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Brown rice: good and bad

Brown rice

Rice is a product from the family of cereals, which grows in areas with a warm, sunny climate.Researchers have found wild rice on all continents of the Earth, except for the European.Most of the population of our planet daily uses this cereal for food - by popularity, it is second only to wheat.

Brown( or brown) rice is produced by a so-called incomplete treatment, in which only the husks are removed from the grains, and bran and germ are not touched.Thanks to this method, much more valuable substances and vitamins are stored in the product, however, the shelf life is reduced.The color of this rice is light brown, it has a slightly nutty taste.

Interesting! In Asian countries, brown rice is used mainly by elderly people and children, but in Europe and America it has been recognized by all ages.They appreciate the supporters of a healthy lifestyle.

Ingredients and caloric content

Nutritional information 100 g:

  • Caloric value: 331 kCal
  • Proteins: 6.3 g
  • Fat: 4.4 g
  • Carbohydrates: 65.1 g

RiceRich in cellulose and thiamine, which gives it the status of a "cleanser" of the intestine.In addition, during the preparation of rice, mucus is formed, which has an anti-inflammatory effect and positively affects the intestinal mucosa.

The presence of fiber in the product helps to regulate blood sugar, and also reduces the number of cholesterol plaques and normalizes metabolic processes.Vitamin E helps alleviate many chronic diseases.Potassium and magnesium prevent the development of heart diseases and neuroses.

Use of brown rice

Interesting! Adherents of healthy eating argue that if you have a hard day and have a need to stay as long as possible, it's enough to eat a portion of brown rice for breakfast.

Thanks to the presence of antioxidants, this product helps to remove harmful radicals and toxins from the body, it has a beneficial effect on the skin, nails and hair condition. Specialists of traditional medicine have proved that brown rice helps to relieve the condition in the following diseases:

  • gout, arthrosis, arthritis;
  • eczema and dermatitis;
  • diseases of the stomach and pancreas;
  • nerve diseases;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • deficiency in the body of vitamin B1.

Important! Brown rice has a calming effect, so it is recommended to use it during mood swings, depressions and PMS.

Given that any rice is a dietary product, its benefit in case of a stomach disorder will be irreplaceable.Rice broth is a common folk remedy that works great against diarrhea.

It is worth highlighting the fact that brown rice does not contain gluten - vegetable protein, which can not be used by patients with celiac disease.

Some fitness trainers recommend using brown rice right before training, as it is a source of energy.And dieticians are advised to include it in the diet for those who wish to put in order the figure and achieve the ideal forms.

Harm and contraindications

Harm brown rice can cause in case of improper storage.Therefore, do not make large stocks of this product and always need to check the expiration date before buying.For storage, it is best to use ceramic cookware with a lid and a dark cool place.

Sometimes even the safest product can harm the body by keeping chemicals in it.In the case of rice - is the processing of grains by synthetic vitamins.Such processing is beneficial to suppliers, since it does not allow the product to deteriorate during long transportation.Therefore, it is best to buy rice, packed with domestic producers.

Image 3197

Important! For all its safety, brown rice is contraindicated in people suffering from constipation and colitis.


It should be noted that this type of rice requires special care when cooking. Only so you can get from the product the maximum of use and enjoy its taste qualities.

  • Image 3198 Before cooking, soak rice in cold water, preferably overnight;
  • Also put in cold water;
  • After cooking for 8-10 minutes, drain and rinse the grain;
  • Then pour again with cold water and cook for about 15 minutes;
  • The pan with the finished porridge can be wrapped with a blanket for a few minutes, so the rice will "come" and become crumbly.

If you follow the rice diet for a month( replace pasta, potatoes and ordinary rice with brown), you can lose 3-5 kilograms.In this case, all the metabolic processes of the body will return to normal, which will lead to an improvement in the general condition and appearance.

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