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Diet after removal of the gallbladder

Dieta The operation to remove the gallbladder( cholecystectomy) takes second place in abdominal surgery in terms of prevalence after appendectomy.Removing the gallbladder seems horrendous.In fact, after cholecystectomy, it is possible to live a full life, but you must follow a diet.

Table of contents: Features of nutrition after cholecystectomy Diet in the first days after removal of the gallbladder Nutrition on the fifth to seventh days after cholecystectomy Nutrition from the eighth day after surgery What fruits can be eaten after cholecystectomy Foods that are banned

Features of nutrition after cholecystectomy

Bile is known to be produced by the hepatic cells.From the liver, it moves along the hepatic ducts.Part of the bile from the common hepatic duct enters the gallbladder.The remaining part moves further along the common bile duct and from there it gets into the 12-colon.

Bile is produced by hepatocytes almost constantly.But this liquid, in fact, is needed only in the process of digestion.

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But our body is so reasonably arranged that the produced "excess" bile accumulates in the gallbladder.And when a person starts eating - bile flows out of the bladder and reaches the intestine, where he takes part in the digestion process of .


In some diseases of the gallbladder, cholecystectomy can sometimes be avoided.In this case, bile is also produced in the liver, but it simply descends down the bile ducts and does not accumulate anywhere, because the reservoir is no longer .The bile is produced at all times, but in small portions.Therefore, with an abundant intake of food, this amount of bile will not be enough to ensure a complete digestion of food.Actually, this aspect is taken into account when drawing up a therapeutic diet.

Diet after cholecystectomy implies a gradual expansion of the diet.So, in the first day after the operation, the patient is prescribed hunger, on the 2-4th day - the medical diet No. 0a, for 5-7th day - the surgical diet No. 1.From the second week of the postoperative period and for 1.5-2 months the patient should adhere to the diet number 5 .And only after a few months after the operation you can try to go to the general dietary table number 15, while of course you need to observe the peculiarities of nutrition in the distant gallbladder.


Diet in the first days after removal of the gallbladder

The first day after the operation implies the absolute famine .The patient can not even drink, only moisten the lips with water with strong thirst.On the second-fourth day the doctor appoints a dietary table №0а.This means that the patient can already drink water.And in general, the diet is represented mainly by liquid and semi-liquid dishes. Allowed meals in the diet table No. 0a:

  • Non-aerated water;
  • Broth of dog rose;
  • Kissel made from sweet berries, dried fruits;
  • Black, green tea( the main not strong);
  • Kefir 1 percent;
  • Diluted natural juice( apples, pumpkin, beetroot);
  • Fruit jelly.

Zhe; e Please note! The main condition of a diet after cholecystectomy is a fractional and, importantly, regular diet.There is a need six times a day, the interval between meals should be three hours.Such rules are invented for a reason, because frequent eating prevents stagnation of bile.The volume of a portion of food for one meal is 150-200 ml each.The food should be warm.The use of cold food can lead to dyspepsia and abdominal pain.

After cholecystectomy, the patient should try to eat every day at the same time.This same postulate should be followed in the future, even if it becomes a habit. Eating food on schedule will adjust the process of synthesizing bile and storing it in the bile ducts.This will have the best effect on the digestion process.

Nutrition for the fifth to seventh days after cholecystectomy

On the fifth to seventh days after the operation, doctors are advised to go to the patient on the diet table number 1. In addition to the dishes used in the diet, dried bread, croutons and cookies of the type "Maria", liquid mashed cereals, mashed potatoes from unrestricted vegetables, soufflé from lean meat and fish, unsweetened cottage cheese and other dairy products, rubbed through a sieve of soups, Cooked on water( you can add a little butter), a protein omelet.

Sample menu for the day:

  • Dieta 8.00 - liquid mashed oatmeal, steam omelette, tea;
  • 11.00 - cottage cheese 0-percent, broth of a dogrose;
  • 14.00 - mucous soup with a manga, soufflé from chicken, compote;
  • 17.00 - beef puree, decoction of rose hips;
  • 20.00 - soufflé from white fish, as well as liquid rice porridge;
  • 22.00 - broth of dogrose.

It is important to drink about one and a half or two liters of liquid per day, including still water.

Eating from the eighth day after surgery

If the patient has already passed the week of the postoperative period behind the back, then it's time to move on to the therapeutic diet number 5.To adhere to this nutrition doctors recommend at least 1.5-2 months .Food is prepared by boiling or steaming.There are necessary six times a day and try to adhere to the daily schedule of meals.In this case, you need to drink about one and a half liters of liquid per day.

Allowed meals for diet No. 5:

  • Low-fat meat and fish in the form of soft soufflé, boiled pieces, steamed cutlets, meatballs;
  • Steam omelette( always remove the egg yolk before cooking);
  • Vegetable, cereals, and also milky, light soups;
  • Groats are thoroughly mashed porridges, which can be cooked exclusively on water or milk;
  • Vegetable puree( including potatoes);
  • Steam curd casseroles;
  • Diluted fruit jelly, juices;
  • Stewed vegetables;
  • Baked apples;
  • Dry bread, croutons, cookies of the type "Maria";
  • Macaroni of firm grades.

Diet No. 5 is characterized by a reduced fat content( with the absolute exception of refractory fats) and a restriction on the carbohydrate content.At the same time, the amount of protein in food remains normal.

Sample menu for the day with diet number 5:

  • 8.00 - steam omelette, buckwheat porridge, tea;
  • 11.00 - cottage cheese 5%, broth of dogrose;
  • 14.00 - oat soup with permissible vegetables, soufflé from grated boiled beef;
  • 17.00 - baked apple;
  • 20.00 - boiled white fish with a piece, pumpkin puree;The
  • 22.00 - berry jelly.

Rassol The length of stay on diet No. 5 is determined by the doctor, taking into account the tolerability of such therapeutic nutrition and the health status of .In one patient, doctors are recommended to eat on the dietary table number 5 for 1.5-2 months, for other patients - for a whole year.After that, if there are no contraindications, you can gradually expand the menu.But at the same time, it is necessary to adhere to the basic principles of dietary food # 5, and also to avoid prohibited products.

After switching to a general table, it is already possible for a person to eat low-fat soup, rassolniki and beetroot soup, non-broth broths cooked on chicken meat, steamed croquettes and cutlets.There are many recipes for interesting dishes from the allowed products.It is worth a little effort and the diet will be varied and tasty!

What fruits can be eaten after cholecystectomy

The absence of a gallbladder is not an obstacle to eating the fruits and berries of your loved ones .But it is worth noting that some fruits are still prohibited.This, above all, fruits and berries of acidic varieties, as well as intensifying fermentation in the intestine( grapes). But even after removal of the gall bladder, you can still continue to enjoy such fruits as:

  1. Frukti Apples( only baked);
  2. Pear;
  3. Apricots, peaches;
  4. Bananas;
  5. Sweet cherry;
  6. Ripe raspberries;
  7. Sweet strawberry varieties;
  8. Watermelon.

In the first weeks after cholecystectomy, the fruits and berries listed above can be safely consumed in the form of jelly, kissels and compotes. Baked apples are especially well tolerated during this period.Approximately a month later, these fruits can be eaten without cooking, in raw form.

Foods that are banned

After the removal of the gall bladder, the body has to adapt to the changed conditions, accordingly the digestion process is also undergoing changes.These nuances must be taken into account, some foods worsen the digestive process and can cause dyspepsia and abdominal pain. After cholecystectomy, it is worth to avoid such products:

  • Fried foods;
  • Fatty grades of meat, poultry and fish;
  • Smoked meat, canned food;
  • Meat broth;
  • Refractory fats( fats of animal origin, including fat);
  • Spices, spices( recommended salt restriction in food);
  • Pickles;
  • Ice cream and any other cold products( cause severe pain in the abdomen due to a sphincter spasm of Oddy);Drinks carbonated and alcoholic;
  • By-products;
  • Mushrooms;
  • Legumes;Sour fruit, berries;
  • Fresh pastries;
  • Nuts, seeds;
  • Egg yolks;
  • Coffee, cocoa and cocoa products.

Grigorova Valeria, doctor, medical reviewer

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