Inflammation of the eyes in newborns

Quite often parents face inflammation of the eyes in infants. Inflammation of the eyes in newborns occurs with the appearance of certain eye diseases. Kids at this age are still very weak, just beginning to adapt to a new environment for them. Therefore, with the appearance of inflammation of the eyes, you should consult a doctor for treatment. Self-medication without the recommendations of a specialist can not be dealt with.

What can be caused by infants in children Inflammation of the eye

Inflammation of these organs in newborns can be caused by a disease such as dacryocystitis. Such a disease is not uncommon, but it is easily curable. This disease is caused by the underdevelopment of the tear duct. With it, the baby develops purulent discharge, and in one of the eyes.

Routes of outflow for tear fluid after the birth of the baby should not interfere with the passage of tears. But it also happens that in the nasolacrimal canal there are elements of embryonic tissue that prevents the outflow of tears. As a result, the tear stagnates and can not fully perform its function, because it removes microorganisms from the eye gap. This leads to eye inflammation in toddlers.

Also, the red skin of the eyelids in the crumbs may appear due to subcutaneous hemorrhage. Such hemorrhages may occur during childbirth, or from a benign tumor. Such a tumor is called a hemangioma, which eventually becomes paler, and it can disappear on its own.

occurs in newborn babies and blepharitis. This is the inflammation of the eyelids, in which their edges turn red. In this case, scales form on the eyelids, eyelashes drop out, the baby becomes restless due to severe itching. The causes of this disease can be common infant diseases, poor sanitation conditions, hypovitaminosis. Also, when identifying the cause of blepharitis, the baby is checked for the presence of worms, tick-demodex.

Other eye diseases in newborns that cause inflammation

Blennorrhea of ​​newborns is an inflammation of the eyes, which is also common. At the birth of the baby, it is immediately necessary to treat the eyelids with a sterile material( moistened in boiled water) until they have opened. After that, in each eye you need to drop a drop of 1% lapis solution. This procedure is necessary to protect the eyes from crumbs from infection by secretions during childbirth, from the genitals of the mother. When there is a blenerea in a newborn, the eyelids begin to swell and blush, which manifests itself after a few days after birth. From the eyes, a puffy, sticky formation begins to appear. If the baby is born from a mother who suffered from any disease transmitted by sexual contact, the baby immediately treat the eyes with special drops and ointments.

Inflammation of the eyes in an infant can also cause a viral illness such as conjunctivitis, which causes severe inflammation of the eyes. Infection of the newborn with this disease can occur for various reasons. For example, with close proximity to an infected person, in contact with toys that the sick person took in hands, while bathing in unclean water, using an impure towel, etc. Also, infection can occur from sneezing and coughing. If there is a patient with such a disease in the house, then the child should be protected as much as possible from contact with it. The newborn's organism is very malleable to various viruses.

Conjunctivitis can be of various types and each type of disease manifests itself in different ways. Also, one disease can manifest itself differently in different children.

In viral conjunctivitis, a watery, detachable substance is observed from the eye slit. After a certain time, infection( bacterial) is attached and purulent discharge from the eyes occurs. Thus the eyeball turns red. Infection is quickly transmitted from one eye to another. With allergic conjunctivitis, the following symptoms are observed in newborns. Affected by this disease immediately both eyes of the baby, there is profuse lacrimation, the eyes are strongly irritated and itchy, the eyelids swell. In a bacterial disease in a baby purulent discharge after sleep is more pronounced, the eyes become very inflamed. Bacterial conjunctivitis affects one eye, after which the other eye is affected. In case of various eye inflammations in young children, consult a doctor urgently!