of the epidermis and thinning of the upper layer of the skin. The same effect can give too intense rubbing and massaging of the facial skin with a scrubbing cream or gel applied to it.As a result, the moisture necessary for the cells begins to gradually evaporate, provoking thinning of the upper layer of the epidermis, destruction and premature death of cells, disturbance of the water-salt balance in the tissues.

How to choose a scrub for oily skin?

Oily skin is the most cranky type for care.It is easily thinned, often subjected to the destructive effect of its own, produced uncontrolled, fat.It is this type of epidermis that most needs to be cleaned, but dermatologists, in order to avoid the appearance of unnecessary micro-injuries, do not recommend using scrubs with increased fat content more often than once a week .

In order to effectively and for a long time to clean the oily skin, you will need to purchase a scrubbing agent containing in its composition large enough components for mechanical peeling:

  • finely ground bones of fruits and berries( cherry, plum, apricot);
  • sea salt.Such a component will also promote the acceleration of the water-salt balance and stimulate the regeneration processes;
  • synthetic polymer components, gradually dissolving on the skin and decreasing in size during use.

In addition to the mechanical effect, the scrub should also help renew the cells of the epidermis, regenerate faster and return the skin a healthy and radiant appearance. Therefore, when choosing a scrubbing agent for oily skin, it is important that it contains substances such as:

  • scrub extract of chamomile, sage or mint to soothing effects on irritated skin cells;
  • panthenol for accelerated regenerative effect and reduce the risk of new micro-injuries;
  • dairy or fruit acid for additional peeling action and the destruction of small particles of dirt and cosmetics residues - these substances are also able to penetrate deep into the pores and dissolve the plugs closing them, as well as provoke a sharp reduction in the width of the pores;
  • natural essential oils of useful medicinal plants for feeding the cells cleared of mud ballast;
  • essential oil or tea tree extract: proven natural anti-inflammatory component;
  • cosmetic clay( white, blue, pink).It dries the skin and removes greasy shine.

For complex effects, it is best to choose not just an exfoliating scrub, but a product containing a large number of additional components, capable of taking over the functions of purification, restoration, reduction of the number of black dots, comedones.

Please note! Fatty skin is very easy to injure, so before buying any of the scrubbing agents, it is advisable to ask for a probe at the cosmetic store and check to see if the product provokes additional skin problems.

How to use the scrub correctly?

scrub Before using this product, the skin needs to be prepared.It is best to use scrubbing gels or creams before going to sleep, so the skin will be easier to recover after the transferred mechanical impact.

The face needs to be cleaned with a cleanser, after getting rid of the decorative cosmetics with a special lotion or tonic.The effect will be maximum if the skin is properly ripped off before applying the scrub.

After completing all the preparations, the surface of the face with the scrub applied to it is massaged for 2 minutes, in a circular motion.The fingers should move from the chin, cheeks and forehead to the ears.After the procedure of rubbing and massaging is over, the face is carefully rinsed with water, so that no particles of scrub remain, and a regenerating, nourishing cream is applied over it.

If it seems that the pores are too open after the procedure, or they are daily worried about their enlargement, then at the end of the scrubbing, it is necessary to wipe the skin with a piece of ice or rinse with cool water.Lowering the temperature will lead to an additional stress of the skin cells and will provoke a reduction in the pores and significantly reduce them.

Contraindications to the use of scrubs

There are several limitations to the use of this cosmetic:

  • it should not be used for a large number of inflammatory processes on the surface of the skin or lesions;
  • to those who, by nature, the skin is thin and easily injured, it is better to use other skin cleansers, for example, peeling-roll;
  • can not be used every day.

Correctly selected means for exfoliating the keratinized skin helps to keep its freshness, radiance and beauty.

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